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Are They Still Around? Or Have They All Been Grounded?

Antifa MEME by diolaneiuma2156 on DeviantArt
Right Wing Memes To Piss Off ANTIFA Teens - Gallery
And yet, you're still terrified of them : TheRightCantMeme

I mean really, there’s so much more I could say, but these memes kind of say it all. If you’re part of Antifa you’re not a solution, you’re just a symptom of the bigger problem…and if you wear a mask and feel brave when mobbing an individual, then you are a weak link in society.

One Fight in the War (Lenore Legacy 6)

Fighting Your Demons. Becoming a spiritual warrior | by K. Mercurio |  Mental Health and Addictions Community | Medium

Luxor Casino

Las Vegas, NV

            She could feel it, that moment before the storm, the electric feeling that came from the innate knowledge that things were about to change. But she felt uncertainty as well, and she didn’t care for it. Lenore had no concern for those around her, nor did she particularly care that what she would be committing in the next few moments would be considered as one of the strangest mass murders in the history of humanity. That part she was looking forward to, and to be certain she was feeling anxious and a bit moist at the thought.

            It had nothing to do with facing her mother, that was something she’d been hoping to do for a while now. But with the half-breed angel with her, that wasn’t something she was willing to take on by herself, no matter how many powerful demons she had coursing through her veins at the moment. Plus, her mother had obviously sucked up something far stronger than any demon. She had felt it, and seen it from the way the old woman had been walking and talking in an animated fashion that she’d not seen from Gladys in a long time. For a while, her mother had attempted to give up her abilities as a vessel, only to be reminded that if they didn’t seek out the power, it would seek them out eventually.

            Demons could sense them, angels avoided them, because the former wanted a safe space to huddle in and control, while the latter realized the danger therein, the temptation to use a human form for their own desires. Angels were great protectors and guardians, but when it came to doing the dirty things that might help them win the war that had been ongoing between their faction and the evils of the world, a lot of them were ethical, weak-kneed pussies.

            Vessels such as herself were the unfortunate humans that were allowed to become pawns of either side, an excuse to keep things going, since if legends and myths were correct, the big boss could snap His, or Hers, it didn’t matter, metaphysical fingers and just scrap the whole experiment and build it back up again. She couldn’t help but wonder what that would be like, but it was likely that no one would even know what had happened. It would probably be like that stupid comic book movie that people had been raving about for the past couple of years, no one would know unless there were people left behind to tell the story.

            She didn’t give a shit either way. As far as she was concerned the big boss had made her and her mother, and many others this way for one reason and one reason only; the almighty had a sick fucking sense of humor. Lenore had thought this way her entire life, even after trying to think of God as “mysterious”. It was bullshit. If good things happened, then it was because God willed it, if bad things happened, people though they needed to repent, or that it was God’s will. If they couldn’t explain something it was chalked up to “we can’t know His will”. It was mythological bullshit, no different than the Greeks, the Romans, or any other belief system that had come and gone over the years. Christianity just had a better PR department was all.

            There was a reason why it was one of the most practiced religions in the world after all, but there were plenty of reasons why it was also one of the most reviled by some. If anyone ever actually admitted to reading the overblown novel that was known as the Holy Bible, they would be able to admit for all His love and grace, God was one mean old bastard as well since He had sacked cities, demanded sacrifice, and also perpetrated many other things within the reach of human history, most of which were chalked up to his creations being bad boys and girls that needed to be taught a lesson. It was such hypocritical bullshit that she’d stopped reading after a couple of hundred pages into the thing, thinking that the fact that people allowed themselves to be brainwashed into this shit was amazing.

            The world around them was resplendent with pleasures and sights that were amazing to behold, and humans just had to affix some greater meaning to it. They just had to ruin the wonder and mystery of it by crediting some great, mystical force with giving them a world that they were meant to enjoy. It was hard to argue against the existence of God, but to follow blindly along, sticking her nose up the nearest Christian ass as they formed a chain all the way up to the gates of heaven, just wasn’t her style. She was fine being down here on the ground, in the thick of it, where shit was dangerous and difficult, but it was still far more real than the bullshit utopia that people wanted so many to believe in.

            “Excuse me miss, but ah, heh, you’re not supposed to be up here.”

            Turning from the pyramidal structure she’d been leaning against while overlooking the Oasis Pool, Lenore smiled faintly as she took a good look at the younger man that now approached her. He was handsome, there was no doubt of that, and despite being a bit hefty he was in decent shape too. Rolling her hips just a bit she could see something else, a telltale glow behind his eyes that spoke of the creature currently riding him, which was no doubt taking this time to rake the young mans eyes up and down her trim form, perhaps even wondering what she might taste like.

            “Oh?” she asked, pouting just a bit, “I thought this was the VIP section.”

            Her charms might not have worked, especially with such an obviously cheesy line, but the younger man grinned again, his tan, smooth skin not wrinkling in the least as he ran one hand through his closely-cropped brown hair, showing the bulge of a bicep as he did. The khaki shorts and white polo he wore didn’t flatter his figure at all, but she could see a few bulges that she couldn’t help but feel were at least a little exciting.

            “Yeah,” he said, no doubt under the control of the demon that rode within him, “The very intimidating penis section. You wanna go?”

            It took everything she had not to grimace at the line. His was even worse than hers had been.

                                                            *                      *                      *

The Strip

Las Vegas, NV

            Moving from one body to another was easy, but picking those that were on their own, without kids, or spouses, or anyone else that expected them to act differently, was the trick. Spouses and kids tended to act questions and make a scene if their loved ones started acting strangely, and it was to remain as undetectable as possible. Plus, angels didn’t care for his practice of inhabiting children, and had rousted him more than once in very painful ways.

            Man to woman, woman to man, man to man, man to, ye gods to man in a tight-fitting gown and makeup thicker than pancake batter. Azazel exited the drag queen quickly with a sigh of disgust. Even for someone such as him, some individuals were truly distasteful to experience since their delusions were sometimes too much to take. Those that worked against their own nature and even their own biology weren’t necessarily disgusting simply because of what they did and believed, but those that pretended to be one thing while still clinging to a core identity they were ashamed of disgusted him. It was ironic really, but he pushed it aside as he entered another body, this one thankfully alone as he settled for a moment, feeling the human fighting him for just a moment before pushing her consciousness down without fail.

            Not all humans were so weak. He’d been expelled by a few people in his time, but it was rare, and it wasn’t something he was accustomed to. Azazel needed secure spot to work from however as he gave her the equivalent of a bitch-slap, which worked thankfully as her consciousness faded off for the time being, no doubt hurt, scared, and completely unaware of what was going on. He felt almost disappointed in a way since he’d been expecting to come across the vessel by accident. Of course, in a city like Las Vegas that was next to impossible, but it was still a nice thought since he didn’t enjoy doing anything for Gabriel. The half-breed was such a pain in the ass that he’d rather have another go in the body of the drag queen he’d passed up just to have something else to focus on.

