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My Kids are Monsters!

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My house has monsters,

Yes it’s true

It’s an infestation,

A ghastly coup.

They eat us out of house and home

they bounce of walls and floor.

Their noisy wherever they may roam

they have energy to spare and more.

There’s no way to contain them, no cage I can use

that they won’t bust apart.

But any of those monsters I’d hate to lose,

Since they’ve gone and stolen my heart.

-just a little something to say how no matter how much of a monster your kid or kids can be, you still love them no matter what, noise, stains, destruction and all.

Who’s Being Persecuted Today?


America seems to have forgotten what the world ‘unity’ means. In fact it’s a wonder that it’s ever known the word outside of what was felt when 9/11, an anniversary that is fast approaching, occurred. Many would cite that this country has pulled together through thick and thin in many eras, but the truth of it is that there is always some dissent no matter what time period we’re living in. It’s happened since the nation was founded, and likely it will continue to happen since this nation is built upon many different foundations.

Too many people feel ‘persecuted’ when in fact they’re afraid of something they don’t understand.

Persecution has in fact happened many times in the US since it was founded and most times it’s been real it has been ultimately damaging to those that have been made to suffer. Yet in this day and age the persecution continues despite the repeated lesson of the past thanks to fear, lack of understanding, and a severe lack of being able to reach a compromise in terms. People aren’t willing to back down from the stance they’ve taken and come to agreements about much of anything these days, which has led to a severe division within the country that many have simply rolled over and accepted. Others have assimilated, telling themselves there’s no better choice even if their beliefs don’t always hold true with their accepted group.

Anymore, those that feel that others are disagreeing with their way of life or their beliefs feel as though they’re being persecuted, when in truth the freedom to speak your mind is an American right. It doesn’t matter if we don’t like it, people have the right to believe and to speak as they will. It doesn’t mean we have to listen, or even pay attention.

Persecution only happens when you put stock in the words of the other person. If your conscience is that guilty then of course you’ll feel as though you’re being attacked.

There are those that suffer persecution in a very real sense and the ordeals they go through need to stop.

It isn’t privilege to say that people need to treat others as human beings and not degrade them. It’s a desire to see human beings finally get along with one another in a world where too many differences drive us apart on a continual basis. Is anyone else tired? Is anyone else a bit fed up with the constant attacks that go back and forth when people disagree? It’s come to the point when a person can barely mutter what political affiliation they belong to, or who they voted for, without causing a fight or a full-scale riot. Those that feel persecuted and those that truly are have suffered enough in their lives, and yet some of them have turned on their heel and decided to fire back.

You can’t blame them. Trying to turn the other cheek is harder than it sounds and at some point someone is going to finally turn an about face and deck their persecutor in the mouth, either figuratively or literally. At the risk of sounding negative or too forward individuals like TaLynn Kel, a fellow writer and blogger, have been through a lot in their lives admittedly and have had to pull their punches a lot of times. Unfortunately with some of them this has created a rather bitter side that wants to continue the fight by turning around and firing back at anyone and everyone that shares the same skin color as their oppressors.

You want peace? You want to stop the persecution? Realize that people aren’t out to get you on a daily basis and calm down. Talk to people, and if you don’t like what they have to say, then move on.

Persecution is about making someone the victim, and the moment you stop listening to such hype you make it known that you refuse to be the victim.

Everyone Breaks (part VI)



Origin (formerly Long Beach Peninsula)

May 8th, 2073

It went without saying that he probably shouldn’t be here. But of the places he’d been in his life no place had ever pulled him closer than this one. He’d lived across the bay for longer than many, but never had he dared to come to this shore. It wasn’t just the monsters that lived in the bay, it wasn’t even the legend of the caretaker that was said to expel or kill anyone that dared to cross the distance. It was that he knew what it meant to respect something, and someone. Whoever this caretaker was, Seth had always felt that he didn’t expel people just because he felt like it. There had to be reason why the individual felt the need to keep this place private.

