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A Practical Guide to Finding International Jobs


Whatever job you might be looking for, seeking a job overseas can be a rather difficult process. There are ways that your search can be easier and far more effective, as well as less stressful.  In order to enjoy yourself during such a search you need to follow a few guidelines that are easy to live by and even easier to practice.

1) Work on your summary sentence.

You need a hook that will set you up for the ideal position that you’re seeking. This one sentence should be able to tell the story of where you’ve been, where you are, and what you might seek out next. A good summary sentence will tell your employer a story about your life that will either impress or at least give the employer a very good idea of what you want out of life. It’s a type of simplified roadmap that is easy to read and won’t bog down your employer in a lot of details.

2) Write your own job description.

Before you take the time to look at what’s out there take a little time and write your own job description. This will give you and the employer a better idea of what it is you’re looking for and will reduce the chance that you will settle on something that might not be so great later on. What you find doesn’t need to be spot on when it comes to the vision of what you want, but by just blindly applying to anything you will likely find a very poor fit.  Make sure you take into account the skills and experience you’ve acquired throughout your life when setting your ideals.

3) Don’t jump too far when selecting a career.

Pick just one country to focus on and then narrow that focus even further to a single city if you can. Many people make the mistake of creating a broad, far-reaching search that can span across cities, countries, and even continents. It might keep a lot of options open but in truth it will all but negate your capability of finding a job that you can actually accept. Once you find the city you want to initiate your job search, do what you can to network and find any necessary contacts that can help you to narrow down your search even further. The more refined the job search, the better chance of finding something that will fit your ideal.





Testosterone serves as the predominantly male sex hormone and is also produced as an anabolic steroid that is used primarily by athletes.  This hormone plays a very important role in helping young men to develop and is known to promote other characteristics such as muscle mass and stronger bone structure, as well as the appearance of hair on the body. The hormone is quite natural and is also vital to a man’s health.  It is also known to help prevent osteoporosis, which can lead to frailty and even bone loss as a man ages. Most men will start to note a drop in testosterone during their 40’s. These levels only drop with age unless an individual is given hormone therapy of some type.


Testosterone Deficiency


Testosterone is important to the strength of the bones and increased muscle mass, but it is also highly important to a man’s sex drive as well. Without the proper level of testosterone men will begin to notice an onset of erectile dysfunction and suffer an unwanted bout of depression. It is also possible to experience difficulty in concentrating on anything as well as gain a much more bleak outlook on life. A few of the physical changes that can occur include:


* a severe decrease in muscle mass followed by weight gain

* fluctuating cholesterol levels

* possible anemia

* osteoporosis

* loss of body hair


Finding Out if You Have Testosterone Deficiency


Simply feeling depressed or lackadaisical about your life isn’t quite enough evidence to believe that you have a testosterone deficiency, but if you begin to experience any of the symptoms or physical signs above it might be time to head to a doctor in order to find out what is really going on.

Most doctors will inform you that the only real way to determine if you have this condition is to take a measure of the testosterone in your blood. Testosterone levels can fluctuate on a daily basis, so several measures will be needed to make such a test accurate. Many doctors tend to prefer testing early in the morning, which is normal considering that this is when men’s testosterone levels are the highest.

It is important however to take note that any man that is thinking of treating testosterone

deficiency should know that doctors are required to screen for any type of disease or disorder

that might make such treatments impossible. For instance, men that are diagnosed with prostate cancer should not undergo treatment.  It is not unheard of for men that have been diagnosed with this cancer to undergo the treatment, but it is a risk considering the belief that testosterone is  believed in some part to fuel the cancer cells that cause tumors to grow.


Treating Testosterone Deficiency


There are a number of ways that testosterone deficiency can be treated, such as:


* Intramuscular injections that are given every two to three weeks

* A testosterone patch that can be worn on the body or on the scrotum

* Testosterone gel that rubbed into the skin

* A muco-adhesive material that is to be applied just above the teeth no more than twice per day

* Pellets that can be injected into the body


The many ways to increase testosterone are effective but largely temporary as the natural production of the hormone is the only real way to keep the body from feeling the loss.  There are ways to keep the body strong and supplied with testosterone, such as:


* Exercise

* Weight loss

* Vitamin regulation

* Stress reduction

* Cutting sugars out of your diet

* Eating healthy fats


Testosterone levels will still decrease with age, but unless they quit altogether there is no need for hormone treatments if you continue to practice a healthy lifestyle.