            Getting out of the common foot traffic was the first thing he needed to do after taking control, since people weren’t exactly going to notice one of their own standing in the middle of the sidewalk, but he didn’t need this body being jostled continuously as he executed the next part of his plan. Controlling the body was easy as Azazel made his way towards a quiet spot next to a parking lot that was barely in use as only a smattering of cars could be seen across its wide expanse. Azazel smirked as he shook the body’s head in response to the dark, glassed-over pyramid structure of the Luxor, wondering just who had come up with that idea. Humans never ceased to amaze him sometimes.

            Finding a spot where no one else was at the moment, Azazel stretched out with his other senses, tools that every demon and angel were inherently created with. Had he been looking for an angel or a demon he would have already been overwhelmed since there were too many of both in this damned city. But vessels were different, they put off an energy signature all their own that nearly every angel or demon could sense, as it was why demons would go rushing towards vessels and why angels would avoid them. The downside of Gabriel being a half-breed meant that he didn’t have this sense, as his human mother’s own hereditary traits had canceled this aspect of his divine self out. It was one of the many things that Azazel loved to remind Gabe of, especially since it pissed him off to no end. But as his senses stretched out Azazel gasped as he sensed something that he hadn’t expected.

            “Well, close enough,” he said in the voice of the woman he was using, looking back to the Luxor, and wondering just where the vessel might be.

            “Let’s go hunting,” he said, moving forward, deciding that it would be better to find her first, and maybe see just how strong she really was.

                                                            *                      *                      *

Treasure Island Casino

            “I at least want another drink if we’re going to be sitting here for a while.”

            “I don’t need you drunk,” Gabe said impatiently, sitting with his left leg draped over his right.

            “In case you forgot breed, I don’t get drunk,” she smiled sweetly, “But I enjoy the taste and the tingle of it. So if you’ll be a doll and get me another drink that’d be lovely.”

            “Go on and get it yourself then you hag,” Gabe huffed, casting his gaze about as he rested his right elbow upon the arm of his lounge chair, placing his chin in his palm.

            “Ooh, what attitude. Did your heavenly bosses teach you that?”

            “It’s a learned habit from dealing with bitches like you.”

            “Azazel’s demand must have really rattled you, it’s almost like I’m talking to a different person.” She was having fun with this, especially since nettling angels was way more fun than trying to irk a demon or a devil. The infernal spirits knew how to get under peoples’ skin but they were such sore losers when someone did the same to them. It was like trying to take pleasure in outwitting a first-grader and then dealing with the temper tantrum. Angelic spirits could at least pretend that it didn’t bother them.

            “He’s not bound to get it anyway,” Gabe replied, “No one has been able to cross back over in nearly three centuries, so far as I know.”

            Gladys pointed a finger at him, “That’s right, so far as you know. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to get a drink and imagine what will happen when I finally get my hands around my daughter’s throat.”

            “You’ll be handing her over to me,” Gabe said, his voice distorted as he didn’t lift his chin from his palm while speaking. Gladys rolled her eyes as she walked away from the table.

            “Keep telling yourself that Feathers.”

            She could almost feel him bristle at the nickname, and it was even more delicious than the last drink she’d polished off as she smiled even wider. Her smile faded quickly as she heard a voice almost right in her ear suddenly as she recoiled, but felt as her left upper arm was held in a firm but gentle grip.

            “Don’t overreact mama,” the voice said, “Just keep walkin’ and we’ll get that drink. You and I have shit to talk about. You wanna get to your daughter you’re gonna listen to me and not walk back to that tightass, since there’s nothin’ back there for you.”

            “Who the hell are you?” she asked, not panicking even as she felt a strangely warm sensation wash over her. She actually had to glance down to make sure she hadn’t wet herself.

            “That’s cute and all, but I don’t generally have that effect on women unless I want to.”

            “I’m assuming you’re going to tell me who you are eventually,” she said in calmer, more reasonable tone, “and that you’ll let me get another drink before we take off.”

            “Absolutely,” the man said, his thin fingers wrapping around her arm a little tighter before loosening again, “Just don’t think about rabbiting, or all the demons you’ve sucked up will be jumping ship at my say-so.”

            “Abel?” she said, her eyes widening.

            “So you’ve heard of me,” he said, keeping his tone light as she turned just enough to get a good look at him. The wiry, white-haired man that looked no older than his 30s smiled at her as he fished a pack of cigarettes from his hip pocket.

            “A lot of people have heard of you,” she nodded at his pack, “You got one for me? You can let go, I’m not going to run.”

            He chuckled, giving the pack a shake to loosen a smoke for her as she turned to retrieve it. “Light?”

            After gripping another smoke between his lips and pocketing the pack again, Abel produced a silver Zippo that made her tremble just a bit, or rather, made the things inside her tremble at the sight of it. Abel noticed of course, she’d heard enough about this man to know that he saw everything. As he lit the wick and held it out for her to light her smoke though, it was all Gladys could do to keep the demons within her from retreating at the mere sight of the lighter. It wasn’t the flame, since they were used to ice, flames, and all sorts of elemental delights. But silver, there was just something about it.

            “So,” she asked, after blowing out a pall of smoke, “Shall we get that drink?”

            “Love to,” he said, “And then we can talk about how to get you and your bitch daughter out of my city.”

                                                            *                      *                      *

Oasis Pool

            She was close. Azazel could feel the vessel as he/she stood near the massive pool that was sparsely populated with guests. The amusing virus that had swept across the world only a short while back had kept quite a few people from traveling, meaning places such as Las Vegas had almost shut down completely due to the lack of tourism. Things were picking up as time went on though and the virus, which had an insanely high survival rate, had finally been seen as more of a political ploy than a serious threat to the world. But still, people were being cautious, much as they usually were when it came to widespread pandemics.

            “Where are you?” Azazel whispered as his host’s gaze took in the sprawling pool area, raking over the inaccurate statues, the heavy columns, and the overall gaudy array of decorations that were meant to give people the feeling of being immersed in ancient Egyptian culture. Obviously the designer had seen a few too many movies in their time, since Azazel knew far more about ancient Egyptian décor than those that had created this place.

            “Mom, what’s that woman doing up there?”

            It felt like a movie moment to be certain, especially since Azazel, who had been around long enough to know better to ignore something that was overheard, panned his host’s head around as though uninterested in the bit of dialogue now going on between a young boy and his mother as she covered his eyes. That was interesting enough to turn back and feel his host’s eyebrows raise at the strange scene that was taking place on top of the pyramidal structure that sat in the middle of the pool area. What was being seen wasn’t entirely clear, but a closer glance would no doubt do wonders. For all intents and purposes it looked like a dark-haired woman in the throes of passion to the demon, but upon peering a little more intently, Azazel could see what looked like wisps of reddish smoke flowing into the woman’s body as she continued to gyrate atop, something. Or someone, perhaps.