He’d studied as much history as could be found about the place called Origin. He’d learned about the native tribes that had once called it home, and how they’d been run off by white settlers, then promised land but still never been given what had once been rightfully theirs. He’d read about how it had changed throughout the years, how it had become a permanent residence for so many, a logging town, a vacation destination, and eventually a place where people had congregated in great numbers to enjoy themselves. The histories had ended shortly after the year 2000, as the tragedy that had befallen the world had come.

He’d only been alive for the past century, but he’d known enough about the land called Origin to know that it was sacred ground to some and a curiosity to others. Simply setting foot on it was not something one just did with impunity, especially not given the current history of the place.

It was where the Chosen had been born.

(to be continued)

Don’t Get ‘Em Mad (part VI)


Planet: Buluake

City: Kualtal Capital

Unfortunately the fight hadn’t ended there, much as Nal had figured it wouldn’t. Canin’s weren’t known for being solitary creatures, as they tended to travel in packs of four or five at least. This particular Canin had been one of six, all of whom had seen the fight start, had kept their distance, and had then decided to advance on Nal as he’d gone back to his drink, perhaps thinking that he was no match for all of them. Normally they’d be right, but with as drunk as Nal had been getting he’d been feeling no pain, not even the scratches that the first Canin had inflicted on the side of his head.

“Idea good think is it?” he’d asked as he’d turned around. All five remaining Canins were rather bulky, more so than their friend, but all of them had similar markings upon their fur as the first one. They might have been the same clan or even siblings, but it didn’t matter. Nal had made his point, and he would make it again if he had to.

“For waiting you what are?” Nal grinned at them, his teeth flashing as the Canins rushed him.

He dealt with the first one, a heavyset specimen with large, wide paws that sought to grab Nal by the sides of his his bulbous head. Ducking down he avoided this and then allowed the Canin to feel his displeasure. He didn’t rake his claws along the brute’s belly as it was guarded by a protective vest that would have taken too much of the blow. Instead Nal rolled along the floor, somersaulting until he was behind the big Canin and could slash at his unprotected ankles. His right claws tore through fur, hide, and flesh, parting them easily as the Canin uttered a high, pained howl before his leg buckled and he went down.

Nal was relying solely on sound at this point as the protective covering had come down over his eye and blinded him. He didn’t need to see however as he felt a furred arm reach for him and try to encircle his neck. His left hand was reaching up as he quickly found the attackers elbow. His claws sank inward as he ripped them down and away, opening the flesh of the creature as the arm was suddenly gone.

The bar around him was eerily quiet aside from the Canin’s. It was shame they didn’t notice.

(to be concluded)

Privilege? Really?


Let’s get out what’s sure to be the fuse if enough people see it: being white and male is not entirely popular when it comes to a broader worldview at this time. Why is that? Because white males seem to hold all the strings, they have all the buttons and know how and when to push them, and thus they have all the power. Is that about right? White males have all the advantages? We basically run this place?

Oh how hollow that sounds when you’re a white male that is being told to check his privilege all the time, in fact almost every time you open your mouth. It wouldn’t matter if you’re a beggar on the streets or someone that put in the kind of work it takes to make a fortune and sweat and bleed for every cent. You’d still be seen as a white, privileged, male.

I won’t sit here and cry about being persecuted because it hasn’t hit that stage yet. Right now it’s at the moment when white males are being put on blast continuously because of what so many white males have done in the past. We’re a menace because we don’t realize our own privilege? Is that clear to everyone? Is it clear that being born a certain color and a certain gender (yes, physically-speaking there are TWO main genders) automatically puts you in the running for being singled out as being privileged. Hell, the moment you take a breath as a white male seems to mean that your privileged as someone else being born a different race or color might have to work that much harder to get that single breath out.

A little much? Maybe, but maybe not.

Bad stuff did happen in the past, and it still happens now, but being asked to apologize for it is like asking the Germans born in the past two decades to apologize for WWII.