Sexuality in Sex Education



Throughout the process of growing, learning, and developing as human beings, the younger generations that are growing up in a continually changing world find continuous decisions to make based upon their sexuality.  For children this is less of an issue as they know little to nothing about the changes their bodies are going through as of yet. But for adolescents ranging from late grade school to middle school all the way to early adulthood, the matter of their sexuality becomes more and more persistent as their bodies continue to develop. Typically around middle school children will begin to notice that they are changing in many ways, from the tone of their voice to the feelings that begin to emerge when they look at other children. Many children do not fully understand these feelings, and others have no parent or guardian who is willing to guide them through these changes. Being able to help children through this tumultuous time in their lives is vitally important as it concerns how they will view themselves and others in the years to come.  Without guidance, many children will seek to experiment in ways that could lead to serious harm.

What is Sex Education?

Sex education is the gathered information that concerns bodily development, sexual intercourse, the sexuality of both men and women, how relationships function, and the social skills that students can use to stay informed and educated about their sexual health.  This course is important for many grade levels and as a means of keeping young students safe and well aware of the changes that can and do happen in their lives it is vital that it be part of any balanced curriculum.  The information within such classes needs to be well-balanced and sensitive to different cultures, ethnicities, and of course to gender.

A useful sex education course will speak on subjects such as puberty, reproduction, abstinence, contraception and condoms, relationships, the prevention of sexual violence, gender identity and sexual orientation, and of course on body image and self-esteem. Each subtopic should be given an adequate amount of time in order to students to better understand the gist of the course and what is acceptable within an ordered society and what is not.  A proper accounting of this class should be able to inform students of the hazards and pitfalls that could occur if they choose to ignore said information.

While the subject matter should usually lean towards a more informative and positive direction, it is also important to at least highlight the hazards that are possible to experience if one becomes sexually active without protection of any kind.  Subjects such as teen pregnancy, STD’s, and especially the transmission of AIDS should be topics that are discussed.  The idea of sex education is not to scare young people away from having sexual relations, but to allow them to be better informed as to what could happen.  This course should by all means treat the development of young people as a normal and very natural part of human development.

Why Sex Education is Important

It’s very typical for adults and children to feel awkward and unresponsive when talking about content of a sexual nature with one another. Unfortunately such an attitude can often lead to children fumbling around blindly when it comes to figuring out their own sexual nature.  Without any guidelines or formal education on the matter, sex can become an act that is interpreted differently by each child. It is a known fact that sexual content is present in nearly every facet of life that children watch, hear, and absorb in the modern era. This is why sex education is important, to sort through what is socially acceptable and what is best to avoid.

With proper sex education courses a child can become better aware of their own sexuality and how it can affect others.  They will learn the ins and outs of their own anatomy, the psychological effect that sexual contact can have upon another person, and they will come to better understand the boundaries of their own sexuality.  Without this insight they are far more likely to experiment in ways that are not only unacceptable to society, but are essentially harmful to them and to others.  It is a moral responsibility that parents and educators face when making the decision to teach their children and students about their sexuality and how it affects their lives and that of others.

In the past those who oppose sex education have been vehement in their arguments that the school system is forcing their children to mature at an accelerated rate that can, and has been accused of, creating psychological turmoil and distress in young children.  Those who believe that children are being sexualized at a young age are not entirely wrong, but are rather misinformed as to what sex education is designed to do.  Children are far more likely to misunderstand their own sexuality if they are not introduced to it by an authority figure who guides them through the necessary information. If they are allowed to go out and experiment on their own the propensity for disaster becomes far greater, and the risk of harm becomes much higher.

