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Forever Finite (part I)


May 23rd, 2019

Sunset Key, Florida

“I saw it! I did!”

She snorted as she always did, not believing him as usual. His big sister was the type that wouldn’t believe in anything unless she could see it and touch it to affirm it’s reality, but Evan had seen the gateway all the same. He could recall their grandfather, rest his soul, telling them about it when they were little, years before he passed, but Silvie had never believed anything the old man had said. It was widely rumored in their larger than average family that she had been born a cynic and would die a cynic not by choice, but because that was just the makeup of her DNA.

“You probably saw something that some dippy artist made underwater and left there for the gullible people to ogle at,” she said as she moved about the kitchen, preparing lunch for their three other siblings and their parents. At the moment the lot of them were elsewhere on the island they called home, either with friends or simply out and about as they always were. The lot of them would be heading to the mainland tomorrow to see other family members for a picnic, but as was usual for their average day they spent much of their time near home.

“Did you do your lessons for the day?” Silvie asked, raising her dark, feathered eyebrows at Evan as he rolled his eyes, “Just because we’re home-schooled doesn’t mean you get to swim with the fishes every time you need a study break.”

“Yes,” he said with a moan, turning away as he felt the insistent pull back towards the crystal blue waters beyond their home, “I did them and I checked them and they’re right and I did see it!”

“You saw what?”

The question was asked as their mother, who was still striking for being in her early sixties, stepped through the sliding glass door located just a few steps from the kitchen.

“I saw the Tomorrow Gate that Grandpa told us about,” Evan said before Silvie could ruin his moment.

His mother’s reaction wasn’t quite what they’d expected though.

(to be continued)

You Want ‘Woke’?


Are you ‘woke’? As in, have you let your guard down and realized that the world is filled with truths that we don’t get to escape, some of which people claim are fairy tales that we don’t want to wake from? Are you woke?

Bad things happen in this world, it’s a fact and it’s an inevitability. Why? Because we’re human, we’re different, we don’t always get along, and we don’t always play fair.

Is it right? Of course not, the act of harming another human being is never a fair or positive thing no matter the reason behind it.

Do we need to move on once the bad things happen? Yes, by all means we do. Moving forward is the only way to keep living, as staying in the past and bringing up the misdeeds of those that came before us is one of the surest ways to remain stuck in a present. Learn from the past, reflect on the past, but don’t live in it, as there’s nothing back there for us any longer.

Are you woke? Are you aware of the world around you? Or do you piss and moan about things that used to be, that happened before any of us were born? Many of those that lived under oppression throughout the last several centuries are owed a great deal of respect for what they had to endure. But their lives, their history, is an example of what not to do, not something to be used as justification that their descendants deserve something they didn’t earn.

Get that? You earn what you get in this world. Someone’s keeping it from you? Work harder. Someone won’t let you advance? Go around them. Those that cry that every last person in the world is against them, that one race in particular is keeping them down, are looking for an excuse that will keep them from taking responsibility for their own lives. You want equality? You want equity? Find a way to take it, to earn it, and to keep it. No one can drag you down better than you can.

Do bad things happen to people in this world? Yes, yes they certainly do. But do people in this day and age do anything but piss and moan when it comes to getting what they want? Unfortunately not as often as you would think.

You want to make a change in the world? You want real justice? Work your way into the system, stop pounding on the walls and screaming over the fence. Earn your way into the system you hate, and then change it. The system is easier to change when you manage to become a part of it without losing sight of who you are. Otherwise you’re not changing anything.

Are you really woke?

This Is Our Home, OUR Home


Does anyone get the idea that our nation has only been this divided a couple of times in the past since Democrats and Republicans have been at one another’s throats in a political sense? Everything that has happened since our country, OUR country mind you, was formed and gained our independence has been a giant mixture of horrible and wonderful, yet many people these days seem to focus only on the most horrible aspects that the nation was based upon.

Yes, slavery happened, it was real and absolutely horrible. Yes, the injustices committed against minorities and women did happen, and none of it was okay. But to drag those harmful days back to the present era and attempt to justify their own hardships in this manner is not only harmful to a unified future, but it is rather frustrating as well.