            “There you are you sneaky little bitch,” he muttered, advancing on the structure as the woman disappeared from view.

            “Oh no, oh no you don’t,” his host muttered, her legs moving quicker as Azazel sought to reach the top before the woman could leave. He wanted to know just how badass this vessel was, and to hell with Gabe and the other woman.

                                                            *                      *                      *

Treasure Island Casino

            They were almost out the front doors when Gabe found them, and recoiled quickly as he’d seen whose shoulder he was grabbing. The angel had then straightened and attempted to steel himself, but Abel had already been in full control of the situation, and Gabe had seen it. Still, the angel persisted.

            “Where are you going with her?”

            “That’s none of your business pigeon,” Abel said with a grin, straightening his clothing. The people walking around them gave the trio a wide berth, though it was obvious that none of them knew why. They simply did it, like a school of fish avoiding a dangerous obstacle as they continued on their way.

            “She’s in my care at the moment,” Gabe said, doing his best not to let his voice crack, or show any sign of weakness, “You have no-“

            Abel raised a hand to stop him, his eyes widening just a bit as took a step closer. Gabe wanted to step back, it was obvious from his posture and the look in his eyes, but he held his ground.

            “I have no, what?” Abel laughed, “I have no ‘right’? Is that what you were going to say? Is that what it looked like he was going to say?” he asked, turning back to Gladys. He turned back just as quickly to Gabe, taking another step closer. He was almost in striking distance, but instead of doing anything so violent he reached for his pack of cigarettes again, sticking one in his mouth, putting the rest back, and producing his lighter in a series of quick, streamlined movements that was, Gladys had to admit, pretty slick.

            “Remember where you’re at Gabe, and remember this most of all: it’s my city. You angels and whatever demons want to play can come and go as you please. Only the boss gets to tell me when to look the other way, or when to toe the line. And seeing as how I don’t hear His voice at the moment,” Abel craned his head to the left, as though listening intently, “this is gonna happen. So consider yourself dismissed Feathers, and move on to the next shit-kicking detail.”

            Gabe was glowering at Abel now, nearly trembling with anger as he appeared ready to do something. Despite being immortal, Abel wasn’t as strong as a half-breed, or a full-blooded angel, and he could barely give the weakest of demons a run for its money. But they knew better than to touch him or do anything else. The penalty, as all knew, was insanely stiff, and banishment from the city was the absolute least of all the possible punishments. Abel had only seen a few individuals push this line in the past, and the Almighty had seen fit to remind them of the rules rather quickly.

            “I won’t forget this,” Gabe nearly growled, turning on his heel as he walked away.

            “Take a picture then to remind yourself,” Abel called after him. He didn’t turn as he added, “Let’s go Gladys.”

            “You know my name?”

            Abel grinned, “I’ve got ears, I hear things. With enough time I’d know what grade school you went to and whether you prefer thongs or granny panties.”

            “Well I can tell you that,” Gladys said with a dark titter, “I don’t floss my ass for any reason.”

            As she walked out of the doors, Abel close on her heels, she laughed long and loud, not caring for the looks she earned as they continued forward.

                                                            *                      *                      *

The Oasis Pool, Luxor Casino

            There were times that he really hated the fact that he needed a human host to do anything, since a lot of those he took on weren’t fast enough or strong enough for his liking. His current host was in decent shape, but it took an agonizingly long time to reach the top of the structure where he’d seen the woman, and by the time his host did Azazel had to let her rest as her chest was heaving with the exertion. Humans were just pitiful at times, and to be fair he couldn’t remember the last time that he’d been able to do what he wanted without such limitations.

            Immortals were fun to inhabit, but far stronger than any human therefore less likely to be dominated. He’d been kicked out of more than one individual that had seen the sun rise and set over the course of centuries or even millennia, and even the least among them were insanely strong compared to a human. They kind of had to be however, as their kind were always embroiled in one war or another.

            He could hear a few people calling out to him that he/she wasn’t supposed to be up on top of this particular structure, that it wasn’t allowed. But unless there were gunshots or something else intent on stopping this host, Azazel wasn’t letting up. The demon could feel the strain on this body, and could even feel something inside that was about to snap, but he didn’t care. The top of the structure was too close and in only a few more moments the host would be there, at which time he might just cut her loose and let the body collapse. Already he could sense the power that he was closing in on, the wild, unfettered nature of it tainted the air around him in a heady manner he could barely resist. It smelled like sex, like musk, and definitely like sulphur.

            It was intoxicating, and it was probably what kept him from being on point as he heard, “Can I help you?”

            Opening the hosts eyes, which he hadn’t even realized had shut, Azazel saw the woman as she stood to her feet, pulling up her pants to conceal the wetness that he’d scented, a wry smirk on her face as she fastened the single button of her jeans and closed the zipper.

            “You must be Lenore.”

            If his knowledge of her name spooked her, she did well not to show it.

            “And who were you sent by?” she asked with a smirk, “An angel, another pissed off demon that didn’t get what they wanted? How high is the bounty on my by now?”

            “Bitch, all I know is that you’re a vessel, and that’s all I need to know. The rest is just details.”

            “That’s true,” she said, nodding her head in agreement, “But I’ll bet whoever sent you didn’t think to tell you enough. Or are you just another demon dog that thought he smelled some good ol’ pussy and thought he’d take advantage?”

            “I doubt you’ve ever met one like me,” Azazel sneered, “But I’m willing to bet that riding that tight-ass body is gonna give me sensations I’ve been wanting for a while. Do those fingers of yours go all the way in?”

            “They do the trick,” Lenore sneered, “But a day in the saddle’s better than a day riding solo.”

            “Oh you pretty bitch,” Azazel crooned. He could feel the drool coming from his host’s mouth, and without bothering to wipe it away he kept talking, “We’re gonna have some fun.”

            “Come get it then,” Lenore replied, beckoning Azazel with one finger, the middle one at that.


            Azazel rushed her, not bothering to even exit his host as he ran forward, arms outstretched.

            The pain didn’t register until it was too late.

                                                            *                      *                      *

            “Fuck me,” Lenore said, rubbing at her temples only moments later, “That was one tough sonofawhore.”

            She could feel the demon within struggling to get out, but for now she was able to contain him. Lenore had heard of Azazel in the past, and she’d known just what he could do, but experiencing it firsthand was something she hadn’t counted on. The fight hadn’t lasted as long as she had though it would, but she’d taken the time to drain every bit of the woman that the demon had been riding, partially to make certain that she wouldn’t go running off, and partially because it had kept her from feeling too drained after the brief struggle. Lenore could feel the demons she’d consumed deep within her being, each of them in their own place, sequestered within her ethereal form where she continued to feed upon them as needed. Soon enough they would be completely metabolized and she would need more.

