Yes, Women Gravitate Toward Jerks

It’s irritating that women love jerks, isn’t it? But there are reasons.

Yes, women gravitate toward jerks, and it’s a pain in the ass. Unfortunately, some ladies do have their reasons. A lot of guys don’t want to listen, or they want something that’s well out of their grasp. A lot of guys don’t want to lower their expectations. But the truth fellas is this: women are going to make up their own minds. They might not always enjoy the consequences, but they do.

It’s about confidence.

Like it or not fellas, confidence is key with a lot of people. It’s a strength and weakness thing that a lot of people don’t enjoy hearing about, since there are those who believe that being a nice guy should be the ticket to making people happy. That’s a nice thought, but it’s not realistic. Jerks have an edge because they’re confident in themselves, at least on the outside.

Self-confidence is attractive to many people. Women love this quite often. Not all women care about it. But enough want the confidence that exudes from a jerk’s pores that it’s been noticed for years. Granted, not every man that feels confident in their person is a jerk. But this goes to prove a point, if you know what you’re worth and know how to prove that you are, people take notice.

Women like the dangerous aspect

This is kind of debatable since women do like the edgy, rebellious type. This much has been proven more than once over the years. But unfortunately, this is a quality that backfires on a lot of women at one point or another. Either the bad boys grow up, get tamed, or they somehow reveal a vulnerability that topples their entire image.

There’s also the very real possibility that they’re such narcissists that women will have to fight for their time in front of the mirror. That’s kind of a funny image to be honest.

It’s annoying as hell, but it happens.

The fact is that yes, that women gravitate toward jerks, and it’s tough to understand. Nice guys aren’t owed the attention of a woman just because they open a door or are willing to buy women anything they want. But ladies, and I say this with respect, finding a man that treats you kindly but will take no shit is tough for one reason: you don’t appear to be looking for that.