Through sex education it becomes easier for children to understand what is happening to their bodies as they develop and what steps they can take to remain in good health.  The knowledge gained from such a course is vital to young people so that they are allowed to make informed decisions concerning their own bodies and are aware of how their own sexuality affects those around them. From promoting abstinence until one’s body and psychological state are ready to deal with sexual relations to simply being aware of one’s own health and the further development of their body, sex education is an important course that can be instrumental in shaping the lives of the coming generations. The better informed a student is, the better prepared they are for the changes that will eventually affect their body and way of thinking.

The Dangers of Overtraining




It’s always advisable to get your body into prime shape when training for an event or even to just promote good health.  The concentration and dedication this takes is impressive and often requires months of intense workouts with various types of activities designed to build up the necessary muscle groups used in any performance sport.  For those who are absolutely dedicated to their sport or fitness this is a way of life.  Many people would make the assumption that pushing their bodies to the limit on a continual basis is a good way to maintain health and increase one’s overall health. However, the truth is that sometimes even the most well-intentioned acts can lead to more harm than benefit.

Countless athletes and fitness enthusiasts have fallen victim to the simple act of overtraining. This often occurs when an individual increases the intensity of their training over prolonged periods of time.  Overtraining is first noticed by certain signs and symptoms that tend to occur when the body is unable to recover before moving into the next workout.  As time goes on this habit of moving into the next training session without proper recovery time can cause the body to break down systematically, essentially tearing down the parts of the body that you have been working so hard to build up.

As an athlete or fitness buff your body requires the proper nutrition and enough rest to build up the areas that are worked the hardest.  This includes your muscles, bones, and even your heart and lungs.  Those structures of your body that you work out the hardest have to be given time to adapt and recover before they are taxed over and over again.  If a workout exceeds the limits you originally encountered your body will adapt in a positive manner, but if you move past your limits and don’t regulate your workout the recovery time needed will only increase.  If you ignore those limits, injury can occur.

Think of this in term of what can happen with trees. Bear with me, it will make sense.  When a tree is blow about by the wind its roots will grow stronger after the stress is gone as a form of adaptation to insure that the tree is not blown down.  But if the wind continually blows, or is too strong, the roots of the tree, not able to withstand the added stress, will prove inefficient at holding the tree upright and will be torn out of the ground.  This is the same problem with overtraining, it will begin to tear down what you have worked so hard to build simply because you push too hard and too often.

There are definite symptoms to watch for when it comes to overtraining, such as:

*recurring or continual injuries such as tendinitis or stress fractures

*a tendency to get sick more often thanks to a decrease in the function of the immune system

*your performance can decrease

*chronic fatigue

*rapid loss of lean body weight

Recovery time after a workout is a must.  Allowing your body to use the nutrients that you have given it during the rest period will help it to relax, repair, and revitalize. If you stress your muscles during a workout a prolonged rest will help them to grow bigger and stronger in order to withstand the next workout.  Nutrition and time are your greatest allies in preventing the effects of overtraining. Overtraining can cause you months worth of downtime. By paying attention to your body’s limits you can make certain that such a thing d

Death by Marriage?

Lately it seems like there have been a multitude of posts denoting the emotional and psychological “death” of men who are married and have children. Is this for real? Did the rot start to spread once the ring went on their fingers? Or are they reacting like children because they can’t live the glamorous and danger-filled lives they want because they now have that dreaded word “gasp” RESPONSIBILITY?  Whatever it is, those hardcore wannabes that think marriage is a permanent chain around man’s neck seem to forget one immutable fact: marriage is a choice.

That’s right, you choose if you want to get married and you choose if you want to stay single. If someone pressures you into marriage then it might be time to rethink your life one way or another. If they genuinely want to be with you and you feel the same then it might be time to change. If the opposite is true then get away, but don’t feel the need to make generalized statements and attack others for their beliefs about marriage and children. It might be your opinion, but remember this, opinions are like assholes, everyone’s got them and all of them can stink.

Addressing the idea of “death” by marriage and children, well, it goes without saying that men who say this have either been hurt in the past and are now little more than wounded boys lashing out against something they don’t have, or are unfortunate kids that didn’t have the type of role models they needed growing up. Marriage is a choice, as is having kids. You might think that sometimes kids are an accident, but to be quite honest they’re a blessing to those that give birth or to those that will make their lives worth living. A man’s death doesn’t slowly begin to happen once the ring slips over their finger, nor the first time their child cries out to the world to let everyone know they’ve arrived.

