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Adoption in the Modern World


At one point in history adoption was treated almost like a dirty word, something that people would only whisper about and possibly never consider unless they wanted to be ostracized from their community. It was a source of pride to have your own children and to say that they were 100% your own. Adopted kids were at one point seen as little more than a burden to place on a family and at times were treated differently as well, almost with a kind of gentle neglect as they were not considered to be the same as those that were born into the family. Thankfully that practice, which is as much rumor as it is unfortunate fact, is no longer something that people ascribe to. Adoption is in fact a blessing for both the child/children as well as the adopting family. In many ways adoption is a chance at a life that children that are stuck in the system might never have known.

Yet for all the positives there are negatives concerning adoption to be considered as well. One might wonder what those could possibly be, but quite often such factors are pushed aside in favor of reminding people that there are in fact children waiting to be adopted that need a home. However the reason why they need a home can be rather tragic or in some cases borderline criminal.

Adoption can be a blessing, but it can also come with some seriously negative connotations.

The biological mother is at times pressured into believing that she has no other option but to give her child up for adoption.

This is not necessarily what is done as a common practice, but it has been seen to happen. Too often the biological mother might be too young, have suffered a rape, not been on birth control, or has neither the responsibility nor the inclination to care for a child. Unfortunately women that exhibit any of these characteristics are in a very vulnerable state at this time and can be far too easy to coerce. While adoption is a means to give their child a better life than they can provide, there might also be the chance of offering a guardianship to another family member, thereby giving the woman time to come to grips with being a mother. This isn’t the most common decision that’s been seen, but it is a possibility.

Homosexual couples are still underrepresented when it comes to adoption.


This is still an issue if you can believe it, as some people still contend that same-sex couples are not and will never be fit to raise a child without somehow poisoning their minds. While the consensus about this has changed there is still some dissension that remains largely due to what some might call a ‘deviant lifestyle’. Statistically however children raised in a same-sex home are just as safe and as emotionally balanced as their peers. The issue has more to do with the personal views of those that don’t agree with the lifestyle of same sex couples than it does with the children, who tend to reflect the very loving and safe environment in which they are raised.

Adoption is not always the only choice, but that is an issue for the biological mother to decide.

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In the end it comes down to what the mother wants to do. Adoption is a very strong and lasting decision that each and every mother has to make. There are times when the mother cannot hope to take care of their child and through an act of love decides to give them up to a home and a couple that can care for them. Whether they desire an open adoption or not is their decision, but the impact this has on the child varies no matter the research.

Having been adopted I know very well the uncertainty and the questions that arise from wondering who one’s birth mother was, and why they decided not to keep me. It is an empty hole in one’s heart that can be filled if one allows it. Adoption is not an act of industry or of desperation, but instead is a chance to give a child the kind of life they need to grow and flourish in this world. Whether they are adopted by a same-sex or opposite-sex couple they are bound to be loved and cherished as adoption is the act of choosing to give a child one’s time, affection, and undying love.

Gender Diversity in the Workplace


So let me make this as loud and as clear as I possibly can: I do believe in gender diversity in any and all workplaces, so long as everyone can pull their weight. Being given a job simply because a workplace is seen to predominantly favor one gender over the other and it’s believed that diversity is needed is not a wise business practice. Being granted a job because your skill set and experience fit the job description, and because you’re deemed the best fit for the job whether you’re a man or a woman, is very acceptable. Some might disagree and say that this is a design of the patriarchy that has run the US and quite possibly the world for so long, but let’s examine that a bit closer, shall we?

Just remember there’s always room for discussion and even civil arguments, no matter if we agree or disagree.

The prospective employee needs to be able to handle the job they’re applying for.

As simply put as this is people still argue with it until they’re blue in the face. You don’t send a woman, or a man, that can barely lift half their own weight to be a laborer on a construction job, do you? You also wouldn’t send a high school dropout to run a Fortune 500 company simply because you need a man or a woman in that spot either. The point is that whether a man or a woman apply for the job, they need to have the qualifications and the experience to fill the gap. Simply hiring someone because the job site needs some diversity is a recipe for disaster no matter how much it might appease anyone else.

Diversity is great for just about any workplace.