            As for now though, the absorption of the demon had left her with more to think about, and so much more to feel as she realized that her senses had stretched forth in a way that she hadn’t expected. Lenore could feel every single person, every life, and hear every heartbeat within the vicinity. She could hear the sounds of the slot machines in the casino, the inane banter of the dealers, and the exultations of joy and the sobs of defeat, and everything in between. The cacophony was nearly deafening, causing the mild headache she was feeling now. But more than that, she could feel them.

            Faint tendrils of light, many tinged with darkened striations, drifted lazily along an unseen current as they wavered within her sight, coming from each and every individual as they went about their way. The Luxor looked as though a nest of snakes had descended upon it, each writhing tendril representing the soul, contaminated or otherwise, that currently resided in this area.

            “Well what a fucking coincidence.”

            The cackling laugh that followed the words alerted Lenore to the appearance of her mother, who apparently had climbed the side of the structure without any issue whatsoever. Glancing behind her, Lenore could see that she was alone.

            “No sweetie, Abel isn’t with me. But he did send a message along. You want to hear it?”

            “I think I already know it mother,” she almost growled, “He’s all for whoever wins getting the fuck out of this place, right?”

            “Ten points to the little whore of my loins,” her mother said, clapping, “But he also told me to tell you that our little spat is just one fight in the war, one drop of piss in the bucket so to speak. Whichever of us walks out of here is still going to be walking into a shit storm.”

            “It wouldn’t be my first,” Lenore replied, cracking her neck to the left, then the right. “You ready to do this, bitch?”

            Her mother smiled in a sardonic fashion, “This old bitch is going to show you what a shit storm really is.”

            “Then come and get it.”

                                                                        *                      *                      *

            Live long enough, and you definitely got to see a few things, and learn a few things as well. Like Azazel’s soul-sucking range, which could vary depending on how he was using it. Abel had had no illusions that the demon would be used, or that he would fall to Lenore’s hunger. He’d met vessels before, and he damned sure didn’t mess around with them unless he had to. This one he would rather just see leave his city and call it square, since he had no quarrel with her, or her mother.

            “Sitting this one out?”

            He hadn’t seen the man now seated across from him take up a chair, nor did he care that he’d just appeared. It was common, the boss didn’t always announce Himself and He didn’t need to. Abel took his smokes from his pocket, popping one out of the pack as he placed it between his lips, grinning slightly. He didn’t even need to speak since the boss knew what he was thinking most times. But the boss also liked the conversation, or so he’d said.

            “I thought it would be the best idea. If she uses Azazel like I think she might it’s just prudent.”

            The boss nodded, His closely-cropped white beard at odds with the tan-skinned form He’d taken on this time, and the salt and pepper mane He sported. As always, He was dressed impeccably in a casual leisure suit, complete with loafers without socks. The boss enjoyed a fine suit, but the creature comforts that most people enjoyed were one of His particular joys.

            “Am I correct in thinking that things are getting out of control?”

            Abel shook his head, “I’d say they’re about to get very much back in control. The vessels will fight, one of them will win, and it’ll be business as usual moving forward. There’ll be a little more collateral damage this time around and I’ll need to arrange a bit of clean-up and a plausible explanation. The Luxor might have to shut down to ‘decontaminate’ for a while, but otherwise the town will likely keep on as it’s been.”

            “You don’t need any assistance then?”

            “I wouldn’t mind a little, but I don’t need much. Just enough to dispose of what’s left and clean the place up. Otherwise, I can handle the rest. I am sorry about Aubrie though, that was too bad.”

            “I’m not pleased about it, either.”

            Abel nodded, “I’d imagine not. But as most know, vessels are unpredictable and they tend to do as they will from time to time. You set them on that path boss, I know you remember that, but it has to be said every now and then.”

            Eyes that had seen far more than any living being ever would closed for just a brief moment as Abel took a drag on his cigarette. The boss’s somber mood affected everyone a little differently, but he’d learned how to sit through it. Nothing the boss did any longer really affected him much.

            “Alright Abel,” the boss said, “I simply came by to check how things are going. You’re sure this will settle itself?”

            “Like you keep telling me, only a fool is ever sure, but I’m confident that whoever wins won’t want to stick around that long. At most, the winner might want a bit of help on her way out.”

            The boss nodded his head, “Okay then. I’ll send a contingent to help clean up. Just say the word when you need them.”

            “Will do boss.”

            “And Abel?”

            “Yeah boss?”

            “Just in case the vessel doesn’t get the point, I’m sending Gabriel and Uriel, just as a precaution.”

            Abel nodded, not even bothering to look away as the old man disappeared, clothing and all. Somehow, he didn’t think getting the vessel to leave would be a problem.

                                                            *                      *                      *

The Oasis Pool

            They might have had a captive audience if not for what had already occurred the moment security attempted to step in. A few bloody furrows that had traced their way down her left cheek and a ripped sleeve were the only marks that Lenore’s mother had managed to score thus far, but she’d already split the bitch’s lip and nearly closed her right eye. Deep inside she could feel Azazel trying to claw his way free, but so far the restraints that she’d set in place were holding, so the demon was going nowhere.

            The guards that had come racing up the side of the structure, or had crawled up it more like, were sprawled across their battlefield, dried out and used up as both women had been drawing heavily upon those that came close. Lenore had one trump card to use, but she was waiting for the perfect moment.

            “I’m gonna carve you up little girl!”

            Gladys came running at her again, no finesse in her step, only hatred and rage driving her on. Had she been using her demons in a wiser manner she might have been able to rely on their superior fighting skills. But she was an old woman, and a creature of habit. She’d already been one for the feeding, not for the learning. Lenore couldn’t say that she’d done any better, but she knew how to take a punch, and how to throw one. She also knew how to get out of the way.

            Her mother went sprawling as Lenore moved aside at the last second, sticking out her left foot as Gladys went tumbling across the roof. She tumbled a few times, scraping herself horribly and no doubt bruising her aged ass in more than a few spots. As she came to a stop, resting on her back, staring up at the sky, Lenore debated ending it there, but instead she decided to play the hand she’d expected to wait on, spreading her arms wide as her mother slowly, and no doubt painfully, rolled to her front.

            The energy was there, but Azazel had to be forced to provide the link she needed, the tendrils of power that he could coax into being pushing forth like sprouts pushing free of the earth. As she continued to squeeze the demon for more she felt them spreading outward, seeking, splitting, and splitting again as the hunger deep within her sought the tantalizing energies of those were nearby. As much of a spectacle as she and her mother were making, many people had remained to watch, much as she had expected they might. The damned fools wouldn’t even know of the doom that was stretching towards them even now.

