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Did He Just Take His Keys?

Road rage is one thing and it’s bad enough when two people go at it, but this seems like something worse. As you watch the clip you should at least feel your eyes widen a bit as the guy that finally walks off reaches into the other guy’s car to grab something before taking off and getting in his own car.

Did he get his keys?

It seems that way. So now the guy didn’t get to finish the fight AND he’s stranded on the road with a bunch of drivers behind that will no doubt be getting severely impatient if they’re not there already. Ever been on the freeway or the highway or just anywhere when someone seems to have forgotten how to move their car forward? Ever seen when you get closer that their car is somehow incapacitated and they simply can’t move? It kind of makes you feel like a jerk for anything you might have said or thought, but in this case you can’t help but feel a little bit sorry for the guy that lost his keys since it just gets worse.

Scrape ’em off.

When the guy goes after the individual that got his keys that person is already starting to pull away and instead of just gunning it and losing the guy they decide to come as close to committing vehicular manslaughter as they can by peeling the pursuer off the car in a collision that sent the guy flying upward and then crashing back to the ground. From the angle and the shot you would have thought that the guy would be down for the count, but he got right back up and started moving around. Of course if the guy really got his keys then he’s going to have to call AAA, unless of course he needs to call a doctor first. That was a pretty nasty shot.

Road rage is satisfying for all of a moment but the ramifications can be huge.

Your blood can boil, you can get frustrated, and being stuck in traffic or having to deal with other drivers can be nerve-wracking at times. Shouting out the window at them is one thing, but the moment it escalates it has the potential to become assault that can lead to criminal charges if someone, anyone, gets your license plate number, description, or anything that can be used to track you down.

Road rage isn’t worth it, think about that before you jump out of the car and act the fool.

Yes, Cowboy Jousting is a Thing

Yes, it has become a thing to engage in Cowboy Jousting, a sport that is just barely that considering that it does involve physical activity and some skill, that offers the competitors yet another way to harm one another in a manner that some might say is kind of foolish. There are plenty of arguments to enter into when considering the danger of this activity versus professional sports however, so let’s shut those down at this moment.

Dangerous sports

Jousting-Yes it’s dangerous as you’re astride a charging horse and carrying a lance that’s meant to break upon or force your opponent off of their horse and onto the ground. It can cause serious trauma and in the old days could even lead to death if an injured rider went untreated. But let’s back that up for a moment by saying that they were WEARING ARMOR. Even those that reenact jousts to this day wear padding and use safety protocols that don’t allow for any truly grievous injury.

Football-One of the most prevalent on the list, this sport is known for its dearth of injuries that can cause long-lasting effects. But once again, the athletes are wearing helmets, pads, and are instructed on how to hit one another so that injury is not as common. Injuries still occur, but more often than not they’re byproducts of an accident, not something that was being done on purpose.

Basketball-The object of the game isn’t to strike or ensnare one’s opponents but to get around them, so injury in this game is the result of an accident more likely than not and won’t be caused by a purposeful act.

I could go on and on about how some sports are so inherently dangerous but Cowboy Jousting would still lose out since it’s inherently dangerous, and here’s why:

Two individuals are running at one another with lassos twirling, each of them trying to pick their spot as they attempt to lasso the other. If they’re lucky, or unlucky, they’ll miss or their lassos will become tied up and there will be no injury to either of them.

But if they manage to hit their target there’s a good chance that the lasso can go around a limb or worse, the neck of their opponent, at which point running past would only increase the tension and the risk of seriously harming the other person. Dislocations, broken bones, and other various trauma could possibly be suffered by this act and quite honestly a rope going around your neck and then being yanked could cause either paralysis or death very easily.

As a trend this ‘sport’ is not something that needs to gain any traction unless it begins to incorporate some serious safety regulations, and even then it would seem like something that should be left on the drawing board for a while until the creators come to their senses.

My Epic 2


My Epic will be for the ages

It will span across centuries and more.

I’ll have it show robots and mages,

And unprecedented tales of war.

It will bring about ends to worlds we don’t know

And wipe out alien lives by the score.

But a hero will rise and will go forth you see

They’ll come from the ashes and ascend.

They’ll be joined by their allies and hounded by their enemy

And bring the tale to a glorious end.

It won’t stop you see it will go on and on to show that although the tale can stop,

It never ends with a bang or a half-hearted plea,

For this mountain of tale there’s no top.

-That’s the greatest epic, one that has no end, no summit, and for which the sky is not the limit, it’s the view.

