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Go Ahead, Keep Poking the Bear

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If something offends you, just keep moving. Stop tearing down ...
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The American Liberal Summed Up By One Hilarious Meme

At some point those that are being called racist, bigoted, sexist, and any other name short of monster will be likely to turn around and give protesters a valid reason to call them such names. Why? Because they’ll grow tired of the constant complaining and give them the monsters they forgot existed. Poke the bear, go on, and eventually the bear won’t just bite, it’ll turn around and maul you to pieces. Learn to coexist and stop being offended over every damned thing.


Coming Soon (part IV)

California OKs movie theaters to reopen with limited seats

The next day flew by up until noon. Work was work, Destiny had just two more clients for the day and she’d already seen three. Thankfully everyone’s visit to their ‘favorite psychiatrist’ as she’d been deemed a while back had gone just fine, no serious problems and nothing to report but continued progress. Only one of the clients she’d seen had unnerved her a bit, as she’d heard something in the young woman’s voice that she’d put off to stress and the uncertainty of being a teenage mother, or nearly a teenage mother. Patricia Ormond was a sweet young black woman just out of high school and just turned 18 and was three months pregnant, a condition that was apparently meant to happen considering that she’d admitted that she and her boyfriend had been using protection and she’d been on the pill since she turned 16.

Thankfully her mother and father were pleased to know that they would be grandparents, and her boyfriend was sticking around to be a father, but she’d still felt apprehensive about the whole thing apparently, which didn’t surprise Destiny in the least.

“Do you ever feel like something, or someone, is just sitting there, watching, waiting, kind of setting up your life as it goes along? Like there’s no set plan, like fate could just, reach out and grab you whenever it wants?”

That had set Destiny’s nerves to jangling slightly, though she’d hidden it well as she had answered as plainly and as honestly as she could. Destiny believed in fate quite a bit, as did her parents, hence her name. But when it came to feeling that fate was out to get you, she also believed, as she’d told Patricia, that a person’s fate might have been pre-determined, but the choices a person made were what controlled how the story went. As a personal belief it wasn’t something that she would typically share with a client, but she’d seen that Patricia had needed comforting in that moment, and had said the first thing that had come to mind.

Now, sitting in her chair, debating what to do before her next appointment, Destiny felt her heart skip a beat for some reason as she hit the green button to receive the call. Placing the phone against her ear the first thing she could hear was a faint, hitching sob.

“Mom?” she said, feeling a sudden wave of dread come over her.

“Destiny,” her mother replied in a hitching voice, “Honey, something happened to Gerald.”

(to be continued)

Coming Soon (part III)

California OKs movie theaters to reopen with limited seats

Her brother’s face was a raw, red mass of weeping tissue, his mouth was little more than a gaping hole that an unending scream appeared to be coming from as he leaned closer, closer…

“Hey!” he said as she blinked, uncertain of what had just happened, “You okay?”

“Yeah,” Destiny replied, “I ah, I, was just zoning out for a second there.”

Gerald looked at her with a smirk, “You gettin’ freaky visions or something like that?”

“Why would you ask that?” Her blood felt like ice in her veins at that moment, but she continued to move about as normal, placing her small black purse on an end table as they walked into the living room together.

“I dunno, it’s just the way you looked, kind of like people look in the movies when they’ve seen something all freaky.”

“You just surprised me, that’s all,” she said. Looking to her husband where he was sitting on the couch she asked, “How are they doing?”

“They’re up a touchdown”, he replied, not looking at her, “but that damned Wilson’s like a cat,nobody can catch him, and the damned Seahawks are within field goal range.”

“And that’s bad?” she asked with a smirk, sitting next to him as he snorted. She didn’t know much about the NFL but she did know that her father and husband were both big Broncos fans, and ever since the 2013 Super Bowl the Bronco’s had been looking for payback after a serious drubbing at the hands of the team they were playing now. As Destiny watched her brother take a seat across the room she decided that maybe what she’d seen was due to stress, or something else work-related. But when the game came back on she found it easy enough to think about anything else.

(to be continued)

Coming Soon (part II)

California OKs movie theaters to reopen with limited seats

She was still brooding just a bit when they arrived at her parents’ house, where she’d left her car and her husband, who’d wanted to watch some football game with her father. As her mother pulled into the driveway however she noted a dark blue pickup truck on the right hand side of the driveway, as did her mother.

“Oh look,” she said pleasantly, “Your brother decided to stop by.”

Destiny felt her heart racing a little quicker, but she did her best to keep her voice level as she replied, “I wonder what he’s up to.”

“Well, let’s go find out.” Her mother smiled at her as she pulled up to the garage, shifting the car into park before turning off the engine and stepping out of the car, taking the key as she went. At her age it was impressive that she was so agile, or at least it was to Destiny, who felt fortunate to still be able to hit the gym now and again and not hear a new creak or groan from her body when stretching.

Making her way into the house behind her mother Destiny was paying more attention to the moans and groans of displeasure from the living room off to the left than she was to anything else. A grin stole across her lips despite her misgivings from just a bit earlier as it was likely that her father and husband were either watching their team lose or had seen a less than impressive play. She didn’t even see the person behind and to the right of her until he bumped into her forcefully enough to cause her to stumble as she cried out in surprise.

“Whoa sis,” her brother, Gerald, said as he reached out to steady her, “Time to switch to decaf maybe?” He chuckled as she righted herself, letting her go as she took a breath before turning around to look at him. As her eyes met his thought it was all she could do not to scream.