None of us born in the past few decades have been oppressed. None of those born in the past few decades are without the means to change their lives in one way or another. Those that blame the sins of the past are those that fail or refuse to look ahead to the future and what they can possibly do to alleviate any problems within their lives. They search for excuses so as not to be responsible for their own lives, and therefore follow the mob that has been formed throughout the years in an attempt to deal with ‘truths’ that are based largely upon emotion and less upon facts that are pertinent to the current era.

People want to talk about banning the free speech of those that they believe are harmful to others, yet they fail to recognize that their attempt to halt free speech makes them the fascists that they supposedly fight against. Folks want to condemn others for their privilege, but somehow neglect to realize that their own privilege allows them to do this. People want to deride and berate the police, but will be the first to call for their protection when they feel the need.

The hypocrisy that we live with in this day and age ignores the fact that we are Americans, and that no one is keeping us here. Many people openly said that they would leave the country if Trump was elected president. Well guess what? Like it or not, I know I don’t, but he is the current POTUS. So where are all the people that wanted to talk? Do your principles only matter when you want them to, or are you people of your word?

This is our home, for better or for worse. One man won’t destroy what it took so many to build. Learn it, study it, make your mind up to it. This is our home. If you don’t like it, there are many other places to go.

Look In the Mirror

Republicans aren’t perfect, in fact they’re far from it. But Democrats, liberals, take a look in the mirror before you condemn anyone. The violence, the rhetoric, the FASCISM.

Oh yes, I went there.

By telling others that you condemn fascism and then don’t want to hear others speak you do in fact become the fascists. You want a definition? Okay.

a tendency toward or actual exercise of strong autocratic or dictatorial control early instances of army fascism and brutality

Get that?

It’s true, the Republicans are laughing at you, as are those that don’t follow either party. And why? Because of the two groups that oppose one another, you are by far the loudest and most obnoxious of those that have something to say. The mob mentality is a rather ridiculous notion that allows ignorance to fester and little more than hatred and bile to rise like a foul tide.

Why can’t we stand together? Oh, right, because that would imply that everything is equal and we’re all given the same opportunities, which many liberals believe is not true or possible in this country. That tends to be because many that have such ideals want SPECIAL TREATMENT rather than EQUALITY.

Those that suffered abuse, that suffered pain and torment in their lives in those times during which society had not yet reached a state of equality might have earned reparations if they so desire them. But if you were born in the last few decades then listen carefully:

“The world owes you nothing. You are entitled to the air you breathe and the opportunity you can grab hold of. If you can’t find the latter then you’re wasting the former.”

The world owes you nothing, remember that.

You Might Not Like It, But I’m Saying It



Neither side seems to get it. The Republicans try to be the logical side, the people that are desperately trying to make people happy even as they’ve had to give ground recently, and yet they still strike out in their subtle, piercing ways that invoke and trigger those that stand against them again and again as they laugh and parade their orange-skinned POTUS up to the to podium and all around DC as a continual taunt. They do their best to instigate without instigating while attempting to make concrete sense out of the chaos that our country is currently by stating that the status quo is a-ok.

And then we get to the other side, the Democrats and all that seem to want to stand with them or at least stand against Trump. From the top level of the Democratic party down to the dregs, Antifa in other words, people that oppose Trump are not entirely wrong, but they are not nearly as close to being right as they want to believe. Want to know what the Republicans are doing right? They’re not acting like uncultured animals that have to destroy everything in sight.

Social Justice Warriors, Antifa, and even Black Lives Matter, as well as Patriot Prayers and any and every group that walks the streets, blocks the streets, attacks anyone that has a different ideal than they do, and basically make public nuisances of themselves are a ridiculous lot that operate on the mob mentality as they gather one follower after another that agrees not to think and instead consents to become a part of the maddening lump of humanity that exists to cause little more than evidence that humanity is in fact sliding down the evolutionary scale.

What happened to stand united or fall divided? Oh wait, without a Democratic president it falls apart since the tender little snowflakes melt when they don’t get their way. Oh yes, Republicans are the same in many regards, but Democrats, you’re seriously showing the world that you are more than willing to resort to a three-year old mentality the moment your views are challenged, congrats, now go change your Huggies.