Why? Why do we need to keep apologizing for the things our ancestors did? Why do we continue to bear the mark of their sins? Yes bad things happened then, horrible things that ripped people to pieces. And bad things happen now, but unless you’re the person doing those bad things, then it doesn’t pay to damn anyone of the same color, race, or ethnicity for it. Do you blame all those that came from the Middle East for 9/11? Do you blame all people that are black for gang shootings? Do you blame one entire race for everything that several people within their ranks did? Will you condemn a white male child for the sins of an ancestor they never knew?

I really hope your answer is no, because if it’s not then you’re starting to show the privilege you’ve been given to hate another for no reason.

Reparations for those that survived such horrible ordeals should be expected.

Those people that are still alive that can remember the horrors that they were put through and the unfair treatment deserve an apology, from the people that did such things, not those that had no hand in it. No one is complicit for the actions that were committed before they were ever born, no matter how horrible. That it happened at all is a blight on the history of America and the world, but that those born in this era and after will be asked to apologize for it on a continual basis is a fallacy that needs to be corrected.

You want true history to be known? That’s fine, let’s write it in, let’s make sure it’s taught as it really was so people don’t ever forget. But don’t ask the descendants of those that committed such atrocious acts to apologize for something they never did. That is an insult to those that suffered, and flawed thinking by those that would desire such a thing.

Yes, because everything we do is due to privilege.

The late nights studying, working, making sure that there’s enough in the bank account to take care of one’s family, the constant worry that we’re not making enough, that we’re not doing enough, and that at any moment anything could happen that might leave our family bereft our presence and support is a privilege. Are you joking now? Yes people from different walks of life have different advantages. Yes, it’s not always equal. But yes, it’s also because those that came before us did what they could to make sure we would have this life, that we would be able to continue forward as we are now.

It’s true that a lot of white males do have that privilege and use it to great extent. But from one white male that’s been a step away from the gutter, don’t lump us together with the assholes that can’t see what they’ve got or how they use it. That must be my white privilege talking, right?

It will keep talking until eyes are opened on both sides. Working for your due and doing what’s best for your family is a responsibility, but it is also a privilege. Why will I not apologize for being white and male? That’s simple, because I’ve hurt no one and don’t intend to forget that our world is very unfair and has harbored some truly dark times. Bad things will continue to happen to people in this world, it’s an inescapable part of being human, and has little to do with our skin color or how much privilege we have. The best we can do for it is open our eyes, ALL OF US, and realize who is truly responsible, and who is simply trying to get by.

What is “Natural” About Pedophilia?

The argument for pedophiles being harmless is a difficult one to make and one that many would gladly scoff at since the idea has spread like wildfire throughout society that pedophiles are to be guarded against and promptly punished for their sexual preference. Pedophiles are attracted to young children, typically under the age of 13, and as disgusting as this is, it seems to be hardwired into the brains of many individual, millions in fact. The chance that you might even know someone that harbors this mental disorder, and it is a disorder make no mistake, is quite great considering that there are enough pedophiles walking the earth to populate a country.

The obvious answer to pedophilia being natural is that no, it is not, in any way, shape or form. Like it or not however some people are born with this proclivity, and it’s about as easy to train out of them as it is to teach a person not to breathe. This disorder, as unpopular as it is and as likely as it is to get these people in serious trouble if they make it known, is a part of who they are. While a lot of us, present company included, don’t agree with pedophiles and could happily do without them, they are unfortunately a part of this world and a part of our society.

The difference between a pedophile and a child molester is that a pedophile doesn’t always act on their impulses.

Child molesters are also not always pedophiles, as sexually abusing a child doesn’t require one to be a pedophile, no matter what people say. It will certainly get them labeled as such, and the punishment they’ll receive upon being sent to prison is far worse than anything a judge could hand down, but child molesters are not always pedophiles. Many pedophiles that either don’t let their secret be known or find away to remain a part of society after their secret is out tend to keep their secret impulses at bay and live in constant fear of the wrong person finding out what they prefer when it comes to their sexual habits.