That is when a man’s life really begins.

Your life doesn’t end when you’re stuck in a go-nowhere job so you can support your family, or are forced to come home and endure children that don’t seem to listen.

That’s when real men step up.

The myth that most men who aren’t completely whipped don’t want kids is about as real as pro-wrestling match. There’s some truth to it, but overall it’s an act.

Real men want to see their children grow and succeed.

Men are a lot of things, but one thing they are not is stuck. What this means is that they aren’t stuck into the bad boy, beer-swilling, monster-truck lovin’, huntin’ and fishin’, smoke ’em if you got ’em, hot rod cruisin’, Mr. fixit mentality. Unless you haven’t been paying attention the real men are the ones that are capable of all that and still can find dignity in playing pretend with their sons and daughters regardless of the game.  Real men encompass more than just the “me first and me only” mentality. Real men aren’t the type to just spread their seed and keep moving. That’s not a tough guy.  A tough guy will get up at all hours of the night with their child if needed. They’ll help their wives when it’s required, they’ll stand up for their family and do what’s necessary, because they know in the end that the family will always be there for them.

Because really, are your friends going to reward you the way a wife can?  Are they going to hug you and make you feel important like your kids will?  Not if you’re the ultra-macho man’s man you think you are.

If you choose to stay single then by all means, enjoy your life. Don’t trash on the lives of others by making such ignorant and neanderthal-statements such as “why married men are dead inside”. Take that shit-smelling opinion somewhere else besides social media, because in all honesty, real men aren’t whipped, we just don’t have to be hardcore all the time.

You want to know the difference between the hardcore man and the real man?  The real man knows when to be hardcore. The other guy couldn’t be as tough as the real man if he tried.

But if you’ve still got an issue like that my friend, I can always flip the switch…..

Weight Loss: Before and After


The subject of weight loss is a hot topic that has millions of people wondering how it is done, which method are most efficient, and why nothing seems to work as it’s advertised. What most people don’t seem to realize that weight loss before and after requires effort and discipline to achieve.  Losing weight is a process that is usually only accomplished through hard work and diligence concerning one’s diet, workout routine, and their level of commitment to both.

How/Why People become Obese

Excess fat doesn’t just appear on a person’s body unless there is a pre-existing disease or disorder that doesn’t allow for proper absorption of nutrients into the body and proper waste disposal.  While becoming obese isn’t limited to the foods we eat and our increasing lack of activity, such factors can cause serious atrophy in the muscles that are needed for locomotion and even proper bodily functions. Eating too many unhealthy fats can tax the liver, which is in charge of producing and providing the necessary insulin to break down sugars in the bloodstream. If the liver is somehow compromised, insulin begins to build up in the system and diabetes becomes a very real threat. So while food and lack of activity aren’t directly responsible for obesity, they are contributing factors.

Remaining active can go a long way towards keeping the body healthy, as a strong body

is often a healthy, fully functioning body.  But being active doesn’t mean competing in

marathons or going to gym every single day to max out on repetitions with insane amounts of

weight.  It takes very little to remain active each day, as a twenty minute walk can get your blood

pumping and elevate your heartbeat. This promotes a working metabolism and a positive

upswing in bodily functions. Liken your body to an automobile. If you put the right fuel in the

tank and take it out to run it occasionally it will work smoothly and without fail.  But, if you put

the cheapest fuel you can find in the tank and just let it sit, there are chances it could begin to fail when you attempt to use it.

How Weight Loss Starts

Surprisingly, weight loss before and after you begin your diet and workout regimen has more to do with the foods you eat than the exercises you do.  What goes into your body often dictates how you feel and how effective your different bodily systems work.  One main proponent of gaining weight is how much you eat. Your body will often tell you in various ways what it needs. It’s up to you to listen.

Eating too much is a common problem among many people, and can lead to weight gain far quicker than any lack of activity ever could.  By packing on the calories you continue to overtax your liver and as a result the foods you eat continue to go undigested, unprocessed, and those fats begin to accumulate in your body. Coupled with inactivity, a greater caloric intake can cause serious problems with your metabolism and can cause a rapid amount of weight gain in a very short time. This is not healthy for the body or the heart as your arteries can and will begin to clog with the buildup of plaque and your heart will have to work much harder to keep pumping blood throughout the body in an effort to keep everything working properly.

