Tell the Story, Don’t Force It

The woke revolution wants its own story told at the expense of many others.

Tell the story, don’t force it. Forcing an idea is the same as seeking to control the hearts and minds of the target audience. Many people in the entertainment industry are bound to make it as clear as they can that they’re not out to influence people. Instead, they’re out to entertain the audience and tell a great story. Unfortunately, that message gets lost when the various ideologies that directors and writers possess come out in their stories.

Much like anyone else, I enjoy a good movie or a TV show. But not at the expense of the story. A good story tells a tale that people enjoy. What it doesn’t try to do is push an agenda of some sort. There are a few elements that make it obvious that a movie or TV show is being used as a platform for an idea.

Every story deserves to be told

There’s nothing to say that any story should remain untold. By this measure, woke stories are perfectly okay and should be allowed. Here’s the problem though. Woke stories are often extremely lopsided while claiming to be equal in all ways. In other words, making one type of individual look ridiculous or extremely negative in one way or another is considered to be okay. But when a story is told at the expense of the actual entertainment, people tend to notice.

Well, some folks notice. Others do their best to s hut their eyes to the inequality they’re building while preaching about equality. Yeah, you read that correctly.

Woke stories feel way too forced

When the point needs to be made that a woman, a minority, or ANYONE that is considered to be ‘oppressed’ is in charge of the story, then it’s a loss. Let’s set the record straight, women CAN be a lead character. Minorities CAN and HAVE made movies and TV great. But they’re not alone, and their success didn’t come from a vacuum. Like it or not, a good story is a product of everyone and everything that goes into making it. Unfortunately for the woke revolutionaries, the same can be said of a failure.

There’s no secret to telling a great story. Tell the story, don’t force ideologies onto it. Let the story run free, don’t feel the need to inject anything that doesn’t feel natural. Just write, and let the story tell itself as it will.