Hear Me Roar (part VIII)



Yuma, Arizona

November 3rd, 2020

She’d already jumped up and caught the slight ledge that jutted out on all sides of the shaft just a few inches above the panel, hoisting herself up as the change came on again, this time stronger as she could hear the heartbeats of those just beyond the wall. Her nails hardened and her teeth almost drew blood as they sharpened behind her lips, scraping insistently it felt as though ready to cause major trauma to her aggressors. If that had been necessary though she would have already considered herself a dead woman.

As it was she waited for that perfect moment, when the panel opened, exposing the shaft to the dim light in the room beyond again. Just as the first individual was poking their head through the opening she dropped like a stone, not bothering to grab as she pushed instead, using the weight and momentum of her body as she cupped the back of the individual’s head with both hands as she guided their face to the lip of the opening. The resulting crack made her heart skip a beat as she saw just a flash of the other person in the room, her face fraught with disbelief as Alexis sped out of sight, down the shaft, leaving only the broken and bloodied form of the other assailant behind her.

“Man down!” the woman shouted into her mic, “Man down! She’s headed down a shaft! Check the basement! Check the basement!”

“What basement?!” Alexis heard this through the wall just barely as she rocketed past, her fall finally taking her to the aforementioned basement, which was in the original plans that her father had designed for this house but had never filed with the county. For all intents and purposes this space didn’t exist, though she knew it was here, as had her family. If they found the secret passage down, which they might, it would still be too late. Her plan was going more or less to her liking, which meant that she was about to quite literally blow the roof off.

Gunfire chattered all around her as the woman from upstairs unloaded her weapon into the shaft, but Alexis was already rolling away from the opening, having landed on tumbling pad that her father had put in place not long after he’d figured that she and her brother would likely use their knowledge of the passage for their own pleasure. It had after all been too good for two wily kids to avoid.

Thoughts of her brother and her family helped to steel her nerves as Alexis hefted her bag and made for the one place in this entire basement that would be perfect for her plan to work. The single fireplace that her father installed down here connected to the fireplace upstairs and the chimney that jutted from the roof. Friends of the family had always stated that it had seemed like an outdated expense that wasn’t really feasible in the era of modern heating, but her father was a bit eccentric and old school in his ways sometimes.

Right now she couldn’t help but be grateful.

(to be continued)

The Painted Actress (part VIII)



Moda Center

Portland, OR

July 23rd, 2020

Kaitlin Jade cracked her neck lightly from one side to the other as she stood backstage, waiting for the current band to wrap up their set. She’d dispelled the latest case of nerves as nothing more than the same jitters she’d always gotten before stepping in front of so many people. It had happened early on in her film career as Jaymie Bluevine and it had happened now as Kaitlin Jade. At this point in her life it was something she was quite used to, but she knew that people were at least trying to make the connection between her and the previous life she’d left behind. Without any family aside from Nico and his wife and kids though, who had been extremely supportive, there was really no one that could make the legal connection since she and Nico had covered her tracks far too well.

“You look about as nervous as you were the first time you went on stage,” said her agent and best friend, standing off to her right. Nico had hardly any other clients at this time, in fact he didn’t really need much more than her since Kaitlin Jade was a household name at this point, which was phenomenal since she was less than a year into her meteoric rise from nowhere.

“I’m following Evanescence,” she said plainly, “Of course I’m nervous.”

“Amy’s going to be onstage with you,” Nico said, “That should help.”

Amy was the lead singer of the band currently onstage, belting out hauntingly powerful chords and engaging the entire crowd as they sang along with her. Kaitlin knew very well that they would do the same with her since her song “Painted Actress” had been thoroughly embraced since it’s release only two months prior and was especially loved since it had to do with the life that she’d left behind, the life that belonged to someone else as far as anyone was concerned.

The media and several comedians had gone out of their way to try to make the connections, but barring a DNA test, which would be nearly impossible to obtain without a court order, no one was going to discover just who she was. After all, Jaymie Bluevine had been a very private person despite being loved by so many. And despite not altering her appearance she’d always possessed the kind of features that were easily mistaken for other people, so it was a thing of ease to pass herself off as someone else. She’d once walked into a Starbucks sans makeup with a ballcap and her street clothes on and no one had known who she was, despite the fact that she’d been one of the hottest stars of the decade.

Sometimes it was good to go unnoticed, your mobility increased almost exponentially.

As the band wrapped up their final song Nico nudged her slightly, pointing out to the stage where Amy Lee, dark hair flying as she whipped her head to the side, beckoned for Kaitlin to come out. Sighing to herself with a smile she didn’t even fight as Nico mimed pushing her forward, a big smile on his face as well.

