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It’s the Land of the Free, Until You Disagree…Apparently

Mind your own business and Stay out of mine, if you don't want me ...
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If you don't think like I do, you're an intolerant bigot. It's a ...
Hilarious Meme Hits Liberals Where It Really HURTS

Obviously it’s not everyone, but those that preach tolerance but don’t practice it are hard to miss….


Just A Reminder

For all you "pro-cop-killers" | Police quotes, Police wife life ...
Police Memes

For all those people that want to hamper the cops and make their lives harder, think about what happens if you need them and they’re not there. It’s a lesson many hope you’ll never need to learn.

Kind of An Easy Target, But Oh Well

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But, what about ‘walls are racist?’, oh you silly double standards…
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This is like inmates wanting to watch Cops….
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When no-planning adolescents run wild….
The best democrats memes :) Memedroid
Yeah, the more you wallow in your own uneducated stink, the less you can breathe….
Pictures and Tweets From Day Two of the Capital Hill Autonomous ...
That’s like asking for more drunks swinging full gas cans around a dumpster fire, isn’t it?

It’s said that ignorance is bliss, so the CHOP must be filled with the most blissful people in the world right now.

It’s Been Done (part IV)

Looking through the lens of history: 1960s versus today

Humans love to think they have such a solid grip on the world as it is. They swallow down anything that’s given to them without thinking for themselves that often, and to be realistic it’s in their conditioning. The force that created them, not the God that so many bend their knee to and not the gods that many of them worship, doesn’t really care, as it sends representatives into the world after each final rotation to walk the land and create yet another creation myth here and there, another way for humans to learn about their world, in a manner of speaking, and to think that they have it all figured out again. In other words, this universal force, if that’s what people want to see it as, toys with humans as a type of experiment, seeing how far it can push them until they break, almost as if on schedule.

I have met the gods, and the God, more than once, since my kind, we call ourselves travelers, are only a few steps removed from said force, which is why we remember almost everything. The ‘gods’ are just as convinced that they’re infallible, that they know exactly what’s going on, and that their will is absolute, but they’re pawns as well. No one wants to come to this realization. Can you blame them? Given the choice, most people will free will, or what passes as free, wouldn’t want to serve another that they didn’t care for. There is a spark to humanity that is of interest to me, and to my fellow travelers, but it’s one that comes and goes like a summer breeze, there one moment and undone the next. But there’s a spark all the same. The only problem is that this spark, durable as it is, has a hard time flourishing under the torrent of uncertainty and hatred that humans have for one another at times.

I told you that the dark-skinned folks ruled for a while, and their rule ended. After the Final Rotation the lighter-skinned individuals took over, rising to power and treating the dark skins with the same type of brutality that their predecessors had experienced. I do wonder if anyone thought this was revenge, or if they figured that it was simply divine right that caused them to raise their hands to their former neighbors and friends? It’s hard to tell really, especially since after the Final Rotation the peace appeared to last for a while until the hostilities began. But the white-skinned people came to power, trampling over everyone and everything in sight until their own kingdoms were undone by sickness, disease, and infighting among the lot of them. Power and money undid the white skins in a big way, making them a bit more pitiful than the dark skins, especially given that there was very little unity as every single king wanted their own land, their own country, and wanted all others to bow down to them.

Wars were started over virtually nothing, crusades were taken against enemies that should have been allies, and brother killed brother while sisters were forced into servitude and a place of lesser influence unless they could find their footing and take what they wanted. It was a mess then, just as it is now. But the white skins fell because they could not unite, while those that came to power after them had their own difficulties in holding power.

So far, no one has managed to get it right.

(to be continued)

It’s Been Done (part III)

Looking through the lens of history: 1960s versus today

What I remember of the dark-skinned folk was that they eventually came to rule most of the globe, that which wasn’t covered by water. Somehow in all this they came to believe that they were “God’s Chosen People” since they were given a divine mandate to rule by any means necessary. It’s true that they were were stronger, they were quicker, and they exhibited much more ferocity than any other race, but it’s also true that their superiority complex was so great that they thought nothing could topple them. Eventually within any system however there are a few things that will bring about the end. Instability, arrogance, or ignorance are three of the biggest killers I’ve ever seen, and this race exhibited all three when it came to their enemies.

