It Sounds Like a You Problem, Not a Me Problem

Taking accountability instead of blaming others for your choices is important.

Has anyone ever said to you, “This sounds like a you problem, not a me problem”? It’s not something that sounds polite right off the bat. But it is accurate in a lot of ways. People telling each other about their problems is normal. We seek help and others are willing to give it when such a thing is warranted. However, some folks love listing their issues and problems to others rather than taking accountability for the things they’ve done or said. The fact is, some folks don’t like taking responsibility. It means they have to admit they’re wrong.

It’s fair to state that no one wants to admit that they’re wrong. It doesn’t stroke your ego, and it does make a person face up to their own mistakes. There are plenty of people that don’t want to look in the mirror to admit that they made mistakes. Blaming others means that a person can’t face what they’ve done or said. Yet, somehow, this has still become common practice.

The reason this happens is kind of amusing, in a sad way.

Telling people that “It sounds like a you problem not a me problem” sounds kind of mean and dismissive, doesn’t it? Some people might even call it a microaggression. But the truth is that this is how some people tell others that the problem they’re complaining about amounts to something that they’re responsible for.

The truth is that too many people who don’t take responsibility often do this for various reasons. They feel inadequate, they don’t like being ridiculed, mocked, or made to feel small. In such cases, their need to shove their personal responsibility onto others translates in several different ways. In fact, this is where victimhood can and does come from. But that’s a subject for another article.

In short, if you have an issue, forget the tissue and grow up. Take responsibility for your own life and stop blaming others. Have enough self-respect to look at your life and think about what you can do to fix whatever’s wrong, not blame others for your own mistakes.