(to be continued)

Coming Soon (part I)

California OKs movie theaters to reopen with limited seats

There was a sound in the seat next to her, but her mind only barely registered the fact that it was her mother, talking about the movie, and how much she’d loved the main actor in it, and blah, blah, blah. She couldn’t focus on the voice of the woman that had birthed her though, not now, because she was somehow too obsessed with the horrific thing she’d witnessed while watching the movie, something her mother obviously hadn’t caught no matter how easy it had been to see. Likely her mother had thought it was just another part of the movie, something that was there and gone so quickly that-

“Hey!” her mother said suddenly, tapping her on the arm, “Are you listening?”

Destiny jumped a bit in her seat, realizing she’d been turned towards the window and away from her mother. Looking back to see those green eyes flecked with blue that were so much like her own, and the dark red hair that was slowly turning white in spots, she felt a small measure of the concern that she’d held melt away at that moment.

“You were zoning out,” her mother said with a grin, “Is everything okay?”

“Yeah,” Destiny replied, “Yeah I’m fine, just thinking is all.” It was a poor lie, but her mother, bless her heart, had always been quick to believe pretty much anything she told her, and didn’t speak on it any further. Instead she started speaking about something else, as was her habit. Doris Faith was the kind of woman that would likely talk until her last breath left her, as some might say, but Destiny kept one ear open as her mind went back to the scene she’d witnessed on the big screen less than an hour ago.

She’d gone to see a movie with her mother as they typically did, only this time they’d needed to use the drive-in thanks to the damned virus still going around the nation. It had brought back a few memories as her parents had taken her to a few drive-ins when she’d been little, and the movie had been an older one, which made the scene she’d noticed all the more disturbing. It wasn’t so much the context however, since action movies tended to have a great deal of collateral damage and people often just disappeared from the movie after a brief time on screen.

It was the fact that she’d seen someone she’d known on the screen, someone that had never acted a day in his life, and was currently unemployed and looking for work like so many in the USA at this point.

She’d seen her brother, moments before he was engulfed by a gout of flame that immolated him on the spot.

(to be continued)

It’s Been Done (part VI)

Looking through the lens of history: 1960s versus today

The way things are now, I can’t really see the next epoch being as peaceful for that long, especially given that people have taken to calling each other the most vile names they can think of over virtually nothing. They argue over trivial concerns, they take arguments far beyond the main point, and they abuse one another in the name of other people, which has been done many, MANY times in the course of this species. It’s enough to make even an immortal wonder why any force would think of continuing this failed experiment. Yet something appears to find some saving grace in humanity after all this, some spark that hasn’t suffocated as of yet and can still keep the species alive. I’ve seen it, but as of yet, only a few select individuals have even noticed it.

Is humanity worth saving? That’s a good question, and one I might have said no to a long time ago. They don’t remember, they don’t care, and they don’t understand that it’s all been done before. They’ve played out this particular dance again and again without retaining the memory of what came before. Granted, if they were given some visual aid, some bit of evidence that civilizations before theirs had in fact reached beyond the confines of their planet, had indeed performed the very acts that they write about, perhaps they would put aside their trivial concerns and band together for once to stand against a much wider reality that is ready to pounce upon them at any given moment. But their shortsighted ways have kept them in the dark, secluded, and apparently safe, as any other species willing to subjugate them considers humanity a disease that’s best left untouched.

The Final Rotation is drawing near, and I can’t help but hope that this time humanity will find some inkling of wisdom during the coming epoch, some reason to finally lay aside their differences and simply exist alongside each other. But I fear that such a hope is in vain.

The End

It’s Been Done (part V)

Looking through the lens of history: 1960s versus today

Everyone thinks they’ve got it right, they think that they have a good handle on it, that they’ve found the secret of life, the meaning, the purpose behind everything. But for the most part, they all miss it for one key reason: they don’t want to see it.

That’s about it. They don’t want to see for their own various reasons, most of them because it doesn’t fit their narrative of what really happened, and a lot of them because they feel that they’re being lied to by the rest of them. I can understand that, really I can, since the divine spark that set them all in motion and in turn set them against each other at one time or another is in fact responsible for keeping them apart even as it preaches about togetherness. It’s a grand game really, to see who can fool who and who’s standing at the end. The Final Rotation is coming eventually I can tell, not just because of the timeline, but because the fall of humanity is already underway, and has been since one race apparently became dominant again.

It’s hard to call the light-skinned race the dominant one though, as they’ve taken to doing something that hasn’t really happened throughout the long and varied histories that humanity has gone through and forgotten. The white skins have attempted to share power, dividing their own faction so horribly and shaming one another into action that they’ve effectively divided themselves, and their darker-skinned brethren, along lines that are horribly blurred and couldn’t possibly be figured out by any of them at this point. It’s kind of funny really, like watching a muddy swirl be diluted into a clear pond after one steps into it. Sooner or later everything within the pond finds harmony and learns to coexist, as no one element can do without another, but cause a little ruckus, and things become clouded.

I almost can’t wait to see what’s going to happen after this current epoch is over.

(to be concluded)

Just A Reminder

For all you "pro-cop-killers" | Police quotes, Police wife life ...
Police Memes

For all those people that want to hamper the cops and make their lives harder, think about what happens if you need them and they’re not there. It’s a lesson many hope you’ll never need to learn.

Kind of An Easy Target, But Oh Well

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But, what about ‘walls are racist?’, oh you silly double standards…
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This is like inmates wanting to watch Cops….
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When no-planning adolescents run wild….
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Yeah, the more you wallow in your own uneducated stink, the less you can breathe….
Pictures and Tweets From Day Two of the Capital Hill Autonomous ...
That’s like asking for more drunks swinging full gas cans around a dumpster fire, isn’t it?

It’s said that ignorance is bliss, so the CHOP must be filled with the most blissful people in the world right now.