The Silver Pen is meant to allow everyone to enjoy a good story or share an opinion.

Limits are rules waiting to be broken.

The Silver Pen exists to give a voice to those that have something to say. This idea is to encourage and inspire the ideas of new and aspiring writers. We also invite established and veteran writers to come and help others benefit from their experience. The site is here to let people be themselves. We’re here to engage in several topics from entertainment to political opinions.  Everyone has a story to tell, and we want to hear it. After all, the story might stop but it will never really end.

Everyone is welcome to voice their opinion.

The Silver Pen is all about saying what’s on your mind. We respect the right of people who want to speak their opinion. This site is also geared to foster friendly and respectful debate among readers and writers. This site asks that people keep an open mind when engaging. Other than this, enjoy what’s here for the reader. 

There’s a wide variety of topics.

There’s a great deal of variety within these pages that’s meant to entertain and inform the readers. This site focuses on entertainment, satire, and various other topics that are of interest to different readers. However, it also focuses on adapting to what the reader wants, and feedback is always welcome. 

The mission of The Silver Pen is simple. Write, read, and enjoy. 

If you want to contribute we welcome your input. If you want to read, you’re just as welcome. The Silver Pen is a place to come and find your voice, and give your opinion of views that you might find interesting. At the end of the day, we all have a story to tell. Whether you want to share yours or share in others, this is the place to be.