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How Does It Not Make Sense?

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Double Standards

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If you’re going to show hate towards the treatment of people at the border, try to be fair-handed in your hatred since it’s been a mess for a while, and not thanks to JUST ONE president. Also, can anyone remember protests becoming such an issue when Obama was elected? No? Hmm, interesting. You won’t see me praising and lifting Trump up, but you want to hate on people, try to be fair and see the faults of your favorites as well as your least favorites.

How Bizarre….

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It’s amazing what you can learn when you go and read a book or three and discover that the narratives you’re being force-fed aren’t entirely true…..mind BLOWN.

Cross That River (part V)

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Pushing off was easy enough, Charon had been doing this work for a long, long time now, far longer than either one of them had been alive in fact. The waters barely stirred as he stroked, never looking at either of them as the darkness within his hood seemed fixated on the darkness ahead. Finally though, as he’d known would happen, she could no longer stay quiet.

“How do I know this isn’t just a dream? How do I know that you didn’t drug me and I’m lying on the floor of my home, drooling like an invalid while I’m under the impression that I’m here at all?”

He smirked, offering Charon a brief glance as he did. The ferryman of course did not respond, the shadows within his deep hood shifting not a bit.

“If you have to protect yourself by believing that I can’t stop you,” he replied, “But if you want to know this is real, just dip your fingers in the waters and see what happens. This place has existed since before our people were walking upright, as it was the gods that created it, at least in this part of the world.”

“What do you mean?”

He sighed, “Every god that has ever been claims the right of creation, but their scope is a bit exaggerated. Even the mighty Zeus didn’t manage to create the world he tried to rule, nor did any of the alpha gods, not even the Titans, or the Primordials before them, of whom there were many. This world of ours is one speck of water-saturated mud in a universe that, as far as anyone, even the gods know, has no definite end. To think that any one god could possibly rule over all of it and know everything is possible in a sense, but it’s still so far beyond our reckoning that we take it on faith and then claim it to be fact because to believe anything else is to admit that life has no meaning.”

“There is only one God,” she insisted, “He created the heavens and the earth, just as He created humanity.”

“And he created this place?” he asked, motioning from where he sat towards the impenetrable darkness that loomed all around them. “I saw nothing in the scriptures that mentioned a river leading into the underworld, though Christian myths and legends would make it seem as though we’d be far warmer by now. That part I could agree to.”

She narrowed her eyes at him, no doubt readying a quick retort, but instead simply replied with “The eyes of the doubter are closed.”

“And the eyes of the ignorant are blinded, thus do they follow the bleating of the other sheep and think it to be salvation.”

He could only grin as her mouth hung wide open in response.

(to be continued)

Seriously, Pick Your Head Up

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Right now it the mass shootings are a massive problem, and one that doesn’t seem to be easily remedied since gun control isn’t bound to work, and policing every citizen is impossible. But instead of looking at those that DID NOT explicitly tell the shooters what to do, and instead of blaming ‘toxic masculinity’, try looking at the individuals that have committed these acts and don’t buy into the sensationalism that the news media is paid to produce. Start thinking for yourselves again people.


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Rape is brutal, it is horribly wrong, and it’s without a doubt one of the absolute most damaging things that can happen to anyone. But backing up just a moment, if a woman decides she wants to ruin a man for one reason or another, should that be rewarded with a mere slap on the wrist, or should she be given a chance to experience true equality, meaning she’ll experience what it means to be looked at as the worst piece of scum to walk the earth? It’s an interesting question at the very least.

Cross That River (part IV)

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“Where are we?” she’d obviously heard the lapping of water, but the scene in front of them was still fairly dark. The light from the lamp he was holding only shed so much light across the river’s edge, illuminating a small patch of the dreaded, rippling surface. He knew to enter the water was certain death, but as he dug in his pocket for the item he needed there came a sound that he’d been expecting, causing him to keep his eyes upon the surface of the river as much as he could.

“Don’t move, don’t talk, and don’t do anything stupid,” he whispered back to her, craning his head around so she could hear him.


“Silence, now!” he whispered in a harsh tone. He didn’t see the hurt look that came to her features, but he could sense it. As he retrieved the item he’d sought from his front left pocket he flicked it high into the air, closing his eyes as he heard the sudden ping of metal, a sound that was unnaturally loud in this underground space. Catching the single gold coin in the palm of his left hand he waited patiently. The sound he’d heard further out on the water grew louder as he could see the ripples increasing in number, signaling that something was coming their way.

It only took a few moments, but as the craft he’d expected came into view he kept the lantern raised, illuminating the weathered, battered surface of the small boat. Once upon a time it had been grand, or at least more imposing than this. The ferryman had commanded a galleon of his own, and a fleet of ships that could carry the dead across the rivers of the underworld, delivering those souls that had passed on to where they needed to go.

Now the fleet was gone, the galleon had weathered and sank a long, long time ago, and the ferryman, Charon, was no better off than he’d been when he first started. The Christ God had seen to that. As the craft ran aground he motioned for the woman behind him to come forth.

“Climb aboard,” he said without emotion, “This is our ride.”

(to be continued)

When One Won’t Do…

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I don’t expect every idea I give voice to will be embraced by everyone, in fact I’d be disturbed if it was. But to those that want to argue me down for my beliefs and my stance, just wait, there’s more in the mix….

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After all, if they thought you were an utter fool there’s a good chance they’d never say a single thing or offer even a single rebuttal.