            They felt it though. As each tendril touched upon those within and around the casino, stretching nearly a hundred yards in all directions, each person stiffened noticeably, feeling the sudden draining sensation as they shuddered and jittered under the strange, foreign touch. To Lenore it was a heady sensation, causing her entire body to throb as she felt herself growing excited, her legs spreading slightly as she gasped, feeling the wetness return as the vitality entered her body, a rush that had every pore wide open, every part of her quivering as she quickly tucked her tongue behind her teeth to avoid chewing on it.

            The life, the power, and the absolute rush of it filled her with such pure excitement that she almost didn’t notice her mother rising to her feet, bloodied and beaten, but still functioning apparently. Lenore saw the old woman wipe her bloodied nose, the scratches and scrapes upon her person standing out starkly against the Gladys’ pale skin. She laughed, feeling the acute sensation of those on the fringe the effect that had been enacted as people attempted to pull the affected along, only to find that it was virtually impossible, as they were stuck upon some invisible thread like flies stuck to a spider’s web.

            “You’re gonna bleed for this bitch,” Gladys snarled, her face shifting slightly as she began to project, her anger allowing the demons within her push forward, asserting their dominance. She even wondered if Gladys was still in control.

            “I wouldn’t get much closer, mother,” Lenore chuckled, still feeling the absolute rush through every orifice, “I mean, if that is you in there.”

            “Damn right you little cunt,” the older woman sneered, “I brought you into this world Leno,” she snarled, “and I can sure as fuck take you out!”

            Gladys groaned as her fingernails were sheared from their moorings, allowing the bloodied claws that now hovered over her fingertips to burst forth. Lenore smiled as she realized that her mother was swiftly losing control even as Gladys surged, forward, her neck cracking one way and then the other as horrific crunching sounds could be heard coming from within her body. She was losing her own battle, and as such she was throwing caution to the wind. That was too bad…for her.

            “Come on then bitch,” she said, still laughing, “Come and get me if you want it.”

            The roar that came out of Gladys’ mouth just then might have been terrifying if not for what Lenore already knew was going to happen. The monster that her mother had become in only a few steps rushed her, each striding step coming quicker than the one before it until the effect took hold when she was just a few paces away. That’s when realization hit.

            Lenore felt the invisible snare take hold as she was tugged forward just a bit, not enough to disrupt the effect, but enough to feel it.

            “What the fuck?!” Gladys roared, “Nononononono! NO! No, you bitch! You fucking whore!”

            “What’s the matter mom? You don’t want to give your girl one final hug?”

            “Get, get off of me! Get it, oh shit, shit, shit! Get that thing out of me!”

            Azazel’s power had allowed Lenore to snare her mother not unlike a fish on a hook as she slowly but surely reeled her in. She easily kept the other tendrils where they were, feeling the energy as it continued to flow into her, fueling Lenore as her mother finally came within reach. She didn’t hesitate, reaching out to grab the older woman in a fierce embrace. Gladys was already weakening, her skin was sagging, liver spots had emerged upon her flesh, her hair was thinning, and she was wasting away even as Lenore held on. In short, she couldn’t stop the drain that had been initiated.

            “It, it will, never, be, enough…” Gladys croaked, chuckling in a dry, rasping manner, “I…I hope you ch-choke, on it…bitch!”

            “Goodbye mother,” Lenore said with a smile, flexing her will as the power came racing into her, leaving Gladys to hiss her last breath as her already dried and desiccated flesh wrinkled and loosened a bit more. Lenore allowed her to drop, spreading her arms wide as the sounds of bodies hitting pavement, carpet, striking solid objects, and falling into the water reached her ears through the tendrils that were now reaching back towards her, just as unseen as she swayed on her feet, waiting for them to return.

            She’d never felt this sated, this, full, and it left her feeling a bit woozy, almost drunk in fact. Lenore could just barely hear the screams and screeching of tires in the distance as people were no doubt seeking a way to understand how so many people had suddenly dropped dead, drained and sucked dry of life in a way that few, if any, could possibly understand. Even as her eyes began to close she was wise enough to find a spot of shade, smiling as she leaned against the stone wall she’d found to sit against. She’d won, but this was only one battle among many. That was okay though, she’d gained a great advantage.

                                                            *                      *                      *

            When her eyes opened again it was night, and the starlight felt brighter, more vibrant somehow. A faint warmth burned near her right side, coming from a dark crimson candle holder in which a single, fat candle burned, the faint light highlighting a slim bottle of vodka and two glasses.

            “To the victor, the spoils.”

            Lenore stretched her arms upward before turning her head to look at Abe, who was sitting easily within arms reach. She wasn’t even tempted to make a play against him, especially since she could easily understand his role in this place. Plus, there was a feeling that surrounded the man, almost like a cautionary detail that warned against even touching him wrong.

            Casting her gaze around the area she then turned back to Abe, “Was the clean-up crew already here?”

            Abe, who was puffing on a cigarette, nodded, blowing out a pall of smoke before saying, “They’re paid to be quick. The explanations have been handed out, the Luxor will be shut down for a complete cleansing from top to bottom, and health inspectors from the state office will be out to check on the place in another couple of weeks.”


            “Vegas doesn’t wait for anyone darlin’,” he said with a chuckle, “If people can’t spend their money here then they’re gonna go elsewhere, and that’s not good business. We feed everyone some bullshit story about what happened and they pray that it doesn’t happen again. The boss is happy, the rest of us are happy, and things go on as they were. There’s just one condition.”

            “I’ve got to go?”

            Abe nodded, “Your Las Vegas rights have been heretofore revoked, meaning that you will be on our shit list until the boss says otherwise.”

            “Which means I’ll likely be allowed back within a year or so.”

            “Maybe,” Abe grinned, “But for now, you gotta hit the bricks so shit can get back to business as usual. The creator might be tough, but he still wants things to go as they need to.”

            “I suppose a ‘thank you’ is in order.”

            “It’s not needed, but it’s appreciated,” Abe said with a sigh, “Now if you’ll be so kind, pop that bottle open and let’s get pleasantly shit-faced, or at least try.”

            Lenore grinned as she reached for the bottle. That was a damned fine idea.

The End

You Blocked My Post? Oh No! Oh Well…

It’s amusing to see people blocking out ideas, thoughts, and opinions they don’t enjoy hearing on Facebook, a ‘free speech’ area that’s suddenly become a ‘safe space’ for the disillusioned and those that are easily wounded, traumatized, and triggered by by words they don’t care for. At this point I’m almost ready to wear each moment I’ve been blocked as a badge of honor to prove that I’m still a free-thinking human being that doesn’t fall in with the rest of those that want to forge that attacking someone else’s free speech doesn’t make their own speech any more interesting, or important. Once I get done laughing I might just do that, haha.