It was time to shine again.

(to be continued)

Spread the Madness


Said Order to Chaos, “We must contain the flow, this world is not enough to stem the conflict we’ve let grow.”

Chaos grins and picks its teeth, using a piece of wood to scrape them clean, “You failed to keep to your borders is what you mean.”

“No!” cried Order, “Never that, it isn’t true! I maintained everything I needed, including you!”

Chaos laughed and crunched the wood between sharp, flat, and misshapen teeth, “Ha! My boundaries go where I please, I know no bounds, it’s your influence that has leaked!”

Order shook its head, denied, and glared in turn. Would that its fiery stare was enough to make Chaos burn!

“I seek to remedy this,” Order growled through clenched and grinding jaw, “Your touch has grown too far, you have circumvented the law!”

“What law?” laughed Chaos, “Yours or mine? I did as nature bound me to, my laws are just as divine.”


“Cease, desist, and stop this now I demand,” Order shouted, but Chaos just scoffed at the reprimand.

“You can’t control me, nor I you,” Chaos said with a wicked grin, “Yet every action we take, every move that is made, there will always be us two. I am the madness you see, spreading to and fro, and wherever my insanity is, you are sure to go.”

Order squared its shoulders, rising tall, and stared down its forever-mate, for it knew  the Choas it would forever love, and still forever hate.

-another flight of whimsy by Tom Foster.

Why Is Any Writer Important?


We can dial it back a bit even though writing does in fact have something to do with just about everything within society. It’s better to be humble and remind those that think of writing as ‘just putting down words’ that it’s not for everyone. Sure, you can learn how to write, you can get pretty good at it too. But calling it a useless skill is kind of like saying that you don’t need any coordination to walk down the street.

Writing is a great skill to have and one that everyone needs to some extent since it’s something you’ll probably be doing each and every day at some point. Even if you don’t, you’ll be doing it at some point and the skill will be nice to have. Now if you’re one of the many that don’t see writing as a big deal then perhaps you’d like to take the chance to dial it back and take a really good look at just what it is that writers do for society. From simple articles to TV shows to movies to the news to those stirring speeches that our current POTUS gives (just imagine the sarcasm) writers are responsible for giving voice to a wide array of ideas that are meant to be conveyed to the populace in an effort to get a point across.

Try and name a few things that can be done completely without writing. No challenge, just think of it. Chances are you’ll come up with a few things, but not too many.

One way or another, writing is one of the building foundations of human history.


It doesn’t matter if it’s through pictographs or some obscure language we can’t understand, it all equates to writing. After spoken history came written history, and it wasn’t much of a jump. Human beings have been writing for centuries now, jotting down one thing after another that they think is important and in many cases truly is. To call writing, or writers by extension, useless and pointless is kind of an odd thing to do since the obvious truth is that WRITERS CONTROL OUR HISTORY.

Don’t think so? Take any historical text and just pore through it. How much of it do you believe? Writers control the flow of history through their words, and are far more influential than people would ever seem to think. But thankfully we’re a great deal more humble on a regular basis as well. Great men and women might speak the words, but it’s the writers that allow them to be remembered.

Think about that for a while, it might open up such interesting avenues of thought.

Hear Me Roar (part VII)



Yuma, Arizona

November 3rd, 2020

There was plenty about this house that she knew about that she was betting they didn’t, but her timing would have to be just right. She had to carry her bag with her too, since what she was planning and what she figured that that they might do didn’t seem to indicate that the house would be surviving their best efforts. She certainly wasn’t going to hold back now that her family was gone, there was no need with this bunch. They were here to detain or kill her, so it was only right that she return the favor as best she could.

The calm, detached way she’d gone about killing the man by the pond and then the man in her home didn’t unnerve her in the least bit, but she felt as though it should have. As she made her way down the hall, turning right this time instead of left, she could only think that survival was a funny thing, it made a human being shut down certain portions of their brain and focus only on what came next as it pertained to staying alive. That was how she was rationalizing it anyway. She didn’t want to think that she’d become a stone cold killer overnight.

She heard the front door being kicked open as wood splintered and glass broke, scattering over the tiled foyer and no doubt skittering as far as the living room carpet off to the left. Her mother would have been furious had she seen such a thing. That thought almost made her giggle, but she held it in.

“Man down!” she heard someone call out, “You two up the stairs, the rest of you cover the first floor. There’s got to be a basement here somewhere, start checking for hidden doorways and keep your eyes peeled.”