Let’s go back to the construction site, as labor jobs versus executive-level jobs seems to be a good comparison. Women can in fact, and do, work in construction in various capacities. While you might not see an abundance of women in labor positions it is likely that you will see them in areas of management and other areas where the work might not be as gritty and hands-on, but it is still every bit as important. This is the same at the executive level, where women can find jobs ranging from secretaries to high-ranking executives depending on their education level and experience in their chosen field.

Diversity is in fact very advantageous in the workplace as men and women do tend to have different ways of looking at things that can compliment one another if their ideas are taken and woven together to form a working, cohesive plan that can help just about any business. Women bring a great deal to the table in any place of employment as they do have different ways of thinking and behaving in a work setting that can offset their coworkers in a very positive way and produce a much more efficient working environment. It’s not always as perfect as it sounds, but differing viewpoints tend to make for a much more dynamic and engaging workplace.

The hiring process has to be as impartial as possible.

This feels like beating a dead horse, but it’s still important to keep on saying it. There’s no more ‘boys club’ when it comes to the workplace, at least not when it comes to hiring the most qualified and experienced individual for the job. Workplaces that were once predominantly male are now becoming more diverse, but the effort still needs to be made to look over everyone’s qualifications and look past gender. The most qualified individual should be the one that gets the job, and not just because they are a man or a woman.


Any and all workplaces need to be populated by those with the drive, the knowledge, and the experience of how to make them thrive. Gender should rarely, if ever, be the deciding factor for any applicant. The person that is most qualified should be the one you depend on, be they man or woman.

Pros and Cons of the Death Penalty



This is another topic that tends to get the attention of many people because it also tends to get people very hot under the collar when someone disagrees with them. The issue of what a life is worth and what the price of vengeance is tends to come up a lot since some folks believe in the saying “an eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind”. Others however tend to think that allowing criminals to live off of the taxpayers and receive three guaranteed meals a day, the ability to better themselves after breaking the law, and the chance to exist at all as an insult to those they’ve harmed. It’s a very stick issue that doesn’t have an easy answer unless you ask either side, in which case you might get a very firm absolute or a great deal of discussion that winds around in a continuous circle.

The point is, there’s really no easy way to say whether the death penalty should still exist or not.



  • Some think that it deters criminals from committing serious crimes.
  • In order to be humane death comes quickly and with as little pain as possible.
  • The legal system is continually evolving to see that justice is met and the right people are punished.
  • The victims and their families get a measure of justice that incarceration wouldn’t provide.
  • There’s a very big possibility that without a maximum penalty that some criminals would continue to find ways to break the law.
  • It is far more cost-effective as a solution.
  • It is retribution, not revenge.
I can already hear the clamber of those that would seek to dispute each and every point made FOR the death penalty and it is quite obvious that there are plenty of holes in each point through which to thread your hooks. Tearing apart the Pros however would be a bit unfair without taking a look at the Cons, which are in many ways just as faulty from a certain point of view, but are still considered to be worth looking at as they offer a different perspective.


  • There’s no proof that the death penalty works as a deterrent.
  • It is considered to be cruel and unusual punishment. There is no dignity afforded to the inmate.
  • It simply continues a cycle of violence that essentially doesn’t make sense.
  • The number of deaths is disproportionate along racial lines.
  • It is an antiquated method of justice that continues to show America as less civilized than much of the world.
  • There is always the likelihood of a mistake when it comes to the justice system.
  • It is not as cost-effective as one might think.
  • A life spent in prison is worse than a quick death.

Bad people do bad things, that’s a given. But the issue of whether they must be made to pay the final price for their deeds is always in question. Across the nation many states still support the death penalty even as protesters continually seek to abolish this practice. There’s no way to tell just who’s right when it comes to saying ‘yay’ or ‘nay’ for the death penalty, as the practice is in some ways quite excessive, but in others seems to be the only way to gain even a small amount of retribution, even if others would call it revenge.

Woman Pushes Elderly Lady Off of her Seat on New York Subway

It’s hard to know the whole story without having been there but it would appear that an African American woman on a New York Subway not only verbally berated an elderly Asian woman, but she even went so far as to push her off of her seat as well. While this might seem appalling to many, and it is according to those that have seen it thousands of times now on social media, this act is one more bit of proof in the eyes of many that America is not as tolerant a place as many might think.