7 Best blocked on facebook ideas | blocked on facebook, facebook quotes,  facebook humor
Even I wasn’t right, they couldn’t handle it, since they didn’t want to go another round.
Fb block Memes
Yeah, you showed me that mommy and daddy told you that you were special and you’re finding out different.
When you find out Someone blocked you on Facebook - Goodfellas laughing it  up | Meme Generator
If you’ve got thick enough skin it reminds you that you earned it, sometimes by being right, and sometimes because you can take criticism.
Meme Creator - Funny I don't always get blocked on Facebook But when I do  it's because I told the tru Meme Generator at!

Seriously, if someone blocks you on Facebook send them a thank you, because they’ve proven one of two things, that you’re right, or that they just can’t handle a challenge. Hell, if it’s both, send them a like and a thank you. Stay free people.

It’s SO Offensive…But So Funny

Memebase - muppets - All Your Memes In Our Base - Funny Memes - Cheezburger
Now see? THAT might offend someone’s delicate sensibilities…
Funny Muppet Memes | CBR
Attention to all neat freaks and germaphobes, or rather, clean-conscious individuals and, well, germaphobes…
Bernie Sanders Meme Gallery - Politically Incorrect Humor
Okay, it’s a dig, but it’s still funny…
Pin on Kermit love

Just a parting wish, stay weird even if it’s offensive to some, they’ll either get the joke or move on eventually.

Racial Transition

Racial Tension in the 2016 Presidential Election | Politics | US News


Throughout the world diversity is a very prevalent theme no matter where one finds themselves.  People of different races congregate throughout nearly every society, and are represented in many different ways. The biggest issue that has yet to be dealt with concerns the personal beliefs of individuals when it comes to race. Are you racist? Do you even know whether you are or not? This article is to help you determine just how open you are to other races, and if you might need help to adjust your thought processes.

1) How do you tell if you are a racist?

                One of the easiest ways is to take note of your reactions when around people of a different race than yourself. If you stiffen around them, think different thoughts based upon their color, religion, or ethnicity, then chances are that you do possess a racist streak.  If you play into believing the stereotypes about a certain race then yes, you do have racist tendencies.  If you judge another based on their race, then yes, you are a racist.  For those who are raised among cultures where racism is an ingrained part of their life this is not so much a choice as it is a habit, but it is still a state of mind that needs to change.

2) What do you lose by being racist?

                Different races are not a detractor to one race in particular.  Each race has something to offer the next in matters of commerce, relationships, and simple human decency.  By allowing racist attitudes to prevail an individual could possibly lose out on solid, lasting friendships, business deals that could elevate their life to new levels, and even relationships that might be long-lasting and quite happy.  The world in general loses out on the benefits that can be gained when people of different races work together rather than remain parted by racist attitudes.

3) The benefits of accepting all races.

                Through acceptance of all races humanity can accomplish almost anything.  The many different economies throughout the world could flourish, human relations between countries would be vastly improved, and civilization might become a much more harmonious concept.  Were humanity to ever come together as one, without prejudice, there is no telling how evolved the human race might one day become.  Without the need to divide based on race, equality would likely be a very attainable goal among human beings.

4) How do you change a racist attitude?

                It becomes possible for an individual to gauge their own reaction to peoples of different color, culture, and even religion when they are aware of how they act.  At that point it becomes necessary for the individual to think upon said reactions and actively change their ways. This is not a process that can be done in a single day, as it requires time and effort. But by taking note of one’s own words and actions an individual can eventually change their ways.

Positive Discipline in Schools

Positive Discipline | Dr. Jane Nelsen


            Disciplinary action in the average school setting has become a rather problematic issue for policymakers and practitioners in the modern era. Where once discipline was instilled by the educators without fail, now there are rules, regulations, and even laws that have been set into place to protect the students from receiving any type of punishment that is deemed to be too excessive. It is widely believed by many that corporal punishment is no longer an effective tool, nor was it effective in its own time. Positive discipline in a school setting is swiftly becoming a preferred method of action when needed to combat unwanted behavior.

            What positive discipline does is substitute the use of discipline as a negative influence (Promote/Prevent, 2013) when a child breaks the rules or violates the regulations in one way or another. This process has become deeply integrated into the policies and regulations of many schools. It has become highly useful as it offers a more comprehensive and useful way to teach children what is expected of them in a social setting. Instead of punishing a student for their ill behavior it is becoming a common practice to instead create a valuable learning experience that can help to correct this behavior and help children to learn in new and innovative ways how to best channel their energies in a much more productive manner.

What is Positive Discipline?

            Positive discipline focuses more upon rewarding positive behaviors than punishing those that are negative. In effect it is the effort of a teacher or school staff to influence a student’s behavior by encouraging them when they meet school expectations and eschewing the traditional forms of punishment in favor of understanding a student’s behavior and its cause. By integrating this type of learning it then becomes possible to eliminate harsh and counterproductive punishments in favor of teaching the student to manage their own behavior in a safe, social, and open learning environment.

            Human beings are hardwired to be social, but in many instances this initial characteristic can become overridden by external factors that work to break down the ability to react to social cues. Trouble at home, learning disabilities, and many other factors can contribute to the decline in social skills and aberrant behavior that some children display. Because of these unforeseen factors a child’s behavior can be seen as either antisocial or a cry for help that takes the form of aggression.  In many cases the behavior is not addressed in favor of punishing the actions that are the result of the behavior. As is explained by Dr. Jane Nelsen (2017), this carries a positive short term benefit, but also includes a negative long term effect.

            Simply punishing a child for their behavior without seeking to understand why they act

out is likened to treating a disease without understanding the symptoms. Many educators and

adults make the mistake of punishing  a child without asking them why they have behaved in a

negative manner. They also neglect to present a more positive alternative to punishment that

could help the child to learn rather than endure their punishment.  Far too often teachers that are

overworked and continually stressed will look for an easy and effective manner by which to

teach their students a sense of discipline. Historically this has been seen to include referrals, trips

to the principal’s office, and even suspension or expulsion depending upon the level of the

offense committed. The unfortunate side effect of such punishments has been seen to weaken the

student’s desire to learn and their ability to act as a part of a cohesive unit within the school


            Evantheia Schibstead (2009) points out that without cohesion between the students and the staff there is little chance that the system will be able to operate efficiently. Schools tend to rely heavily on the relationships that develop between teachers and their students. While the distance that is kept between them is necessary to maintain professionalism in a school setting, the teachers must still be able to relate to their students on a deeper level so as to better understand their needs.  By simply punishing the “bad” kids by kicking them out of class and possibly out of school, the system is seeking the easy way out rather than taking the time to educate and assist these children by helping to understand their place within the system.

            One very important and useful method that Schibstead speaks of is classroom management. This method is quite well known to many educators, yet is quite often eschewed in favor of the quick solution of punishment. To maintain professionalism and still fulfill the needs of the students educators are being encouraged to follow several useful steps, which are:

1) Develop rules for the classroom at the beginning of the year.