They were defeated shortly before the Final Rotation, their leader beaten and bloodied as I remember, and their forces broken by the very races they’d attempted to annihilate. People these days like to say that only a dominant race can be racist, well, they might not want to hear it, but every race has been dominant throughout the time of humanity, they just haven’t been able to keep it. The dark-skinned folk were toppled from within by those of their own race that believed them to be in the wrong, while they were aided from without by the many other races that banded together to undo them. You see, when any one race becomes too powerful, it tends to unite the others in a bid to take down the main aggressor, the shared enemy. But once the enemy is down and out, the struggles and old wounds open again, and humanity is lost once more.

There have been times of relative peace, but they tend to come long after the Final Rotation, when those that are left behind feel the need to regain whatever humanity they lost by finally treating each other with respect. They’ll tend to forget what drove them apart for a while as they seek to rebuild and renew their history, building atop the bones of those that have come before. You might ask why historian have never seen evidence of this, why they’ve never found anything of past ancient civilizations that suggest anything like this has ever happened. That’s another simple point to highlight: the world envelops the trappings of mankind and reverts them back to the primordial forms they once held, creating a fresh start for each new civilization, a blank slate as it were. Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? Many would say that something should be left, some evidence that would prove that civilizations have risen and fallen long before anything that the current day historians speak of.

Who in the world do you think wipes the books, so to speak? Who do you think begins the story anew, trying to teach the people how to live, how to act, and what the history of humanity is all about? If there’s one lesson you take from this story, let it be this:

If you control the narrative, you control the masses.

(to be continued)

It’s Been Done (part II)

Looking through the lens of history: 1960s versus today

Where do I begin with humans? Going back too far would be kind of pointless since they came from very simple organisms, just like anything and everything. People don’t like to hear that they came from sentient goop, it gives them this idea that instead of ‘from dust thou art’ is being challenged somehow, that someone is telling them something along the lines of ‘from shit thou art’ or something. Oh, if only they knew.

I’ll go back to the point I remember, between two different epochs, which for the layman is around 3 million years, when the rule of humanity was ending as the Final Rotation came to pass. At that time those in charge were dark of skin and extremely cruel, as aggression and dominance were the order of the day. Anyone that stood up to them were swiftly knocked down, their homes destroyed, their people slaughtered, and entire villages razed for the act of one individual. Sounds kind of familiar, doesn’t it? Thankfully for the human race things have quieted a down as they’ve found that wonderful illusion known as ‘morality’, even if it’s an imperfect tool, just like anything else they’ve used throughout the years.

I haven’t been around for each and every epoch, but I’ve been around long enough to see everyone take their turn at the top more than once. The dark-skinned races, black people as they call them now, which is ridiculous to me since their skin is a dark brown at best, have been violent, they’ve been peaceful, and they’ve been enlightened at one point, though that passed on by and allowed them to turn violent and then pacifistic yet again. The funny thing is, every race has taken a turn at being tyrants and at being benevolent leaders that did their best to stem the tides of hatred that seem to flow so easily in the veins of humanity. But they’ve all failed in the end since as it’s been shown, humanity’s biggest drive is to end at some point, sometimes before the Final Rotation comes along.

I do recall the most ancient of the dark-skinned folks, whose name I’m drawing a blank on at the moment. The Final Rotation messes with the memory of my people as well, though not nearly as effectively as it does that of human beings. But the first dark-skinned folks I recall were quite aggressive and believed that they were superior in all ways to their lighter-skinned brethren, and were set upon proving this with violence that only increased throughout their reign. They became an advanced nation, a strong nation, and one that nearly covered the globe, such as it was at that time. But then things changed of course, and the Final Rotation wiped all that away.

