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If You Don’t Like America, Why Are You Here?

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This is an old argument and there are plenty of counters that people can thing of. In fact here are a couple:

I can’t afford to move.

I want to make this a better place.

The whole ‘if you don’t like America then get out’ is kind of old and not always well-respected, or liked, but quite honestly it’s about as true as it gets. Obviously not everyone who seems to love socialism and thinks capitalism is the problem can just up and move, it’s not feasible and it’s not a way to solve the issues that arise between people.

But talking, level-headed discourse that could possibly solve the problems between us, doesn’t seem to be what some folks want either. There are those on both sides that would love to talk, that would love to find out just how we can solve the problems that exist to this date. But then again, there are still those that want to go ahead and widen the divide, there are those that want to preach to others that “America was never great” and that it can’t possibly be because too many people are oppressed.

Wouldn’t it be easier to sit down, talk, and find out just figure out what we can do in order to find a working compromise? So far the answer seems no, but one can only hope that one day reasonable minds will emerge that will talk, not shout, not seek to divide, and not simply fight with one another over matters that an honest discussion could possibly alleviate.

It’s a hope, but one that hasn’t been realized yet.

A Beginning

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Something is coming, I don’t know what, I don’t even know when. I just know that it’s coming, and it’s something that I believe in and something I’ll be working to build and push forward for anyone and everyone that wants to hear it, even for those that don’t.

It’s coming, I just don’t know when.

An Angry Woman (part III)

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No one wants to be around this woman, no one wants to even bother with her. For making someone quit the GM tried to have a talk with her and it seemed to go sideways from the get. None of us heard since we weren’t even allowed in shouting distance, but apparently she told him calmly and clearly what she was going to do and what he could do if he tried to stop her from doing what she wanted to do. In other words she dictated her own job to him and sent the poor guy on his way.

How many employees can do that? I’ve never seen one and I’ve never seen any boss that I’ve ever had treat a person with this much deference. She wasn’t related to anyone from the store and so far as anyone could tell she wasn’t anyone special. But she was allowed to get away with her behavior for a long, long time before someone finally decided to talk to her. Unfortunately that someone was me.

Our store was divided down the middle with a laminated walkway that circled around a few of the departments while running alongside the others. She worked on the opposite side of me, on the linens and towels side, and my interactions with her had only ever been a brief glance or when she needed my help getting something from a top shelf on account of her being a little too short.

She was a pretty woman aside from her constant scowl. She had dark brown eyes, a very pleasing face with high, rounded cheekbones, and lips that seemed like they belonged on a movie star. She had a few extra pounds on her backside and hips but nothing that detracted from her overall look. The only thing that repelled people from her was that attitude and that constant sense that she was angry about something at every given second.

Talking to her was never easy, but then the day it happened was something of a trial itself.

(to be continued)

Even Rome Fell

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I’m not here to comment on how the fire started or how much of a tragedy it is. From what it sounds like a great many of the treasures that helped to make Notre Dame what it was were spared and in some cases removed before the blaze started. Instead however, my words are for those that see this as a tragedy.

It is without a doubt a regrettable and unforeseeable moment that has struck a blow in the hearts of many individuals. But as we’re taught from the moment we’re capable of understanding, nothing lasts forever. It’s enough to know that the structure will be rebuilt, that future generations will know what happened and how humanity still persevered to rebuild and remember what came before. Nothing in this world is built to last as we think it is, as everything fades eventually.

Some might argue that we in the west will never know this pain, though in truth we know it at least a bit. It is very true that we know nothing about losing something that’s been part of our history for as long as Notre Dame stood, as the structure was older than country by far. But we know the anguish of watching a symbol fall, we know the pain of seeing something that represented what we stand for and what we treasure be taken from us. There are vast differences between this day and 9/11 of course, as Notre Dame was, as it’s been believed so far, to be an accident, whereas 9/11 was done with great intent.

The point I’m trying to make is that the workings of humanity are impermanent no matter how we look at them. “Built to last” typically means within the scope of humanity. There’s nothing to say that anything our species has built would be here in another thousand years if we ceased to exist. the fortunate part of this debacle is that Notre Dame can and will be rebuilt, so that those who come after us will have something to marvel at.

It is a sad day for certain, but lifting your chin to the days ahead is preferable to bowing it in defeat.

An Angry Woman (part II)

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To my knowledge no one in the store ever asked her what she was so mad about all the time, or even if she was mad. Y’know, I’ve seen some people look like they’re mad every moment of the day and all the time they were as calm as could be. But this woman, huh boy, she acts like there’s a bee constantly ramming her in the butt with its stinger and just pissing her off even more with each passing minute per day.

I can recall that one day a new girl came in to the store to start her shift, a young woman no older than 18, and a friendly person to boot. This angry woman of ours had her sobbing and slobbering all over herself in a matter of a few hours. When she was done drying her eyes she went ahead and told me just what the woman had said to her, and it wasn’t much more than I’d expected. Some might have called it an offense worth firing her over, but no one wanted to be the one to have to face up to her for that long, not even the GM.

This new girl had gone over to the angry woman and tried to introduce herself only to be rebuffed and told that the only reason she’d been hired had been because she was a bouncy young thing with a nice ass and a rack that made the men drool. Now tell me how that’s okay and I’ll gladly eat one of the dust rags we use on the merchandise every now and again. And you know what’s even worse though? She got away with it. Even after reporting to the GM what had been said, he’d simply told her to leave the woman alone unless she absolutely needed her for something.

Unfortunately she didn’t last more than a month before she quit.

(to be continued)

An Angry Woman (part I)

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No one really knew what she was so fired up about most days, all they knew was that she had a bone to pick with those that didn’t see things her way or didn’t get out of her way quick enough. She wasn’t a big boss at her place of employment, she wasn’t a huge personality that could influence or even sway the decisions of people that could make a difference. But she was listened to all the same and for some reason people didn’t mess with her all that much. She was just an angry woman that never seemed to ease up on the hate that she threw around so easily.

If you’re asking me or anyone else just why she was like this it’d be hard to say since most of us just tried to stay out of her path. It wasn’t worth arguing with her since quite honestly working in a department store you tend to want to get your job done and clock out when your shift is over. Getting in a fight with another person, especially those you work with, is never a great policy.

But something about this woman just made it impossible to like her, and it’s too bad since she seemed as though she could be a really decent person. Of course that was only seen when she was dealing with customers, and any of her fellow employees that were around her at that time and somehow benefited from this phenomenon knew that the moment the customer was gone that glare would return and they’d be better served being elsewhere than in her face.

And yet somehow, not a single customer ever saw her like that. It’s odd, but it’s true.

(to be continued)