Watching what you eat and how much you eat is a good start to promoting weight loss.  It’s often recommended to eat fiber and other such foods in order to gain the feeling of being full so that you won’t continue to consume calories in an attempt to fill yourself up.  By doing this you will be able to better resist the temptation to continue to shovel food into your mouth and thereby worsen the problem.

Watching how much you eat can be a challenge, and this is where your self-discipline

must take over. No one can rightfully tell you to stop eating or to take only small portions, so this

part is entirely on you to execute.  By taking smaller portions you will undoubtedly remain hungry for some time, no matter if you eat foods that are more filling and are able to sustain you for longer.  This is a process that many people aren’t always willing to undergo in an effort to promote weight loss. There are foods that can be eaten in great quantities and possess few calories, but very often those foods don’t provide the needed sustenance that can keep a person full.

Paying attention to what you eat is just as important as how much.  Staying away from refined sugars, excessive amounts of carbohydrates, and foods rich in saturated fats can go a long way towards promoting weight loss before and after you begin.  The more you avoid such foods the less chance they will have of hardening your arteries and eventually leading to conditions such as diabetes.

Why Exercise is Important

As stated above, exercise doesn’t mean you need to work as hard as a trained athlete or even a weekend warrior who lives to pump iron in their spare time.  You don’t need to kill yourself to keep a healthy body.  What you do need to do is get off the couch, turn off the television, and go out for a walk, a run, a stroll, anything just to get your heart pumping and your metabolism running properly.  On days when inclement weather makes this unlikely you can utilize your television to dial up a workout routine or purchase a DVD that will keep you active for at least twenty minutes or more.

No one is demanding that you keep up with people who have been into fitness for years

on end, but to keep the weight coming off you’ll need to do more than just eat right. Activity not

only helps the body to metabolize the food it takes in, but it also helps to keep muscles strong

and flexible, which can be important to movement, durability, and endurance.  As we get older

our bodies begin to gradually wear out, and the muscle tone that we need begins to deteriorate.  By keeping active for at least twenty minutes or more per day it is possible to promote weight loss and remain healthy long into your golden years.



Pros and Cons of Living in Ireland



As far as history goes, the country of Ireland is rich in historical locations and carries the undeniable feel of a land that has seen the years pass by in spectacular fashion. But barring this, there are some very real concerns as well as perks to living Ireland.  While some might go on to laud the undeniable charm it carries and the enriching feel of history that surrounds you, others might instead decide to focus upon the weather that never seems to brighten for more than a few days at a time, or the high cost of housing, and so on and so forth.  With that mind, here are a few reasons why Ireland may, or may not be, an ideal place to live.




1) It is a very beautiful country.

From its stunning coastline to the verdant fields, Ireland is a land resplendent with beauty in every possible corner.  History abounds within the land and the natural wonders that are so easily viewed offer both natives and tourists a sense of geographical awe that something so wondrous even exists.


2) The people are quite laid back.

Don’t get the wrong impression. Not everyone in Ireland will bend over backwards for you just because you’re new to the area. But more often than not the Irish are quite relaxed, easygoing folks who are always interested in telling a story.


3) The cities have a great deal to offer.

Whether it is entertainment you’re after or a quiet walk throughout town, the cities of Ireland are steeped in history and offer a multitude of pleasant distractions.  From Dublin to Kilkenny to Dingle, the cities of Ireland are always welcoming and always willing to entertain.




1) Ireland is not an overly warm country.

For those who enjoy the rain and the overcast skies Ireland might be the perfect location to settle down.  Owing their weather largely to the North Atlantic Drift, Ireland doesn’t often get too warm, remaining more often than not around fifty degrees Fahrenheit.  Overall the weather is largely unpredictable, but is never known to reach any particular extreme.


2) Ireland does in fact have a very large reputation for its drinking culture.