            Children of all ages will seek out a sense of order, as it allows them to feel safe and secure. By creating a set of well-defined rules at the beginning of the school year it becomes possible to create a positive atmosphere.

2) Talk to the students before class.

            By keeping an open line of communication concerning what the students want to learn and what they might be having trouble with an educator can solve many problems before they begin. This method is also useful in getting to know the students.  The more that is known about the students allow the teacher to recognize when something is wrong or when a certain behavior emerges that needs to be identified and discussed, preferably in private.

3) Maintain consistency.

            No matter which staff member a student goes to, they must be able to get a similar answer to their questions. Consistency can help students to believe that they are in fact being listened to. By remaining consistent a system can maintain a successful rapport between staff and students.

4) Maintain the student’s dignity.

            If a problem does arise it is important to handle the manner in a way that allows the student to save face and not be humiliated. This type of reaction can only cause more problems in the long run. Should the student be embarrassed in front of their peers it can create highly damaging emotional issues and other various problems that can eventually undermine the learning process. By speaking to a student as a person in a calm, composed manner it allows them to save face in front of their friends and peers and shows them that they are respected within the classroom setting.

5) Maintain neutrality and do not jump to accusations.

            Most individuals are known to become defensive when accused of anything. By remaining neutral and asking open-ended questions it becomes possible to coax answers from students concerning their behavior and eventually reach the root cause of their actions. In this manner it becomes possible to alleviate the problem without any unneeded escalation.   

Benefits/ Drawbacks of Positive Discipline

            In order to place a set value upon education, students must be informed in one way or another that they do in fact matter to the system and those that exist within it. A student’s self-esteem has been discovered to be vital to the continuance of their education, and as a result can be severely damaged by negative punishment.  However, positive discipline also has its own drawbacks, which are far less than what is experienced by negative punishment but can still be seen as an impediment. The negative aspects of positive discipline are due largely to human error and not by a fault within the system, but it is still possible for such a system to be seen as less than effective.

            Such drawbacks would include:

1) Parents must adjust to the type of discipline used.

            While this might not be a traditional drawback to positive discipline, it represents a challenge that must be met by parents in order to remain consistent with the type of treatment a student receives while in a school setting. Should the student receive harsher punishments at home there are several ways in which positive punishment could be perceived in a school setting. Consistency must be maintained between school and home if the student is to fully adjust to this type of disciplinary setting.

2) Who is really at fault?

            While positive punishment is still a preferable method it remains an alternative to normal

schooling in an attempt to help the student learn the consequence for their behavior through a

positive and educational experience. The issue that must be resolved is whether the student is

truly at fault or if the teacher is somehow in error.  Despite the positive aspect of the disciplinary

action it might still be detrimental if the student is not in the wrong. This alludes to the need of

creating and maintaining class rules that are agreed upon by teachers and students alike, with an optional contract to make certain that both teacher and students will follow the rules as they are set.

3) Teachers have a great deal of control over the students.

            This type of issue is highly dependent upon the grade level of the students. From middle

school on control seems to become a very real issue as students begin to exert their own manner

of control in the classroom as they continue to learn and test their limits. Teachers can become overwhelmed, frustrated, and can become highly dependent on the rules to the point that they might begin to exert too much control.  This can and has caused issues as students continue to learn and develop, testing the boundaries of those rules that have been imposed upon them in an attempt to show that they do have a larger measure of control over their environment. In this case teachers tend to over-exert their authority and positive discipline becomes more of a traditional punishment than a learning experience.

4) This type of discipline is not scientifically proven to work.

            Despite being an innovative and highly effective method used to identify and properly handle negative behaviors, positive discipline is still not a universally-accepted technique. It has shown merit and that it can be used to create a positive influence upon students, but thus far its use is not widespread enough to be considered entirely effective. Whatever roadblocks still exist within its development have thus far served to stymie the overall success it seeks to create within the educational system.  It can be argued that traditional punishment seems to be favored in taking care of a problem in the short term, but what positive discipline has shown thus far is that it takes a great deal of time and effort to accomplish.

            Positive discipline is seen as a step forward in educating students as how their behavior and actions will shape their educational experience, but it has yet to take hold fully. Its innovation has thus far been seen to produce a positive effect that is only slightly hampered by the issues it produces. Many would insist that discipline is still punishment, citing that any time or effort taken away from regular studies is still to be considered a detriment from the expected development of a student. However, it has been seen in more than one school that positive discipline has in fact created a change in the overall educational environment that has allowed students to feel an increase in how much control they have in their school experience.


            Positive discipline is not a new idea, but it has yet to take full effect in many classrooms.

The goals of such a discipline are simple but still have several issues to be worked through in

order to make it truly effective as well as accepted nationwide. While its precepts are well-

developed it still relies heavily upon the agreement of those that it will affect, and as a result has

yet to be seen as a suitable replacement for traditional disciplinary actions. When compared to those punishments and consequences it seeks to replace, positive discipline is seen as rather unconventional despite its preferable treatment of students.  


Nelsen, J. Ed.D. (2017). About Positive Discipline. Positive Discipline. Retrieved from

Promote/Prevent (2013). What is Positive School Discipline? Education Development Center.

Retrieved from

Schibstead, E. (2009). How to Develop Positive Classroom Management. Edutopia.

Retrieved from

Blind and Deaf Dog Abandoned by Bad Breeder

Why Breeding Dogs is a Problem, Even if the Breeder is 'Reputable' - One  Green Planet


Dog breeding is a profession that is generally undertaken by those who want to spread the joy of owning a dog to others, breed champions, and even take full enjoyment in the companionship that any dog is capable of offering with no strings attached. Every now and again however a breeder will come along that shows little if any real compassion to their charges, displaying a level of ignorance and heartlessness that is borderline cruel and unusual. In the case of the two dogs that will be mentioned in this article the breeder has seemingly forgotten what it means to be a compassionate and trustworthy caretaker.

The two dogs in question are siblings that have been dubbed “double merle”. When a dog is possessed of the merle gene the pigmentation of their hair is the primary effect. This can create white or gray patches that can give their coat a spotty or patchwork appearance.  However, when a dog is dubbed as a “double merle” it means that they have received a merle gene from both parents. While this is not always a precursor to any problematic issues, it can cause deafness in dogs and, unfortunately, vision problems as well.

Dogs that are “double merle” tend to have limited vision as their pupils are deformed in some identifiable way.  This can even cause blindness in some dogs.

The pair that are the focus of this article are brother and sister, and were both born deaf, while one was born deaf and blind. Their breeder, no doubt deciding that the two “double merle” dogs were too much to care for, abandoned them without an attempt to find them an adequate home.  The callous nature of this act is horrible enough to contemplate when such a thing happens to a fully-functioning canine, but abandoning dogs with such obvious infirmities seems unforgivable by any standard.

