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Did We Miss Something?

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Now obviously this isn’t how all liberals think, but the idea that racial minorities are oppressed gets blown out of the water when you see so many individuals that belong to minorities doing whatever they want and succeeding in life. Oppression must not be a very efficient system……thank goodness.


A Head-Shaking Experience

It’s not hard to think that someone is being taken out of context and to give them the benefit of doubt, but after having listened to her compare those trying to enter the country illegally with Holocaust victims…..AOC…..just no.

Survival of the Fittest

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Some of you will do fine, some are well on their way to taking on life in the best way possible. But those of you that thought high school was hard…..hahahahahahahaha….sorry, had to get that out. Welcome to real life kids. There’s high hopes for everyone, but realistically plan for the worst no matter if you know how to obtain the best.

Isn’t It Ironic….

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Sometimes you wish the cops could remember folks that call them fascists and shrug their shoulders when they need help, but then they wouldn’t be doing their job, which is to protect everyone, even the people that take them for granted.

Being “Tough” On Social Media…..

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It’s about the same as being sensible, well-informed, or capable of making a rational argument. It’s possible, there’s no doubt of that, but it’s rare since every person thinks they have a valid idea of what’s going on. The rest of us are there to laugh at people and toss our two cents in from time to time without claiming to be experts. On a site that thrives on opinion it’s a cheap form of entertainment to be honest.

For Everything Else….

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Feeling oppressed when you live in a free country? Feeling that everyone who isn’t like you is against you? Do you sometimes feel like you deserve something you didn’t earn on your own merit? Well now there’s the Platinum Victim card that can meet all your needs. Just whip it out whenever you feel that someone is oppressing your rights by disagreeing with you and BAM, instant victimization privileges are yours to call upon…..

Seriously, quite a few people seem to be carrying this card these days.

News Flash: The WORLD Isn’t PC

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These days people walk on eggshells in order to avoid hurting the feelings of others. Dare to be one of those that breaks those eggshells, because quite honestly life it is too short to worry about offending everyone. Be a decent person to others, respect others, but take no shit from those that think they’re entitled to your respect because of their ‘feelings’. You want to get along in this world, you want respect from others? Earn it, prove that you’re worth that kind of regard.

If all you can do is whine and cry about how the world isn’t handing you everything you want, then you don’t deserve it.