While this may or may not be a true con, the Irish have long been known for their proclivities

towards alcohol. While it might seem a bit stereotypical and even unfair to label an entire

culture, the truth of the matter remains that Ireland is well known for its use and production of

alcohol in many different forms.  Whether it is Guinness, whiskey, or the infamous poteen, an Irish form of moonshine, the people of Ireland have gained renown throughout the world for being a very strong and dedicated drinking culture.


3) The housing costs are astronomical.

It’s not cheap to live in Ireland.  When adjusting Euros to dollars the expense of a two-bedroom apartment, with utilities, will come to around two thousand Euros, which is far closer to twenty-five hundred dollars when all is said and done.  Affording a home is quite difficult even on a good salary, and any thoughts

Top Landmarks in Melbourne



Melbourne is perhaps one of the most glamorous as well as masterful cities when it comes to showing its colors and cultures. It is a wonderful city that still manages to cultivate the small town feeling that so many fully enjoy. Its art, its history, and the astounding architecture are more than enough to enchant any visitor.

Here are just a few sights you might think about seeing when visiting this amazing city:


1) Eureka Skydeck


Located in Southbank, the Eureka Skydeck is an amazing viewing platform that offers a stunning 360 degree panoramic view of the city and its other landmarks. One can also view the impressive Dandenongs that stretch out upon the far horizon, taking in the magnificent sight that is provided with such aplomb. As starting points go the Skydeck is a masterful stroke of design. It allows tourists to take a better look at the city around them, and can perhaps even grant tourists ideas of where they would like to visit next.

There are of course those opportune times when it is considered best to visit the Skydeck.  While the structure is quite safe the visibility is usually best on clear days without rain or fog.  It is also fun to note that during the transition from sunset to nightfall is a very interesting time to be present, as the effect is quite alluring.


2) St. Paul’s Cathedral


This is one of the oldest structures in Melbourne, as it was constructed back in 1868 as part of the prosperous times during the infamous gold rush days. The cathedral is free to enter and can provide a very soothing, relaxing feel that impresses upon visitors both the age and spiritual qualities of the sacred place.


3) Werribee Open Range Zoo

Fashioned to resemble an African savannah, this impressive sight is home to many different varieties of animals and actually extends free admission to any child under 16 during school holidays. Visitors can either take the safari tour or walk around the zoo, coming nose to nose with nature in the process.


4) The Dandenong Ranges

If you just want to get out and take a walk through nature but not be too far from civilization then the Dandenong Ranges are perfect. This range actually features many pleasing walking tracks through lush forest. It is also close to several small towns that are always welcoming to visitors.


Immigrating to Canada: What to Expect and What will You Need



So you want to immigrate to Canada, but you don’t know how.  It’s not too hard. Visiting Canada is fairly easy so long as you have a passport and your ID handy.  It will depend on why you want to go and for what purpose you’re making the trip, but overall it isn’t as hard as some make it sound.

You will typically asked a series of questions in order to find out just what programs you can apply for and which will suit you best. Every program has a different application and eligibility requirements that need to be met. Each form only takes about ten to fifteen minutes to finish.

The questions you’ll be asked will likely include:


Your nationality.

The officials in charge of immigration will want to know where you’re coming from, as this could possibly affect your eligibility.

Your age.

Depending on how old you are you may or may not qualify for certain programs but be more suited for others.

Your language ability.

Some countries will require you to have at least some proficiency with their native language before allowing you past their border.

Family members.

Do you have family members in the country? Are you bringing family members with you? These questions will be important as you need to be clear and concise with your answers.

Your level of education.

If you’re attempting to enter as a student you will need to provide transcripts or proof of education in some form that will identify you as a student and possibly place you in a program that is best suited for your needs.

Your work experience.

If you’re coming to Canada to begin a job, or to look for a job, you will need to show that you can perform a needed skill or at least something that can identify you as a possible contributor to the local economy. Most countries don’t wish to let people in that will only become a drain on their system.

Your income and/or net worth.

Many countries want to know what you are going to be able to contribute to their economy.

If you have a job offer you will need to provide proof.

.It doesn’t work to just say “I’m moving because of my job.” The officials in charge of letting you apply for immigration status will want some solid proof that you have a job waiting for you.