You May Not Like It, But I’m Saying It


Well, the picture should say that there are only two sexes but this was as close as I could find. If this triggers you then you might want to look away because the fact remains, as it has since humanity first came to recognize their existence, that there are TWO BIOLOGICAL SEXES. Yes, there are intersex individuals, but typically throughout history they’ve become one or the other as their dominant traits take hold. The only underlying truth is that no matter how ‘fluid’ you want your gender to be, your chromosomes and your genitalia don’t float along with your ideals.

That’d be kind of disturbing really.

The moment you’re born your sexual identity is noticed by the doctors that are there to bring you into the world, and almost never has it happened that someone was born without one set of equipment or the other. If they were then sexual identity would be the least of their problems. As it turns out however the day we’re born we’re granted our sex by nature, in fact we’re given this before we ever have to come naked and screaming into this world where things are supposed to make sense but rarely do.

And people want to say that they identify as this or that, a man or a woman no matter what their actually biological makeup is. That’s fine, that’s your right, but claiming that there are more than two sexes, apart from the atypical intersex individuals that still need to make a biological choice, is something akin to denying a part of what makes you human.

Those that defend this and firmly believe that there are uncounted genders and sexes are far too easy to insult as their fantasy, which they call reality, is so deeply-ingrained in their minds that one might find it difficult, perhaps impossible, to remind them that science has in fact identified that once a person is born male or female that doesn’t change no matter how much they try to alter what’s on the outside. So they identify as the opposite sex, great, that’s their choice and no one can speak against it.

But there are two sexes, two well-identified genders that have existed long before any of us here, and both history and science have supported it. The patriarchy has nothing to do with this, the system didn’t create this, nature did. If you’ve got beef, take it up with whoever decided that two was enough.

Existing In the Middle


Oh people, our world is split down the middle it seems, at least on some days. But at the same time many people insist that being in the middle is only for those that want to be torn apart by those that will condemn them for being complacent enough to not choose a side. In other words, if you’re not for one side or the other, there are plenty of people that are willing to assume you’re supporting the opposing side either through your silence or because you just don’t care.


The middle is, quite honestly, where people want to make a difference while still holding onto the things that work. It’s where those of us that exist in relative peace with one another are willing to move forward based on our differences and how we can find similarities that can offset them in an effort to make our society work. It’s where people go that want to live their lives rather than get triggered over the slightest insult or become enraged by the imagined slights that the world has offered them.

Bad things have happened in this world, bad things still happen, and there’s no denying that our history as human beings involves us doing horrible things to one another in the past and even now. But the middle is where you go to find a solution, while the right and the left are where you go in order to blame the other side for this or that without being willing to find a compromise of any sort. The left and the right are where a person can go to shed all responsibility for their own actions, decisions, and beliefs while condemning the other side for their lack of insight into their way of life.

You know what else the middle is for? We get to live our lives and laugh at the left and right as they try to make the world a better place in their own image, taking one step for every four or five that they fall back.

It’s damned hilarious some days.

You Might Not Like It, But I’ll Say It


This world is getting crazier by the day and it seems as though it’s picking up speed. The issues that we face each and every day are getting to the point that we can’t live with one another largely because our ideals are so different and so opposed that simply speaking to one another tends to end in shouting and name-calling and is eventually reduced to physical altercations that do or do not involve the police.

Why though?

There are a lot of reasons, but among the most troubling at this point are those that are inspired by political issues. Feminism, hate speech, social justice warriors, Antifa, Patriot Prayer, and so on and so forth are missing the point of what it means to be human. There are those that mean well, that practice the idea of integrating ideas and seeking out compromise. But quite honestly those that fall in and practice the mob mentality and know little if anything about the true issue that is being represented have become a massive problem since too many of them have opinions that are only half-formed and are trained to spit half-formed rhetoric that fails in the face of any logical discourse.

In other words, they don’t know enough about the issues to argue in an intelligent manner, and those that believe they do are often those that simply don’t understand that they’re a broken record that keeps spouting the same thing over and over. Here are a few things that might trigger a few people, but they’re going to be said.

Antifa, you’re useless. You show up spoiling for a fight and in the process aggravate people more than anything and spit hateful rhetoric that you just barely understand. You cry racism and fascism but in truth you don’t seem to get the fact that you condemn people that have nothing to do with either issue. Your entire organization, which according to you isn’t organized at all, is a gang of thugs that cower behind masks and refuse to speak when others simply try to get your point of view.