The incident occurred due to the elderly woman asking the first woman’s children, who were occupying one seat apiece, if they could move so she could sit down. It’s quite obvious that their mother, who was seated right next to them, took offense to this and almost immediately began to berate and shout at the woman, not only in front of the rest of the passengers, but in front of her children as well. The elderly woman did her best it seems to calm the woman down, but her words had little if any effect other than to anger the other woman as she continued to grow more and more agitated.

At one point the woman threatened to push the elderly lady from her seat, and when the woman shifted the female aggressor wasted no time in forcing her out of the seat and onto the floor. Her child was then quick to resume the seat she had willingly given up as the elderly woman stood up and took a spot, still standing, across the train while the other woman continued to berate her.

Some feel this could be the defensive instincts of a mother attempting to protect her children, while many others feel that the woman was entirely out of line and should be booked for assault. There are a few things that might be observed here however that could have some bearing on the issue.

On a train or bus it is considered polite and in some cases necessary to give up one’s seat to an elderly, pregnant, or disabled passenger.

In many ways this is a common courtesy as those that are elderly, pregnant, or disabled might still have the option to stand, but doing so is quite difficult and their ability to keep their balance is more limited than it would be for anyone else. Giving up one’s seat to those that are truly in need is an expected courtesy that many seem to have forgotten in this day and age, as is evidenced here. The mere fact that the elderly woman had to ask the children to move so that she could sit is a saddening fact that highlights just how the morality and ethical nature of our nation has changed throughout the years.

When in the presence of children, especially your own, a calm and collected manner is usually best.

This woman has a slight issue with her anger, of that there is no doubt. She attributes this to being a mother, but this doesn’t excuse her assault on the elderly woman in any way. Instead of showing a calm and composed manner that could help to teach her children how to hand conflict she is showing open aggression and a decided lack of respect for the elderly, their fellow passengers, and her children. Without knowing if the elderly woman pushed her children out of the seat or not the fact still remains that this woman lost control and in doing so has shown her children that violence and aggression is the only answer when solving a problem.

Could her children not sit with her?

She had to call one of her children from across the train to come sit with her, and it would appear that two of her children could easily fit into one seat. So why the ruckus? There was no evidence that the elderly woman pushed her children, nor was there any aggression on her part. It’s also fairly laughable that she kept repeating “Welcome to America” and called herself a gangster. It’d be hard to know if that last part was true without knowing who the woman was, but thankfully she doesn’t speak for all Americans.

Common courtesy and kindness seems to be going the way of the dodo in some parts of the world.


Arming Schoolteachers

There’s bound to be some blowback from this, but in the spirit of sharing opinions it seems pertinent to at least throw my hat in the ring and state that while arming teachers could be a positive thing in some schools, it might not be wise to arm them all. Of course that leaves the question of who should be armed and the discrimination that would surely follow. People would undoubtedly have a point when it comes to this and would be able to raise the argument of why one teacher should be able to handle a firearm while another teacher might not be trusted with one. So how in the world would we decide who is trustworthy and who isn’t?

To be honest that’s a scary question when you think about it.


At the current moment it’s unknown how many teachers actually have a permit to carry concealed.

Not every state broadcasts to parents whether their teachers are carrying or not. While this can truly frighten and unnerve many parents it might actually comfort others. Given the rash of school shootings in the past decade the lines that have been drawn on gun control and the belief that teachers should be allowed to arm themselves have grown blurry in some regards and sharper than ever in others. One thing that is certain however is that like all individuals, teachers are capable of mistakes and having days when they are highly unbalanced. This is why some folks might have an issue, as unbalanced teacher with a gun is about as dangerous as a heart surgeon with a hand tremor.

Having a gun in the classroom as a preventative measure is a boon, but many would see it as an accident waiting to happen.

With the safety on and possibly stored in a safe place that only the teacher knows about a gun can sit harmless and unable to do anything without finger to pull the trigger. The worry seems to be that kids will be kids and seek out the weapon if they happen to learn about it. While this is a largely unfounded fear many people have turned it into something that is nothing short of a horror story just waiting to be written. So long as the teacher is trained in gun safety and how to handle the weapon however it should be fine.


Security measures can chew up a school’s budget.