There is no doubt that these dogs required much more patience and care than others, but given that they are still affectionate and playful animals it is cruel to believe that they are not worth the effort.  Their needs were not met by the breeder, nor were they seen as anything other than a genetic mistake to be discarded and forgotten.

Thankfully someone came along who saw the value rescuing the two dogs. This kind woman brought both brother and sister to her home, accepting them into her life without question as she saw to their care and well-being just as she does with her other pets. Now the siblings have a chance to experience full and active lives as they romp with their new playmates and are given the care and attention they require.  Despite their physical handicaps this kind woman has given them a life that was almost denied by an uncaring and unprofessional breeder that saw little to no value in their dogs.

A dog is a companion and a friend for life when given the proper care. For these two siblings, life has taken a definite turn, and all for the better.

Are Big Online Publishers Even Making Money?

3 Essential Considerations for Online Publishers | eXtra For Every Publisher


The general consensus among those who don’t know much about online publishing is that the business is a veritable cash cow when it comes to being successful.  After all, the idea of online publishing is to get the attention of the general population throughout nation and hook them with interesting and need-to-know material. That alone makes it seem as though the industry would flourish no matter who was publishing the content.  However, the truth is not quite as simple as all that. In fact, it is quite the opposite, as many online publishers find out the hard way that attracting the attention of the people is easy enough, it’s keeping it that becomes difficult.

Why Do Online Publishers Lose Money?

Take a moment to think about it. Online publishers live and breathe by the content they produce, and the ads that guide people to that content. Over the past several years ad blockers have been on the rise, and as such those publishing firms are beginning to lose out on the revenue that these tend to bring. Now it’s not such a disastrous thing to lose ad space, as word of mouth and other solutions can work just as well to stimulate the public’s awareness of such sites.

But then the other shoe drops.

If people don’t pay attention to these sites then there is no buzz, there is no word of mouth, and as a result there is no market to pander to.  Online publishers tend to empty their pockets in order to gain the needed attention from the general public to stimulate their business, and in doing so begin to lose vast amounts of money that cannot be adequately replaced without making certain sacrifices. You might have already guessed that these sacrifices come in the form of losing employees due to their inability to meet payroll needs, losing ad space due to the inability to pay for such services, and even losing their domain for the same reason.

Online publishers rely heavily on the notice of the public, and without this in place they do not far nearly as well.  On a good day the number of subscribers and users on their sites should number in the millions if not tens of millions. This type of traffic can keep a publisher in the black quite easily, but depending on how big their brand is and how much overhead they have, they might still be just getting by.  Their numbers need to remain high in order to pay their employees and to pay for the often exorbitant amount of ad space they require to get the attention they need and desire.

Ad blockers are, to the average person, a rather good thing when considering how many ads simply pop up out of nowhere each time you visit most sites. To an online publisher however they are tantamount to someone sticking hand in their face and tell them that their presence is not welcome. If a publisher can’t find a way to get their ads seen then they must spend even more money attempting to find different venues that will allow their content to get out to the public. In doing this they continually sacrifice a bit of their company a bit at a time in order to stay relevant within their industry. 

The idea of losing money to make money is a very common notion in such an industry, as it is largely understood that a company has to, at times, take a noticeable loss to gain a bit of momentum. Sometimes however, that loss is so substantial that these companies will come to almost a dead stop rather than bounce back as they need to. When that happens they usually will have the option of selling what is left of their company to the highest bidder or tearing everything down only to start again.

No matter what happens, the truth of the matter is that online publishers exist in a feast or famine industry, where every ad they publish and every last line of content is crucial.

Who Makes Money and Who Doesn’t?

Some companies have actually figured out the formula to success and are currently riding high, while others have felt the definite sting of defeat when having to fold up their laptops and move on.  Here are just a few.

Making Money:

The Awl

                Founded in 2009, this smart-talking blog spot is made up of a small number of employees that decided to create their own little space away from those they felt had abused and misused their talents. As of now the company is still a small, tightly-knit group but has increased its readership to roughly seven million and counting. It is a bit smaller than the average online publisher, but it has gained a following of roughly seven million readers since its inception and those numbers are still growing. It is a very profitable company at this time.


                This company was founded in 2006 by HuffPost co-founder Jonah Peretti and has turned a nice profit during its tenure.  The company has around 40 million subscribers and counting, and is primarily known for its always popular “Top Ten” lists and other such articles that generate a great deal of interest among readers.

Not Making Money:

The Huffington Post

                Despite its 73 million subscribers this publisher has not been profitable since was acquired by AOL in 2011. It had a brief moment in 2010 when it was able to turn a profit, but ever since that it has been largely downhill. This is a bit surprising considering that most people know about this publication and use it quite extensively.

Elite Daily

                This is the perfect example of what can happen when a publishing site does not live up to its own hype. Founded in 2012 and fueled by Facebook, Elite Daily was set to become one of the hottest commodities around. But when it was bought by Daily Mail in 2015 the site went almost completely belly-up, generating a $31 million dollar loss that has been extremely trying for its new owner to deal with. Where once the Daily Mail believed they had a new and innovative publishing tool to reach millennials on their level, now they have little more than regret.


The next time anyone happens to blurt out that those online publishers that specialize in generating internet buzz are making bank on user-friendly content, remind them that this business is just as uncertain as anything. In an industry where getting people’s attention and keeping it is how you make a living, nothing is ever certain.

Black Lives Matter Will Eat Their Own

Black Lives Matter Holds Rally Supporting Individuals Arrested in Chicago  Looting Monday – NBC Chicago

Portland, OR

            The reign of BLM, or Black Lives Matter, is hitting a few snags as of late, wouldn’t you say? Their own people being killed accidentally, the idea that black people are speaking out against them, and of course the continuing thought that they’re more of a terrorist group than a liberating force is building in a way that’s hard to deny, no matter how loudly some try. Black Lives Matter is a cause that has been taken up since before the murder of George Floyd or Breonna Tayler, or any of the other names that have been added to the list. But the amusing thing about BLM is that, black lives really only matter to them when it fits their narrative.

            Oh yes, I did say that, because if one looks around the country, around the continent, and if you’re ambitious enough, around the world, a lot of people are looking askance at BLM these days since they’ve decided to pick and choose where they want to fight their battles, and which causes they’ll champion and push to further their agenda. Now being fair, it’s easy to think that an organization that believes that they’re doing this much good can’t be everywhere at once, and has to pick their battles carefully. But to attack those are seeking to remain peaceful in these tense times and then claim that they belong to ‘hate groups’ to justify the vicious beatings they’ve received, is an effective smokescreen that a lot of people aren’t willing to look beyond at this time.

            Are you willing to go against the status quo and state that BLM is just as racist and as violent as any other group? If not, don’t feel too badly about it, since playing the victim and pulling the race card appear to be valuable skills in this day and age. Being decent to people is just so damned hard after all.