It might sound rather harsh and even a little cruel, but from a personal standpoint this is something that pedophiles are wise to do, as outing themselves to the world is asking for the widespread hatred of those that are like them to be delivered upon their heads by the fearful and paranoid. Pain and death are the only likely possibilities in many parts of the world for pedophiles that make themselves known.

One might argue that it is a lonely and frightening existence that many could not possibly understand.

Whether you’re a parent or not the idea of another human being, especially an adult, touching your child in sexual manner or anything that crosses the line is a constant fear that one lives with. The fear of physical retribution by those that don’t understand their lifestyle would make the life of a pedophile quite difficult, and there is no doubt that unless they have some type of support that they stand alone and afraid. But the fear of a parent is quick to turn to anger if someone acts upon their impulses, and as a result the life of a pedophile either remains secret or finds solace in like-minded individuals.

The middle ground for pedophiles is to simply stay away from areas that are heavily populated by families, which is also quite tough for some people.

Despite being a natural occurrence, attraction towards children is not acceptable.

This issue is unfortunately very real. It is too easy to hate, and too easy to point fingers and judge. Those pedophiles that don’t act on their impulses are still reviled, and personally I won’t stand up for them, but I won’t raise a hand against them unless they succumb to those urges. Children are not meant to be sexual beings, as they are innocent and are meant to stay that way until they begin to learn what the world around them has to offer. The days of being wed before the age of adolescence are gone, the days of thinking children are mature by the time they are teenagers are gone. Children are meant to be carefree and to not know the ways of men and women until they are old enough to understand what such emotions and physical actions mean.

That being said, I myself have children, and would gladly stomp the identifying body part of any pedophile to mush if they so much as looked at my children in the wrong manner. But to those pedophiles that successfully resist those urges I say only one thing: keep doing it. Keep away from children no matter what your mind tells you, no matter what your urges beg you to do.

Pedophiles are a part of our society unfortunately, and will likely never be accepted.

The Angel vs. The Demon in Me


There are two sides to every person at the very least, those that are controlled by the baser, more insistent urges that compel us to do what we want, to fulfill our desires regardless of what the cost might be, and to simply enjoy life in any way we see fit without regard for anyone or anything else. There are no morals to this side, no ethics, no law, only pure, basic desire that fuels us and allows for our every wish to be fulfilled. Our darker halves don’t care what happens to others so long as we’re sated, nor does it allow for the kind of compassion that keeps the human race moving forward. It is the side that many seek to deny and many more try to quell on a daily basis as to give in is to accept that there is no meaning to life other than to take what you desire and disregard the rest.

Then there is the side that values others, values life, and seeks to make sense of one’s environment through rationalization and a strong moral code that allows for ethical and rational thinking. There is compassion to this side, a sense of caring that leads to deep, meaningful bonds between individuals that strengthen both and yet weaken them at the same time. This side is far harder to cultivate as it demands much and gives little in the short term but grants great rewards should one stick it out and be patient. The intrinsic feelings that are granted by this side of ourselves are wonderful as they allow people to believe that they are worthy of the attention that others bestow upon them and are grateful for everything they have. In many ways this side is stronger because it requires more fortitude, discipline, and overall strength than anything else.

Yet the dark side of our nature is equally strong, as the temptation to do the wrong thing becomes too great for some and can twist the meaning of anything to its own ends. Yet the darkness can be tempted just as easily by the light, and the constant warring between the two is what makes a human being who they are.

Do you give into the darkness from time to time? Do you stray from the light? Or do you war within your mind over what to do, trying to do what’s right, what’s just, and what you know to offer the higher path?

Many people would argue that they stand for the path of righteousness, that their inner demons have no hold over them, and that they work their hardest to allow their light to shine through.

Personally, I let my inner demons out to play quite often. The worst, the most virulent, and the most disturbing are kept chained and locked away, left to only whisper their poison from afar so that I might take from it what I may, inspiration enough to do what it is that I do, and to fuel the fires that create what spills upon the page. Like many people my light wars with my darkness, and it is a battle that some people would claim the light will always win.