In some cases it’s been seen that security guards, metal detectors, and other such measures can run around $200,000 or more per year for a single school. While that’s not much for some institutions it’s still back-breaking for others that simply can’t afford the huge chunk it takes out of their annual budget. Arming teachers is significantly cheaper and is also much more effective since the school doesn’t end up feeling like a prison. The one thing that seems evident however is that while in school a teacher should not be able to carry their weapon on their person while in the halls or away from their classroom, simply for safety’s sake. The argument of whether they will have it if a shooter does come upon them in the hallway or elsewhere, away from their gun, is a sound one. But trusting to the good nature of students and their ability to quell their curiosity seems like a risky proposition.

As I said, I do expect a few comments from this, but I hope we can keep it civil.

Truths about Higher Education

Bright future ahead sign road sign on white bg

This is what a lot of people think of or see, or both, when they focus on college, right? Well, some of us might see the mountain of debt that can easily accrue and the long and consecutive line of late nights that will come from needing to study, work, and study some more in order to maintain grades. Some people see a four-year party interspersed with partying and getting to know people and possibly make connections for the future. However a lot of people either aren’t willing or simply don’t recognize the pitfalls that are present when it comes to higher education.

Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t to warn anyone away from college, as it can be a very enriching and rewarding experience. Instead it’s a cautionary measure to remind people that college is a great way to gain access to that dream job you want, but not without a lot of hard work and sacrifice. In other words, college is not a path to easy street, and for any that are under that illusion it’s time to get off this ride as of now and find another path to follow. The mountain of debt I mentioned will bury those that aren’t ready to do the work, and if that doesn’t do it, then the tsunami of homework and tests will finish the job.

College doesn’t make you better than anyone.


There are many things I would stress to anyone going into a university or even a community college, but one among them would this: higher education doesn’t make you a better person. Those that will never attend college, or those going to a trade school, are often far more equipped to handle the world outside of college than a university student with a superiority complex. Being better than someone isn’t the point of college. If you want to prove you’re better than anyone then do it with your actions instead of your attitude. Simply going to college is not the gateway to a better life, and all it really means is that you’re gaining an education that may or may not be relevant when the time comes to graduate.

Hard work is the point of college.


College can constitute some of the best years of your life if you apply yourself. Should you decide to make friends, belong to a club, a sorority/fraternity, or even an athletic team then you’ll have something to look back on with pride. But unless you do the work and earn your way in you’ll always have that feeling of ‘what if’. Your degree doesn’t mean much in a world where experience is more prized than education, and it’s time that a lot of people learn this. The more work you put into your college career, the more you’ll tend to get out of it when graduation day comes and you’ve already lined up a possible career choice. Otherwise get that resume ready and pick a minimum wage job you’ll be working until you get the point.

Face the hard truths.

The world doesn’t care about you. There might be a core group of people, family, friends, and others that might be invested in your success, but even they won’t be able to help if you can’t get it through your head that outside of college, the world becomes a very uncaring place that will not help you unless you’re willing to prove you’re worth it. Upon entering college it’s not time to breathe a sigh of relief and start partying. It’s time to crack open the books and get to work. Wake up, eat, study, rest, study some more, and then eventually sleep so you can get up and do it all again. Find time to de-stress and relax and then go back and do it all again. This is college people, it’s not playtime. You want the best, then you need to give the best effort. Otherwise the world simply won’t care for your excuses.

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You want your place in this world? You’re going to have to earn it.

Free Range Parenting: Pros and Cons


Before getting started let me point out this fact: a lot of us were raised in a free range manner back in the 70’s and 80’s. We were the kids that flew out of the door in the morning on our weekends or summers and weren’t back until lunch. After that we’d disappear again until dusk when our parents called us back in for dinner. We didn’t wear helmets, we played in the mud, we did stupid, dangerous things because they were fun, and our parents typically allowed it as it was deduced that “kids will be kids”.

Whether you agree with that philosophy or not it’s still what free range parenting is about, less restrictions and less limitations on what children can and can’t do. There’s no lack of discipline to free range parenting, but the dynamic that’s changed over the years has little to do with the parenting style and more to do with the world we currently live in. Parents hear about child abductions, murders, rapes, and all sorts of gloom and doom and begin to hover around their kids for fear that they might be taken away from them at any moment or harmed by a world that, in truth, really doesn’t care about them.

That is why helicopter parenting vs. free range parenting is such a hot issue at this time, because parents are afraid. The unfortunate part about this is that they have every right to be. Our parents had the right to be afraid as well, but the times were different and depending on where you lived so was the general attitude towards allowing kids to do as they pleased in their own neighborhood. Personally I used to walk at least two to three miles to the comic book store in grade school, and my parents never batted an eyelash, so far as I knew.