The Final Rotation is an odd occurrence, since by the time this world finally stops spinning, everything has stopped. Societies have nearly collapsed, millions upon millions are usually dead, and only a handful of individuals are still alive at best, and I mean handfuls, barely a hundred or more. But oddly enough, there are representatives of every possible color, race, religion, and so on and so forth.

There is a plan obviously, but I’ve never been made privy to it. My job is to watch and protect, when needed.

(to be continued)

Idiocracy At Work

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It’s like a bunch of kids with a plan drawn out in crayons, only with guns…..
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Of course not, that would require real effort that’s not being done by someone else.
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Is the irony even penetrating the SJW barrier?
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CHAZ, or CHOP, you’re drunk….go home….

It’s Been Done (part I)

Looking through the lens of history: 1960s versus today

History is written by the victor, and victory determines the narrative.

Nobody wants to remember a time that was different than what they know. They say they do, but they really don’t. Currently those in ‘power’ are coming close to losing it, largely because the most recent grab was muddled somehow by some dunderhead that couldn’t remember that simple line, that the victor determines how history went. For one reason or another, the victors this time around, call them immoral, call them evil, or whatever you want, forgot to finish the job. The others didn’t when it was their turn to rule, they took over and pretty much wiped out the opposition. That sounds like genocide to some, maniacal mass murder to a lot of people but a solution that some folks have found to be both satisfying and cathartic in its own way since it meant that there was peace for a while, even if it had to be enforced.

Maybe that’s where things tend to go wrong, when humans are allowed to sit at the top of a power structure for a while. It doesn’t matter what race or color of human sits at the head of the table, they all get greedy one way or another, and they all end up facing opposition due to the practices they preach but rarely follow. One thing that everyone in this day and age gets right is that there is a system in place that’s been there for a very long time, longer than even the historians could understand. But it’s not a system that needs racism to work. In fact I kind of laugh when people fight over such petty things and treat each other like crap based on their skin color. It’s pettiness of the highest order really, and all it does is divide a species that would be better off staying unified. But maybe that’s the biggest joke of all: they’ve never been meant to unify.

Humans have been problematic since the day they finally evolved from primates into what they are now. They’ve fought for the strangest of reasons, though shelter and resources is worthwhile enough to be fair since every organism needs both to survive. But they fight for ideals, for beliefs, and for thoughts. Even one such as myself finds that a little silly since survival is the most important thing, and everything else comes second. But humans, wow, they fight over trivial matters that should unite them instead of tearing them apart. As I said though, humans obviously weren’t meant to come together in harmony, as they’re born in disharmony and unless they find that path towards personal balance and enlightenment they tend to stay on that self-destructive course until they’re old and gray and just can’t go any longer. They’re an odd species, they don’t always seek a balance point with their surroundings, and they definitely don’t tend to get along when they find out that they’re different from their neighbors in many ways.

But the worst thing about them is that as much as they enjoy their history and take pride in this or that culture, their memory is for shit. Anything they’ve written down, drawn, sculpted, or left behind is eventually reclaimed by the earth upon what a lot of us call the Final Rotation, that last moment when the earth slows to a grinding halt and the shift between one epoch and another begins. They don’t notice it, they don’t know about it, and they certainly don’t remember what came before them. You’d be amazed to know what I’ve seen, and who’s been on top in various scenarios. Of course these days if one even mentioned something like this they’d be called racist or bigoted since, well, y’know, people are short-sighted and, well, kinda dumb.

The thing is though, black people have been the oppressors in the past, as have Asian folks, and Hispanic folks. At one point every race has been subjugated, but people don’t remember since the Final Rotation takes it all away.

Maybe I should go into further detail….

(to be continued)

It Gets Worse (part X)

List of destroyed libraries - Wikipedia

He was subjected to silence twice more before a shaft of light opened behind him, bathing the room in a sudden flood of brilliance that made Malcolm close his eyes to avoid being blinded.