It was time to move. Padding the rest of the way down the hall she remained as silent as she could, listening intently as she heard two sets of footsteps pound up the stairway. They stopped when they reached the body and she could hear them talking.

“Damn man, she ripped his balls off,” the first speaker said in a low voice, “What the hell are we after?”

“Zip it up,” the second speaker said, “Take the left side I’ll take the right,”. That meant they were going to be on her at any moment. This prompted Alexis to make her way into the master bedroom with all haste, still being quiet as she could as her sneakers barely shushed against the carpet. She still heard her pursuers stop as one of them spoke.

“You hear that?”

“No, what?”

“It sounded like someone moving.”

Alexis got up on the balls of her feet as she slipped over to the far side of the room, finding the panel set into the wall by her parents’ shared armoire as she pressed the button that would allow the fake section to slide away. She had a new idea at that moment as she kept listening for the people down the hallway, pressing the button again as she clambered into the shaft beyond. The panel slid shut with an audible snapping sound, and she could just barely hear the people in the hall as they began to move in her direction.

“Got her!” one of them called out.

(to be continued)

The Painted Actress (part VII)



Seaside, OR

February 27th, 2020

“And no one knows where she came from?”

“Nope,” Nico said, shaking his head, “No one. She just showed up in Seaside one day and asked if she could start singing. That was earlier this month, and already people have been lined up trying to sign her.”

“And how did you luck out?” There was a bit of skepticism in the other man’s voice, but Nico had expected that, and was very easy to stick to the story.

So he shrugged and replied, “I was made aware of her when she started singing. I scouted her as much as the next guy. She had her pick and for some reason she chose me.”

“Has she said why?”

“Well, she’s spent the last week talking to a bunch of us from all over the west coast, those that were able to bother coming this far. I guess I made the best pitch.”

“And since signing with you she hasn’t said where she was from,” the man said with clear disbelief, “I find that hard to believe and a little shady for my liking.”

“She said she’s from around the northwest, but I didn’t press. I figure she’ll tell me when she wants to. Until then I’m feeling pretty lucky that anyone wants to sign with me again.”

“Yeah,” the man scoffed, “It’s not every agent that loses a client without being fired.”

“Okay,” Nico said, waving his hands in the air as he detached the mike from the front of his shirt, “I told you once and even twice what I would and wouldn’t put up with, and you just crossed the line again. This is done.”

The other man sputtered and tried to get Nico to calm down and take a seat, but Nico wasn’t having it. It was bad enough he’d agreed to go along with this plan and he knew it shouldn’t get under his skin this much, but it did anyway.

“Hey c’mon man I didn’t mean it,” the DJ said, trying to calm the situation down. Nico was already on his way towards the door however, not even looking back, “Hey man we’ve still got another twenty minutes!”

“Then do what you do best and blow some more hot air at the listeners,” Nico called back, shutting the door behind him as he kept going. He didn’t stop until he was outside of the radio station, KSWB Gold, and headed up the street towards the spot where he told his ‘client’ that he would meet her. Once he got there, it wasn’t far, he was already smiling as he saw Jaymie, or rather Kaitlin, leaning against a lamppost and strumming the guitar in her hands as she turned around.

“How’d it go?” she asked as he came to stand next to her.

“Like clockwork,” he said with a grin, looking around. It didn’t take much to see the few reporters that were salted around the town, cameras busily snapping photos of empty streets and flowerbeds that wouldn’t be in full bloom for another couple months at least. The press was having a field day with his new client and the headlines had just now started creeping in about this woman with the golden voice that had appeared out of who-knew-where.  “Ready for the next step?” he asked.

It was her turn to grin as she strummed another chord.

(to be continued)

The First Step

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Whatever you do in life, the first step is always the hardest way to go, the most difficult of any step to take, and it will take the most effort to accomplish. Why? Because that first step will set you down a path that you might not understand, and you certainly can’t predict. No matter how much you plan, how much you prepare, that first step is going to take you in a direction that you may or may not be ready for, and it will broaden your horizons in a way that you never expected.

It just takes that first step to be off and moving towards a life that you might want, or at the very least, an experience that will help you to grow in one way or another.

Fear will happen, and it’s quite natural.

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There’s nothing wrong with being afraid of something new. There’s no point in trying to not be afraid of a new experience in life. But it’s important that the fear not be allowed to rule your decision to take that first step towards something that could help define the direction you’ll take from that moment forward.

Fear is nothing new, but it’s a cloak waiting to be shed so that you can feel the winds of change as they welcome you into their embrace.