But these are different times, and with the very real idea that the world could watch as a child is subjected to the worst it can offer, here the current pros and cons of free range parenting.


  • It can build a lot of self confidence in kids and allow their personality to build.
  • They learn how to trust their own judgment and can learn how to handle themselves in difficult situations.
  • It builds their self-esteem.
  • They become more capable in dealing with their surroundings.
  • It can help develop problem-solving skills.
  • Social interactions can become far easier for them to handle.
  • Kids can learn to take responsibility for their actions.
  • They tend to watch less TV and explore the world around them.


  • Leaving kids to their own devices can leave them more susceptible to a world that’s grown increasingly more dangerous.
  • The need to remain competitive and insure a child’s future means having order and structure and not allowing as much time for them to roam unfettered.
  • Allowing a child to remain unfocused poses the problem of academic deficiencies down the road.
  • There are less parents at home these days, which means less individuals that are able to at least monitor a child’s day, even from afar.
  • Children that are left to their own devices run the very real risk of losing whatever competitive edge they might need later in life.

The huge misconception about free range parenting unfortunately is that many people believe it is more like hands-off parenting. A truly responsible parent will teach their children the discipline and rules that go with being able to wander on their own, and will at the very least enforce reasonable boundaries that are not to be crossed. It’s not anyone’s place to tell another parent how to raise their children, but in this day and age when many dangers are very real, free-range parenting, while not neglectful, is at times a bit questionable. So long as the child, or children, are taught enough about the outside world, what to expect, and how to react to it, then it becomes another parenting style that is neither right nor wrong.

Sensitivity vs. The Real World

It’s time to be a little insensitive and possibly make some people mad since the inception of something called a “cry closet” has been invented in the state of Utah for college students. Take a moment and let that sink in, a “cry closet” for college students who are taking exams and writing papers and feeling the stress build up and up and up.

Boo. Hoo.

Oh yes, I said it, and I’ll stand by it gladly as a college student. You’re stressed? Aw, poor baby, maybe you should have skipped college and gone on to a minimum wage job. You have papers to write and exams to study for? Let me get you a tissue so you can clear your eyes and blow your nose, and in the meantime think about this one immutable fact: everyone in college deals with stress.

It’s true that we all deal with it in different ways and that it affects us all in different ways. But regressing back to the point of needing a ‘safe place’ or a room filled with stuffed animals to whimper like a child because the world is just to hard is hard to get behind.

It’s a backwards slide.

No, it’s not being ‘sensitive’  and needing to vent. It’s giving in to frustration and admitting that you might not belong where you’re at, doing what you’re doing. The world is a hard and uncaring place? Well welcome to it, because in truth it only gets harder as you go along. Acting like a child won’t make it better even if you want to call it ‘venting’ rather than what it is, whimpering that things aren’t fair.

Peace of mind comes on your time.

While in school you’re still technically on ‘your’ time. If you feel you can’t hack it then perhaps it’s time to admit as much and head on down the road. The real world won’t be any less unkind however if it’s discovered that you need some ‘venting time’ every time you get stressed. Part of becoming an adult is learning how to de-stress without breaking down constantly and needing an emotional reset button. If you can’t handle college then how will you handle the world?

Your workload is up to you.

As a college student this is where you get to start being responsible. Instead of taking the maximum or full load of courses that you need learn how to spread it out and pick electives that won’t be as demanding. This way your workload becomes manageable and the number of tests you’ll take might be easier to stomach. Then your stress might actually be easy to manage so that you don’t need to suffer a 10-minute breakdown in a closet.

After all, if this is how you get through college then how in the world are you going to get through life?


The New Civil War


It might seem like a fanciful, worst-case scenario drummed up by the many individuals that don’t care to see Trump in office or care for the prospect of what might happen should he be impeached, but there are other signs leading to this disastrous prophecy that people aren’t as willing to ignore. Some have stated that the Second Civil War is already here and that it is being ‘fought’ on all fronts as people are willing to stand up and be persecuted for how they believe. Others however seem to feel that it is an entirely overblown concept and that the only way to avoid further conflict is to accept the fact of Trump’s presidency as the last saving grace for this nation.