Feminists, you’re not all wrong, but you’re not all right either. So we have an asshole for a president, there’s no argument against that. But we do have a president, and if you can’t respect the man, which is understandable, then at least respect the office. But also understand that equality is great, that it’s important, and that women should be treated equally. But it doesn’t mean you get all the benefits without the downsides. If you want to be treated equal to men, then you get the downsides of it as well, as you don’t get to cherry-pick from the things you wanted and things you don’t.

Patriot Prayer and social justice warriors, you get lumped into the same bin no matter if you like it or not, since you, along with Antifa, are highly disruptive and tend to annoy, trouble, and inconvenience those that have nothing to do with your misguided protests and have been caught in the middle or made to change their lives in order to simply avoid you and your moronic attempts to speak out against one another. You want to tear at one another? Fine. Do it somewhere that people that need to use the roads and parks you inhabit and use won’t have to listen to your incessant babbling about this or that.

You didn’t like this? Oh well, you read it, didn’t you?

Boom. That just happened.


Does Anyone Have An Answer?


Of course people have their own answers within their own parties. They have answers that make sense to them, and they have answers that leave them well-ensconced in their comfort zones. But what they don’t have is a universal answer that is good enough for everyone.


Our country is so divided by party that it’s become an us vs. them mentality that simply tears people apart and divides those that should by all means be working together to create a country that is at this point fraying at the seams and threatening to split apart entirely.

The Republicans that follow Trump (yes, there are those that are wondering how things got to this point) will speak all day about how Democrats are willing to simply let the country go to hell, to inspire those that are willing to find a public space and protest this or that, while the Democrats will respond with a vehement denial that anything the Republicans do is correct, that they practice hate speech, that the country is being run by a bully that spouts nonsense and hateful rhetoric that is going to bury the US at one point or another.

No side is willing to admit that there is a middle ground. To both sides the middle ground seems to be filled with cowards and those that refuse to commit because they either support the other side with their silence or are weak-minded individuals that would rather be quiet and let the world go to hell.

The middle-grounders are laughing at the parties however. We’re wondering when people will remember what it was like to be human, to respect one another and our different views, and to TALK, not yell at one another as we discuss ideas and not why we’re simply wrong in each other’s eyes.

Is that too hard?

Or is it too simple to remember in the whirling storm of complexities that’s been created?

Why It’s Hard to be Friends with Feminists

Let me rephrase that before anyone decides to take it the wrong way, as can happen in a big damned hurry. It’s not hard to be friends with a feminist, it’s hard to be friends with a feminist that uses the definition of feminism to gain an advantage over those that they think have wronged them. That might still draw the ire of those that believe that anyone and everyone that argues with their point of view of how women should be ruling the world and men should be made to understand their point of view by taking a back seat.

Sorry, that’s not how feminism works. If you want the definition, here you go:

Feminism is a range of political movementsideologies, and social movements that share a common goal: to define, establish, and achieve political, economic, personal, and social equality of sexes. This includes seeking to establish educational and professional opportunities for women that are equal to those for men.

Is that clear enough for the social justice warriors? “Equality of the sexes”, not just equality for women but equality for the sexes, meaning man and woman alike. And before we get into the different genders that have somehow sprung forth from the two biological genders that were established at the dawn of creation, consider this. Women that want more than their share of equality tend to want things to go their way but then decide they want to shirk the responsibility that comes with it. A good example would be a hardcore feminist that wants to be paid as much as a man, which isn’t an unreasonable expectation, but is only to work half as hard.

How does that work? It might work fine in the mind of the person getting the benefit, but to those that don’t live in the delusional world between that person’s ears working harder to gain more is an immutable fact of life that doesn’t get trumped by someone’s desire to work less and get paid just as much. If you want the equality then you work for it, you earn it, and hopefully if there’s any justice in our system you will get it.

There’s no doubt that for quite some time women have gotten a raw deal, and that feminism is not inherently bad, so long as its tenets are followed and people don’t start using it much in the same way many religious figures want to use their religion, as a means to justify what is done and how they believe when it’s convenient. If that’s the case then feminism has lost its meaning in that moment, and is less of an idea than a social demand that carries little to no weight.

If you want an example of failed feminists, here you go: