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Black Lives Matter Will Eat Their Own

Black Lives Matter Holds Rally Supporting Individuals Arrested in Chicago  Looting Monday – NBC Chicago

Portland, OR

            The reign of BLM, or Black Lives Matter, is hitting a few snags as of late, wouldn’t you say? Their own people being killed accidentally, the idea that black people are speaking out against them, and of course the continuing thought that they’re more of a terrorist group than a liberating force is building in a way that’s hard to deny, no matter how loudly some try. Black Lives Matter is a cause that has been taken up since before the murder of George Floyd or Breonna Tayler, or any of the other names that have been added to the list. But the amusing thing about BLM is that, black lives really only matter to them when it fits their narrative.

            Oh yes, I did say that, because if one looks around the country, around the continent, and if you’re ambitious enough, around the world, a lot of people are looking askance at BLM these days since they’ve decided to pick and choose where they want to fight their battles, and which causes they’ll champion and push to further their agenda. Now being fair, it’s easy to think that an organization that believes that they’re doing this much good can’t be everywhere at once, and has to pick their battles carefully. But to attack those are seeking to remain peaceful in these tense times and then claim that they belong to ‘hate groups’ to justify the vicious beatings they’ve received, is an effective smokescreen that a lot of people aren’t willing to look beyond at this time.

            Are you willing to go against the status quo and state that BLM is just as racist and as violent as any other group? If not, don’t feel too badly about it, since playing the victim and pulling the race card appear to be valuable skills in this day and age. Being decent to people is just so damned hard after all.

People Don’t Care About “Offensive” Statues

Here's Everything You Should Know About The Problematic And Racist Statues  Being Torn Down Across The Country

Denver, CO

            If a statue offends you, don’t look at it. If you have to pass by it to go to work, or from one place to another, don’t bother looking at it. Unless you absolutely feel the need to acknowledge that it’s there, it can’t hurt you. People don’t have a need to tear down statues, they have a desire to play a macabre game of ‘follow the leader’. One person speaks out, and keeps speaking out, making certain to speak the right buzz words to aggravate those that they know they can reach, and a movement is born. Like a bad case of diarrhea though, some movements are less desired than others as they tend to leave a mess behind and an ill feeling that can’t be wished away, but has to gradually leave on its own.

            People didn’t care about these “offensive” statues this vehemently years ago. So what changed? What happened to make hundreds of people suddenly feel threatened by an inanimate object that isn’t doing them any harm and has suffered more indignities than many of these so-called ‘woke’ individuals have in their entire lives? Someone played the flute or the fiddle just right and they stepped in line like a band of lemmings or mice, or rats to make it more accurate. At one time they were content to go about their way and ignore these silent sentinels of a past that many of us likely don’t agree with, but know better than to forget lest we repeat it. But hey, being offended is so much fun isn’t it? Ripping down a statue because it stands for racism is a great way to exercise, even if it’s not exercising your right to freedom of expression since, y’know, it’s technically vandalism.

            What’s that? Why are we crying that you tear them down? Oh no, tear them down, go ahead. We’ll be around when history comes around to remind you just why those statues were important.

When the Cops Don’t Care

I don't care about your prayers': Montreal cop suspended 15 days for  insulting Muslim man | CTV News

Hillsboro, OR

            As the call to defund police departments around the nation continues, many cities are having to deal with anti-police sentiment that has made life increasingly difficult for those on the force. The problem of course is that people continue to rage against the cops and push for more and more regulations that make it harder for police to do their jobs and limit what they can actually do. At what point will it occur that people are left to fend for themselves? Some would scoff at this and state that of course they don’t want the police gone entirely, but want the funds that go to the police allocated differently so as to fund other programs and organizations that would alleviate the workload of the police force. Really? Do they think anyone is buying this explanation? It’s fanciful and actually interesting to start with, but the day that a social worker chooses to deal with a crack addict that’s running naked through the neighborhood assaulting people and damaging property, then it might be feasible.

            Apart from that, people calling out every cop and stating that they’re all bad because of a few don’t get it. ‘A few bad apples’ is a horrible analogy at this point since it doesn’t work any longer. Of course the bad cops need to be punished, of course they need to fess up and face the consequences. But the cops that are trying to do their jobs and are being lumped in with those that are abusing their authority are taking the heat as well and are finding it difficult to report to work each day. When you call the cops and their response becomes “We’ll see what we can do” instead of “We’ll be right there”, it might be time to admit that things have gone too far.

The Top 10 Reasons to Love the Pacific Northwest

What does a Pacific Northwest English dialect sound like?

Let’s be honest, there are usually a lot of reasons to love your home, and a lot of people might agree, no matter where they live. It doesn’t matter if people think your home is a hell-hole or a paradise, to you it’s home, and there’s no place like it. Today I can’t be helpful but to live in the Pacific Northwest for a number of reasons that some people might not understand. Those that live here might agree at least that there are good things here to enjoy, while those that don’t like it can always pick up and head on down the road.

So here we go, since the PNW is home, and we love it.

10. There’s a great deal of culture here.

 People might not believe it all the time, but there is. The PNW is an area that thrives on culture and, despite any disagreement, enjoys a wide range of cultural appreciation.

9. The local cuisine is a rich and diverse blend of many different flavors.

            This kind of goes back to the culture, but it deserves being talked about in its own way, since the food that exists in the PNW comes from just about everywhere, and there’s a taste for every palette.

8. It’s a very diverse place in a geographical sense.

            Some people enjoy the desert, some enjoy the mountains, and others love the natural greenery that exists all around them. The PNW is a place that thrives on ‘to each their own’.

7. If you’re into hiking then this is one of the best places to do it.

            From waterfalls to beach trails to long, grueling nature hikes, the PNW is one of the best places in the world to go get lost in from time to time.

6. The natural wonders are impressive to behold.

            We might not have a Grand Canyon or the Tetons but we do have the Columbia Gorge as well as other notable landmarks that are every bit as impressive.

5. Coffee, because coffee is life after all for many of us.

            There are a few other places that might vie with the PNW for their sheer quantity and quality of the precious bean juice that so many of us desire, but here on the western edge of the states we happen to enjoy our morning pick-me up.

4. Our wildlife is simply amazing.

            Everyone throughout the country has their own wildlife that’s impressive, amazing, and majestic, but in the PNW we take pride in our wildlife and how it’s handled.

3. Our coastlines are simply beautiful.

            There’s a reason why so many pictures exist of the PNW when it comes to coastal life after all.

2. The sense of community is stronger than people think.

            It’s been a rough year to be certain, and people are cranky as they can be. But in harder times folks do tend to pull together.

  1. It’s home, plain and simple.

That’s about the size of it, and we’re proud to call this place home.

Portland Isn’t Lost

20 HONEST Pros and Cons of Living in PORTLAND, Oregon | 2020

Recently I sent out a request to speak to POC’s and white people alike from various walks of life in order to get their take on what’s happening in the world at this point and what they might think about the current issues happening downtown Portland, Oregon. The screening process was necessary unfortunately, but after finding several individuals it was possible to sit them down, practicing social distancing and the use of masks of course, to get their take on just what’s happening in Portland.

            Mike Connell is a young, gay black man attending PSU, Janine Alsone is a transgender Latina woman currently working as a Multnomah County clerk, Adelaide McComb is an elderly Puerto Rican-American that immigrated to the USA when she was 6 years of age with her family, and has owned and operated a small family store for years following her parents’ retirement and eventual passing. Jonas Dillin is a middle-aged white male that works at a local production company making machine parts, and Elizabeth Onsatt is a proud feminist (not third wave) that is taking classes at PCC while supporting herself and two children while working online as a data entry clerk. The interview was conducted in Waterfront Park.

Interviewer: Thank you all for coming today. I think we’ll just get into it and ask: Do you think there’s any hope for Portland?

Mike (shrugs): I don’t know really. BLM is making a mess of things and so are Antifa. People just want to say what they have to say, but the groups are making things worse.

Adelaide: Portland will survive I think. BLM and Antifa are ridiculous, many people realize this, but some have to be reminded is all. There are plenty of people out there that still want to respect their home and keep it in one piece. This will pass, just like everything else.

Jonas: A lot of people are scared right now, but I think that fear is the wrong thing to show. It’s hard not to, I get it, but Portland isn’t lost. I think Adelaide is right, this will pass, but it’s going to take a while.

Interviewer: What do you think needs to happen for Portland to be seen as safe again?

Elizabeth (scoffs): People need to remember that they’re free to begin with. As a feminist I believe in equality for everyone. The city and the system aren’t perfect, but no one’s putting a boot to a person’s neck unless they do something stupid. I think people forgot that cops don’t generally kill a person or harm them at all unless they have a damned good reason. It’s horrible that some cops do take it too far like with George Floyd, but that message is pretty well lost at this time.

Janine: Yeah it has. Plus, Portlanders and everyone else around the nation took up a cause that wasn’t theirs in the first place. I’ve gotten hell for being transgender before, but I’ve never lost a job or a life opportunity because of it. People can look at me any way they want, that’s not my responsibility. If Portland is going to go back to what it’s been people need to remember that not everything is their damned business. It seems to be working for the lot of us, when the media and society is telling us that people like us shouldn’t be able to coexist in the same space. Right?

Everyone nodded at this point and agreed heartily, and as the interview continued I couldn’t help but smile as each person gave an honest answer and described in detail their experience within Portland’s borders and how the stereotypes pushed by the media were nonsense. In the end the agreement was that Portland was not lost, it was simply waiting for the knots tied by the media and public opinion to be untied.

            The general feeling of the group was “We’ll get there, together.”

Let It Go (part I)

If you want change, learn when to argue and when to stop | openDemocracy

“You don’t have any facts to back up your bullshit!”

“I’ve already used facts and evidence and you still don’t want to listen!”

“Because your facts are bullshit! They’re just garbage peddled by the hypocritical news sources you think are so great!”

“Oh, like CNN is such an expert site on what’s going on!”

“They don’t lie at least!”

He laughed uproariously, causing the cheeks of his friend to redden as the woman looked about ready to slap him. He saw it in that instant and turned his cheek, mocking her as he slapped it lightly on his own. Sitting between them, their mutual friend could only shake his head as he grabbed for his beer, wishing they would just let it go for once.

Disagreeing over politics was utterly pointless to him since no matter which side won, the government would be run by someone that half of the country wouldn’t approve of or want to follow. Even as his fingers were nearing his beer though his female friend, Kate, grabbed his arm and looked at him frantically.

“Tell him Nate,” she said, almost pleading, “Tell him that he’s wrong, that Biden won’t destroy our country!”

His only response that moment was to sigh and roll his eyes, shrugging her hand off as he reached for his beer again. It was the right response for him, but according to the widening of her eyes it wasn’t the response she wanted.

Oh well.

(to be continued)

Unplug (part I)

unplug Archives • My Blah Blah Blahg

“Mom,” he said with a nervous chuckle, “I can’t do this. Please don’t make me.”

“No,” she said, sitting at the counter as she continued to write in the notebook she carried around everywhere with her. How in the hell did she do that? Why didn’t she just use a notebook or something, an iPad, something? It would be so much easier for her, so why didn’t she do it? He cast his gaze at the clear plastic jar that had been placed on top of the refrigerator, licking his lips as he took a breath.

“Mom it’s not FAIR!” his sister screeched, stomping her feet as she marched back and forth through the kitchen, “I want my goddamn phone!”

He didn’t often see his mother move this quick, but as she reached out and grabbed his younger sister by one of her pigtails, he backed up a step. Their mother never hurt them, and she never abused them on a regular basis, but when she needed to get her point across she wasn’t averse to grabbing something, clothing, a ponytail, or even a limb. Thankfully her grip usually wasn’t tight, but it was the fact that she did it that made them pay attention. His sister went quiet almost immediately as her eyes widened in shock, not fear thankfully.

“Listen to me carefully young lady,” she said in her sweetest “don’t screw with me” voice, “Your phone is a privilege that your father and I pay for, and because of that, I can take it away any time I please. And now that I see this side of you once again, I will keep your phone indefinitely until you can prove to me, without a doubt, that you are sorry for what you’ve said, how you’ve acted, and will dedicate more time to your life and less to your phone.”

“But my phone is my life!” she whined

“And that,” their mother said, “is one of the biggest problems.”

(to be continued)

Leftists Attempt to Frame Conservative Shop Owner (parody)

Democrats vs Republicans - Which Brain is Better? - YouTube

Vancouver, WA

Many were no doubt hoping that the ‘left vs. right’ arguments would end following the election, but to date those arguments and scandals are growing stronger than ever. In what has been called one of the ‘most ridiculous and ludicrous frame jobs’ in Vancouver’s long and storied history, admitted Leftist shop owner Armand DeMonise has been found guilty, along with several of his friends and family, of attempting to frame their neighboring store owner, Gerald Murikan, for the defacement and destruction of their storefront. DeMonise, who owns a successful sandwich shop, has apparently been feuding with Murikan, who runs a burger restaurant, for many years, as both men have allowed their political ideologies to fuel more than one spat between them.

“I’m not sure who started it any longer,” Murikan, who consented to be interviewed, said, “I made it a point to let it be known that I’m a Republican and I definitely let him know about it when he asked me about it. I have needled him over the years about his liberal ways and beliefs, but never would I think of doing anything to his business. Being opposed to each other is one thing, and yelling at each other is another, but trying to ruin a man’s business just isn’t necessary. I’m not sure why he felt the need to do this, but I hope he learned from it.”

DeMonise was caught on video defacing his own shop, along with several of his friends and family members, who all lied to the police when it was reported the next day. DeMonise even went so far as to plant the items that had been used to mark up and deface his storefront behind Murikan’s place of business, but thanks to the video evidence was found to be lying when the officer on duty examined the area.

At this time DeMonise and his fellow conspirators are being made to pay a hefty fine and will need to pay for the repairs.

@doilydoo tweeted:

Man, I’m a liberal and this is embarrassing. Can’t believe I agree with a Republican, but yeah, there’s no need to take it this far.

@gollygosh3215 tweeted:

Someone stop asking how stupid people can be, too many folks are taking that as a challenge.

Antifa and BLM Wounded in Attempt to Evict “Undesirables” from Apartment Complex (parody)

Some Protests Against Police Brutality Take a More Confrontational Approach  - The New York Times

Seattle, WA

Black Lives Matter and Antifa members discovered how ill-advised it was to ignore a ‘Beware of Dog’ sign earlier this month as several individuals were bitten after intruding on the property of Meyers Frederick in an outlying suburb of Seattle. The protestors were seen going around the neighborhood attempting to ‘convince’ long-time residents that they would soon be evicted as they were living on land that had once belonged to people of color and indigenous peoples. Unfortunately for those that attempted to intrude upon Frederick’s property they opted to climb the fence leading to his backyard to make their point, but were met by three of the five family dogs, all Rottweilers, and were set upon by the animals, who were attempting to defend their home, and their family.

“I don’t know why any person needs that many dogs,” said one protestor, “I’m thinking they’re probably running dog fights or something illegal in there and that’s their protection, which means they’re cowards if they’ve got to use dogs to fend people off. They’re lucky we’re all about saving animals too, otherwise, I don’t know, we would have done something.”

As it was seen by residents of the block, the BLM and Antifa mob scattered rather quickly when the first dog began to bark. Those caught in the backyard were arrested for trespassing, and to date, the dogs have been checked out and found to be perfectly healthy and completely justified in the defense of their home.

@jeezyjucie tweeted:

I’m with the dogs, you don’t come in someone’s backyard and start trouble.

@alladatandwhat tweeted:

So what if you used to live there??? You moved out, someone else came along who could afford it, and they moved in! Move on, be gone!

Of Course It’s Funny…and Depressing

23 College Liberal Memes That Are As Hilarious As They Are Infuriating

Remember how this works, men and women aren’t equal since men can do things that women can’t do, and women can definitely do something that men can’t do. That doesn’t get altered once you change the wrapper, since what’s inside is still pretty much the same. Plus, when it comes to the freedom of speech, a lot of people don’t want you to have free speech unless it’s to agree with them and their ideals, but once you disagree with them they’ll suddenly remember that freedom of speech doesn’t mean freedom from consequences…except for them. See how that doesn’t work? The whole ‘rules for thee but not for me’ is kind of a terrible model to follow, especially when the rules tend to shift whenever those make them feel that they’re about to be subjected to their own policies.

hey liberals! "tolerance." You keep using that wo… | Princess bride quotes,  Funny quotes, Words

There’s no doubt that tolerance is hard to find on both sides of the line as the capitol riot would indicate. But if you’re tolerant then you should have no trouble admitting that the BLM and Antifa riots, sorry, ‘peaceful protests’ (don’t worry, I’m laughing too), were just as wrong and weren’t as provoked as people like to imagine. People die? People are killed by people? People are killed by cops? Cops are killed by people? Such issues need to be taken on a case by case basis, not lumped together to create the overriding narrative that has come to divide the country. Tolerance is learning when to deal with one or many issues as they come along, not bothering to over-generalize and make things worse by stating that they’re all the same. It’s true, the riots of the past four years were not the capitol riot, as they were different instances and are said to have been for different reasons. But tolerance in this case is finding a way to punish those who are guilty, and not take it out on those that have done no wrong.

liberal logic –

Of course not, right? Because they are used to the capitalist system, they are used to being paid, and are used to paying into it. The same system so many condemn is the one they rely so heavily on, and cannot imagine walking away from. Getting paid as much as everyone else for doing the same or more work is a part of the personal vocabulary and rhetoric. But deep down, their adherence to a capitalist system in which some of them might have pulled themselves up by the boostraps, is why their words are as empty as their ideas.

Ayanna Pressley@AyannaPressley · Jan 12The second I realized our “safe room” from the violent white supremacist mob included treasonous, white supremacist, anti masker Members of Congress who incited the mob in the first place, I exited. Furious that more of my colleagues by the day are testing positive.

This one, huh boy. One has to wonder what the words ‘white supremacist’ and ‘treasonous’ even mean any longer, since folks such as Ayanna and many others appear ready and willing to twist any word to their liking.