But not mine. Mine will forever create bright skies stained by flames and the touch of conflict, as that is how life is. That is how inspiration remains alive, and that is how a writer survives. Our minds must be the stuff of nightmares from time to time, punctuated only by the gleaming, silvery light that fends it away when needed. A razor’s edge is what a lot of us walk, and that edge is what helps keep us from becoming entirely sane, or descending headfirst into madness.

Our angels and our demons will never rest, because they are the reason why we are who we are.

Be touched by the darkness, and redeemed by the light, but never shy away from the conflict between the two.

The General Response to Paedophiles


So what’s the general response? Making a case for pedophilia being normal is not going to go over well with many people. So it’s a mental defect now, something that can’t be undone. So be it, but an adult fantasizing and finding attraction to a child is still not right, no matter how hardwired it is into their brain. Even if they don’t act on it they should feel hesitant to come out to others with this sordid fact. Many pedophiles live in abject fear of what might happen to them if they so much as whisper what turns them on, and many parents would agree that this is wise of them, as those with children will attest that should anyone even look at their kids in a lustful manner they might find themselves being outed on the spot.

It might seem cruel, it might even seem vindictive, but so long as this behavior stays private and in their own homes and minds it won’t be persecuted. Once inside their own private space there’s nothing to stop a person from looking at what they want or fantasizing how they will, no matter how appalling it seems to others. But in general, the idea about pedophiles is that their fear is warranted, because people are bound and determined to protect their kids from any and all perceived threats.

Many pedophiles these days claim they don’t act on their urges.

This is something that’s very hard for a parent or anyone else for that matter to believe. The paranoia that has gone into describing pedophiles has made it just about impossible to not think the most negative thoughts in regards to those that would dare touch a child in a way that’s not consensual. While there are obviously those that resist the urges and only fantasize but don’t engage there are still enough out there that might not identify as pedophiles but still engage in the act.

The fear this brings to the general populace when it comes to their children is a noxious cloud that can easily sweep across entire cities, states, and regions as the very idea of an adult putting their hands on child in such a way inspires visions of violence the likes of which many pedophiles are right to fear.

There are female pedophiles too.

Yes, women can be pedophiles too, no matter how unlike it might seem. TV movies have been made of this but of course men doing it seems so much worse so it becomes more of an issue. But women are just as guilty of it and just as capable. The gender-bias that is lent to certain acts and beliefs in life is swiftly being knocked aside as women are proving that they are every bit of capable of cruelty and aggressive and damaging behavior as men are. While they might not be threatened in the same way as men when they’re found out the upside is that they are bound to be punished just as severely.

Some might argue that women have a maternal instinct that makes this impossible. That argument’s been null and void for a long time.

The punishment for pedophiles that don’t resist the urge to harm children is not steep enough in some peoples’ opinions.

I won’t go into detail over what some folks would love to see happen to pedophiles, but in the back of your mind you should be able to think of the many different tortures that some parents and even those that are offended by such behavior would like to see happen, even though it never does. Despite their destructive behaviors no pedophile will ever be given a sentence any harsher than the law allows. Yet if you follow what you read on the internet, which is not the most reliable source but can still grant some truths, you’ll find that pedophiles don’t always get off so easily.

Prison life for a pedophile that becomes known by their crime can become a living hell. For whatever reason their assailants wish to use, pedophiles tend to be placed on the bottom rung of prison society, or close to it. Many of them have been killed, constantly harassed, and beaten to a bloody pulp. Some claim this to be fiction, but former inmates have told their stories and have been rather convincing, especially since there have been actual reports to substantiate such events. While it might not happen as often as Hollywood would have us believe, pedophiles are in fact given a rather hard sentence when they’re sent to prison, but not by the judge.

What a person thinks about and fantasizes about in the comfort of their own home or in a private space away from others is their business, however foul it might be in the case of a pedophile. But in public, and where it can be seen, pedophiles have a right to be afraid, and a very big reason to be worried. Their sexual fantasies towards children are something that a lot of parents won’t abide, and should they be made public then it becomes an issue that many parents will gladly take into their own hands if need be.