“He was telling the truth I guess,” said a voice he didn’t recognize.

“I told you he was.”

That voice he recognized, and anger flared in him for a moment as he slowly opened his eyes, seeing the one-way mirror several paces in front of him as he’d expected. The interrogation rooms in this place were ominous and easy to black out since they were sealed tight and didn’t allow a single mote of light to penetrate once they were closed off. He’d been on the other side of the glass a few times, and had wondered what being on this side would be like.

Malcolm almost gasped aloud as he felt a gentle pair of hands alight upon his forearms while another another pair worked at the metal cuffs that had at one point replaced the ropes that had bound him.

“Relax Malcolm,” Samantha said, “You’re cleared, we can go back to work when you’ve rested.”

As she spoke Samantha walked around to face him, her features soft once again as she knelt down in front of him. “I am sorry that I had to act that way, but we had to know.”

“Is Malcolm X really dead?” he asked, not caring to hear how it was all business at this point. He knew it was, that was what the agency was all about after all, but it was human nature to feel hurt and betrayed after being singled out this way. He did what he could to push those feelings down, as they weren’t useful at the moment.

“Yes,” Samantha said with a nod, “But he and King both lived to a ripe old age and passed on only a few years ago. Both men were virtually forgotten by history, and what remains is a country that’s still divided, and on the brink of another civil war.”

“So we didn’t do any good?”

Samantha lowered her gaze before looking back to him, “We’re going back further this next time.”

“The slave trade?”

She merely nodded.

“Then what are we waiting for?”

Samantha’s smile was answer enough, but at that moment Malcolm couldn’t help but think of the warning they’d been given. What the hell though, how much worse could it get?

The End

It Gets Worse (part IX)

List of destroyed libraries - Wikipedia

“Do you know where you are?”

Malcolm smacked his lips a couple of times as the voice echoed in his ears, a sure sign that he’d been out for a while and was coming to. It was hard to focus on much of anything other than the voice, his head still hurt and his broken nose was like fiery brand in the middle of his face.

“In hell?”

A chuckle had him leaning forward, which was a bad idea. He was sitting up at least, but that only made the pain a little worse as the aching, burning throb between his eyes slowly but surely became a live firebrand as he groaned in pain.

“Hurts doesn’t it?” asked the voice, “We’re gonna have to set that before you go back, otherwise people might ask questions.”

Malcolm blinked, or tried to. His eyes were watering so badly that it was all he could do to open them for even a second. He could feel his hands bound behind him now, and his legs were stiff from having sat for too long he supposed. How long had he been out?

“So when did you join the other side Malcolm?”

“What,” he muttered, “What the hell are you talkin’ about? What other side?”

“Don’t play cute with me,” said the voice. Malcolm couldn’t see anything he realized as he finally opened his eyes to the darkness around him. They had him in a dark room, something he’d seen done during interrogation to break people. It worked sometimes, but it wasn’t going to this time. He wasn’t some weak-kneed punk afraid of the shadows.

“I don’t know, what you’re talking about,” he said hissing at the pain in his nose.

“Thanks to you the Nation of Islam gained a stronger foothold in 60s after Martin Luther King Jr. decided that peaceful protests weren’t going to cut it. Somehow, some way, Elijah Mohammed convinced King that his way was the only way, and the race riots began the year after Malcolm’s demise. Tell me how that happened, and what part you played in it, apart from letting Malcolm get killed.”

“Are you sure it was me?” Malcolm asked, feeling a chuckle coming on. He kept it down, but damn it was hard. It was a reaction to the confusion, and it had either been anger or amusement that was going to bubble up since he didn’t do fear or anxiety.

“What do you mean?”

“I know what I saw, and I know who I shot,” he said in a tired voice, “But whose story did you take first?”

There was silence for a long spell, though when the voice came back things didn’t sound any more hopeful than before.

“You’re clever,” the voice said, “I’ll give you that much.”

(to be concluded)