Fun Ways to Experience Jakarta



On a scale of 1 to 10 when it comes to visiting relaxing, cozy spots where you can just laze about all day and enjoy yourself, Jakarta doesn’t rank too high. But on the scale of having fun and getting to experience a different and unique culture, Jakarta rates very high considering that it is quite different from much of the world.  Despite the hustle and bustle of the city there are many attractions to be seen and a wide variety of interesting sights just waiting for  the casual to active tourist.

Beginning with the most obvious is your departure from one of the two airports that Jakarta has to offer, either Soekarno Hatta or Halim Perdanakusuma.  The latter is fairly new as it just started accepting commercial flights as of 2014, but it is no less impressive.  From there you’ll want to check into your hotel before going out to see what the city has to offer, and in Jakarta there are a great deal of places to choose from. If you are looking for quality and a good price however, it is recommended that you find your way to Hotel Ibis Jakarta, one of the nicest and least expensive places to stay in the entire city. After checking in and dropping off your luggage and other items, it will be time to hit the city and see what it has to offer!

Here are just a few of the most popular sites you might want to give a look:

1) Monas- The National Monument

Monas stands as an important icon of the city and one of its most important symbols detailing the struggles that Indonesia has endured throughout the years.  Within the National History Museum that is nearby you can take note of the history of Indonesia that is depicted within the many dioramas that retell the story of the city, furthering your knowledge of this wonderfully unique city.

2) Amusement Park- Dufan

As one of the biggest amusement parks in Indonesia, Dufan Fantasi is a very pleasing getaway from the busy life of Jakarta and a nice break for anyone just wanting to have a day of fun and frivolity.  It can get rather busy on the weekends as it’s a favorite spot of those who don’t often make it to Jakarta or even into the city that often, but during the weekdays it’s a very entertaining and even socially engaging way to spend your time.

3) The Istiqlal Mosque and The Catholic Cathedral

While it can be argued that many places throughout the world are now practicing tolerance nowadays, the proximity of these two landmarks is almost unheard of in the world of religious beliefs.  As the largest mosque in Indonesia, Istiqlal also holds the claim of being of the largest of its kind in all of Southeast Asia.  The Cathedral is located just across the way from Istiqlal, and is breathtaking structure constructed in a neo-gothic style that dazzles the eye and helps to both compliment and highlight the mosque.  It is often said that the closeness of these two very different buildings are a sign of harmony that exists in Jakarta, a true achievement in any location.

4) Dine out at the local cafes and restaurants.

You can’t just go to another country without at least trying the local cuisine.  Jakarta is packed with cafes, restaurants, and even bars that offer a plentitude of unique and appetizing dishes.  If you find that the local food doesn’t agree with your is just not to your taste Jakarta is also well known for its wide variety of tastes such as Indian, Greek, Italian, Lebanese, and a great deal more.  There are many areas that are recommended if you want a pleasing dining experience, and many sites offer a pleasing variety of dishes, drinks, and even wifi if you have the need for it.

5) Take a walk in the park.

Jakarta is a big city for sure with a great many buildings and well-developed areas, but it also has its parks and recreational sites that are widely used by many people.  Oftentimes if you take the time to sit and relax you can take note of the many people who use the park on a daily basis either to just pass on through for a stroll or as a means to enjoy their walk to work.  The city parks are well kept and attract a great many people for social events and other activities that are meant to create a sense of belonging to a community.  While Jakarta is in fact a very busy place most days, many people still take time out now and again to just take a friendly jaunt through the park to clear their minds and take pride in the beauty of their city.

6) Take advantage of the nightlife.

So now you’ve seen the daytime attractions and several of the wonders that Jakarta has to offer, and are likely asking “What else is there?”. Well if you’re still awake you can find out just why Jakarta is lauded as a “city that never sleeps”. Possessing its own unique, evening charm, Jakarta’s nightlife is always abuzz with activity.


Jakarta is a busy and industrious city, but not so much that the casual traveler can’t find their way around and enjoy the sites. Whether you’re on a family outing or on a business trip there are always plenty of places to go and things to do.  All you need to do is look, and enjoy.