The Generations That Built Tough

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Nearly every generation wants to blame one another for how things are now, and Millennials have been on the blame block for a while now. It’s true that some among their numbers don’t make a lot of sense and try to introduce insane new fashion trends and have strange ideas about how the world should work, but blaming one generation in particular for the ills of the world is kind of pointless really since the problems in this world came long before the Millennials were even around.

Generations past that built ‘tough’ individuals continuously want to pull the ‘been there, done that’ angle, and it’s true, they have. They have every right to say that they’ve been through harder times, that they’ve seen the actual bottom of the barrel. But they’re not the only ones. The generations of today and of decades past have seen hardships too, and they’re not to be discounted due to age or the fact that technology has done away with a great deal of the hardship that was present back in the bygone eras of our ancestors.

Life deals people a hard turn no matter the generation.

Thanks to technology and the evolution of society people are living longer, they’re living better, and they have a greater chance to make something of themselves. But many people are still given a hard deal when it comes to the game of life and have to play it out as best they can. Those that have come before sometimes find it too easy to dismiss these hardships by citing what they had to go through while growing up and don’t seem to take into account that life is not fair no matter what generation you’re born into. The idea that they had it so much worse is a concrete belief in their mind that doesn’t allow for anything to top it.

A person that had it rough growing up shouldn’t be able to discount a person that’s had absolutely nothing growing up. Being dealt a band hand in life has nothing to do with generation.

Of course things were harder in the past.

Grousing about how easy people have it these days with technology and all the chances it affords them is a pointless argument for anyone to make since it’s too obvious that technology does manage to give people an edge that wasn’t there just a handful of decades back. Up until the 90s the internet wasn’t anything but a tool for the military and cell phones were the size of bricks with about the same level of reception. Today people are able to access anything they want thanks to Google and the phones that many people carry around are able to do just about everything a regular PC can do.

Back before all this was possible newspapers were still the favored method of getting the news, phones were attached to the wall and had a rotary dial, and even further back than that, technology was a thing that was thought to be more fiction than science. So yes, technology has made a lot of things easier. But in some ways it’s made it too easy.

Every generation builds tough individuals, not just past ones.

It’s very true that decades ago men and women had to be tougher, they had to work harder for their money and tended to get less of it. They had to work hurt, sick, and in conditions that would appall those living today. That kind of tough was unavoidable since it was the norm and it was what was expected of them. In today’s world such things rarely exist any longer since the safety-minded among us have decreed that we need to take any and every precaution simply because something MIGHT happen at any given moment. We’re no longer safe from one another on the street, in our homes, or anywhere we might roam. So we’ve essentially traded one set of hardships for a whole new batch of hardships that the generations of the past didn’t have to deal with.

As a result, each generation must grow tougher and harder in response to the new dangers and hardships they face. While the older generations can say that they didn’t need such things as ‘safe spaces’, the younger ones can at least say that……well, what can they say to that?

Man At Arms: Reforged-Optimus Prime’s Sword

This thing is absolutely massive if that’s one of the first things you notice. The guys working at this shop are wizards when it comes to making weapons and this is one of their best by far. The sword itself is made from about at least 100 different pieces if not more and while the movie might not have been all that popular with fans the blade is extremely impressive. Watching it being built is kind of a joy since seeing how it comes together is a treat. While some of the techniques are new and some are fairly old school the finished result is something that you definitely can’t deny is simply amazing.

In the movie the blade is of course taller than a human being and probably much wider, but for this version the guys had to be able to wield it by the end, and as you can see at the finish it’s almost impossible to swing it around like they’ve done with the other weapons they’ve created. The process of making this blade is something that had to have taken a serious amount of man hours and many overnighters just to get it right and get it all finished the way it needed to be.

One thing in particular that’s been seen with other weapons is that the runes that line the flats of the blade are incredibly intricate and are done just as they appear on the blade in the movie. It might be more of a fan thing when talking about it, but this is simply too impressive to let pass, and the end result is a weapon that many people couldn’t even hold aloft let alone wield. But it’s awesome all the same.