United we stand, divided we fall.

Many of us have heard these words since we were children and while some still don’t seem to grasp the idea many upon many have taken it upon themselves to give their own perspective upon the words and thereby create a new meaning from a rather simple sentence. As a nation America has not been entirely united in some time, and in those moments when the nation has come together it has almost always been in the midst of tragedy. The triumphs that the nation has experienced have elicited mixed to negligible reactions by a great number of the people. It would seem tragedy is what pulls people together, but at this time the real tragedy has yet to occur. There is little to no common ground remaining in America and there are fissures opening between differing factions all over the nation. Eventually, if things continue, there could very well be a culture war that will spark something greater and even more dangerous.

President or Dictator?

The current POTUS certainly hasn’t tried to win friends but has plenty of supporters and unfortunately, in some cases, misguided sycophants that will live by his words until their dying breath. Another unfortunate occurrence is that those opposing him feel the same way, and will gladly spend their last breath in defiance of his presidency. Yet as it’s been seen and heard in the news as of late, Trump seems poised upon a very perilous ledge that might decide if he remains the POTUS, or becomes the dictator that this country does not desire. The mere mention of being able to pardon himself from any and all crimes has sent many people into a frenzy while even his own advisers tend to think it would be a bad idea. America was formed in defiance of those that would exert the power to favor their own political standing in such a manner, as the POTUS is a servant of the people and their representative, and must stand equal to his fellow American, never above.

What form will the instigating spark take?

It’s unknown just what will be the final stroke that will set the country against itself, or if this will ever happen. But conflict has been a way of life for some throughout the last decades, even the last century or more. In the modern age a Civil War might take a very different form and be far less likely to tear the country into pieces. But it will be no less damaging to America for its lack of bloodshed. What will happen instead is the eventualy disintegration of what was once a very proud and resolute nation.

Again, it might never happen. But in this time there seems a great belief that the conflict might only be awaiting that one key spark that will ignite the conflagration.

FBI Agent Accidentally Discharges Firearm

No one’s perfect, right? You might say that if this FBI Special Agent accidentally discharged his firearm in the field or during a moment of confusion. But after looking at this clip you can’t possibly say that it was anything but a misfire of monumentally foolish proportions. While cutting a rug as the saying goes at a local club FBI Special Agent, whose name is being withheld at the moment, performed a move that might normally be quite impressive. The problem is that this off-duty agent was still packing his firearm in the waistband of his pants. That being said, once he performed the back handspring the gun came flying out of his waistband and hit the floor.

Less than expected.

You can easily see the look of shock on the faces of the onlookers as they watch the pistol come flying out, no doubt thinking that it might go off at any moment. Thankfully it didn’t somehow magically fire into the crowd while in the air, and even hit the ground without firing. But when the agent went to pick it up he seemed to forget the basic rule of handling a gun when you don’t intend to fire it. KEEP YOUR FINGER OFF THE TRIGGER.

Somehow his finger found the trigger and discharged a single round into the crowd, injuring a man nearby. The man was taken to the hospital and is said to be doing alright, but the agent might not be able to say the same soon enough.

Oh yes, the cops were called.

It’s uncertain if anyone in the place knew that this person was FBI until he was forced to reveal his status, but calling the cops after seeing that someone has a gun might be jumping the gun in some states. But when the gun goes off and injures another patron then yes, 911 is going to get a call from a lot of people and seeing as how there were that many witnesses the overlying story will no doubt be that he retrieved his weapon and somehow forgot what young children are taught in hunter’s safety classes before they’re old enough to drive. KEEP YOUR FINGER OFF THE TRIGGER.

An uncertain future.

The Bureau did retrieve their special agent and it’s apparent that his position in the FBI could be in peril unless they find a way to reach a compromise. Of course in this case a highly trained FBI agent fired into a crowd, no matter if it was accidental. The fact that he was carrying a gun in a crowded place such as this is suspect since he was off duty and despite the fact that this is legal for an off duty law enforcement agent, it is his lack of judgment at that crucial moment that seems to be in dispute.

You’re not likely to win an argument about off duty agents being restricted from carrying firearms. But the lack of good judgement on the part of this agent seems to be the bigger issue. As of now the FBI aren’t saying much of anything, but the expectation is that the agent will be facing a stiff reprimand if not more.