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Imagination is the True Frontier


Imagination is the greatest tool that any writer, artist, or human being could ever possess because it is limitless, it has no set boundaries, and it is as deep as the mind of the person who wields it. Granted, some people don’t have much of an imagination largely because they don’t exercise it, don’t know how, and quite possibly would rather keep their feet on the ground, metaphorically and literally. Don’t worry over those folks, they likely still enjoy the imaginings of others but won’t admit that they have their own thoughts rattling around in their heads about what they’d like to do, to see, and to experience in their own lives.

Imagination is contagious after all, the moment someone sees something they can’t help but think of what they might like to do with it, what they could do with it, and what might be possible. All thinking might not be imagination, but all imagination does come from thinking, at least in part.

The sky isn’t the limit remember, it’s just the view.


Your imagination isn’t bound by anything. There is no need for logic unless you deem it to be so, and there is no horizon unless you make one to find. Within the scope of one’s imagination there are literally no limits, no boundaries that should hamper you or slow you down. The moment you can imagine something it becomes real in your mind. Even if it doesn’t translate to the world in which you live, it will remain in the world you envision, because it is yours.

Even the strongest imaginations don’t begin as much.


If a small spark can start a fire, then the nurturing of that spark can create a blaze of wonderment that is the landscape of your own imagination, burning brightly within the depths of your mind where the eye can see as you explore new worlds that exist within your head and are waiting to get out. Let that bonfire roar within your mind as you imagine the lengths to which a tale can go, taking in the inspiration it brings and the spectacle it will create for others to follow as their imaginations are sparked by what you’ve done.

No matter how big or small, the power one’s imagination is enough to make the world turn. Use it well.

Why Animals are Better…and Worse


Often this is an argument that falls on deaf ears since it tends to annoy some and anger others. But animals, be they pets or those found in the wild, are quite easily better than humans in many ways. Physically they’re better since quite often they’re stronger, faster, and have senses that the average human couldn’t hope to match. But they are also far more noble, compassionate, and understanding than many humans in this world.

Why would this be?

They have to be. It’s their nature. Animals understand that to survive, to thrive, and to move ahead in the world there are certain tenets of life that have to be followed without question. They don’t often have the luxury of ego unless it’s bred into them, they aren’t given the choice to be anything but efficient when it comes to survival. This means a number of things, but it means caring for their young, protecting their mates, and showing compassion towards others in an effort to survive.

Animals in the wild typically exhibit this towards their own species, but those raised in captivity tend to show a very big attachment to those that they depend on and even to other animals at times, eschewing the need to discriminate between species so that they might show affection towards whoever they desire.

The animal kingdom is by far a better place as the only real fights that occur are for dominance to establish a set order and for resources. Wars among different animals are not a thing.

Animals can be much, much worse than humans too.

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Animals in the wild, and even pets, are bound by their nature. While pets and animals in captivity might experience a desired shift in their behavior they will always be bound by genetics, and deep in their genes is the propensity for great violence and what humans see as cruelty to others of their kind and to those of other species. While animals don’t typically hunt or stalk other animals for anything but food, they are particularly vicious because of their nature, and to humans this bestial display that is seen is quite savage.

Yet still, animals are better than us in many ways because they embrace their nature, they don’t use it to justify the horrible things that must happen for their survival. When was the last time you saw a wolf apologizing for killing their prey because they threatened the wolf’s established territory?

Yeah, I know, but it felt good to write.

The Painted Actress (part VI)



Rockaway Beach, OR

February 4th, 2020

It was a couple of months after the ‘accident’ in which star actress Jaymie Bluevein had been killed and presumed lost at sea despite a desperate search to find her body, a search that had continued for nearly a month before it had been called off. She still remembered every vivid detail of the day, the look on Dylan’s face when she’d ‘accidentally’ bumped into the throttle when trying to make her way from the helm to where he stood in the middle of the boat to perform the kissing scene. The Twin Rocks had been just behind him, but the ‘accident’ that had occurred had seen her turn the wheel until the craft was more or less on a collision course that couldn’t be avoided as she’d then fumbled in her seat, acting like a teenager that had just gone through a rather difficult growth spurt and was learning how to use their limbs again.

Dylan had called her every foul name in the book he could think of at that point as he’d tried to regain control of the boat and turn them around. But she’d done her job and made sure that they were close enough that this couldn’t happen. The director had taken her advice that being as close to the rocks as possible without risking their safety would be a great shot. The only danger had been jumping out of the boat in time, and she’d done just fine. Dylan, as she’d learned, had managed to save his own ass without giving a single thought to her, which had earned him a great deal of criticism since the incident.

“It doesn’t matter how much time passes with tragedies, they’re still hard to hear about,” Nico said, lounging in a recliner behind her as Jaymie continued to watch one of the many entertainment shows that had decided to run a ‘special episode’ just to commemorate her memory. She should have been touched, but in reality it was all about the ratings for these shows and nothing about truly honoring the dead.

They couldn’t care less if she was dead, putting her face up on their screens was just good publicity.

“This was needed Nico.”

“I know,” he said with a sigh, “And I’m with you one hundred percent. But you know how hard that is to hear and to watch.”

She nodded, “I know.” Looking back to where he was lounging she asked, “So your wife and the girls have said nothing?”

“Not a peep.”

She nodded. It was nice being able to trust someone, especially since her own parents had never been much of a prize when they’d been alive. Nico had been her agent for most of her life now, and had taken care of her when her parents had been killed in a drunk-driving incident nearly two decades back. She’d been just a teenager at that time, and in truth she had grown up around Nico and his family since he’d become her guardian as well as her agent at that point. He’d been the only family she’d known.

“I suppose it’s time to put the next phase into motion then,” she said with a sigh.

Nico just smiled.

(to be continued)

Hear Me Roar (part VI)



Yuma, Arizona

November 3rd, 2020

She was about to descend the staircase, bag in hand, as she heard a tinny voice coming from the man she’d just executed. Her heart did a quick skip as she felt her nails harden again, thinking he still had a bit of life left in him and was raising his pistol towards her. But no, he was still very dead. It was the earpiece she could see now dangling from just over his right ear, the voice was coming from the bud at the end of the wire. Walking softly towards the staring, glassy-eyed corpse she knelt down, plucking the bud and wire from where was nestled behind his ear and listening intently.

“-you there man? Sound off. The back is clear, she hasn’t come out and we’ve got it covered. Sound off Marcus.”

She debated her next action for a moment, thinking that it would be foolish to go one way and yet believing that it would be stupid to try and get away at this point if the house was indeed covered from all angles. She had to wonder though if they knew every inch of this house or if the people that were coming after her were going in blind. Seeing as how they hadn’t managed to apprehend her so easily yet it seemed that they might have assumed she’d be easy to take out, and possibly wouldn’t know how this place had been designed. Her father, being a bit paranoid, had designed the plans himself and done a great deal of the work.

There was little way of knowing how deep their knowledge went however, so she decided to risk it.

“How many of you are there?” she asked, speaking directly into the ear bud. She didn’t know if there was another device that would convey her voice to the speaker, nor did she want to touch the dead man any more than she had to, but as the voice came back over the speaker she smiled faintly at the threat the man leveled her way.

“Who is this? Identify yourself or we’re coming in hot. If this is who I think it is then be advised, we’ve been ordered to detain you with extreme prejudice if need be. Come out now and there won’t be any need for that.”

“Your friend is dead,” she said calmly, “and if you persist, you and whoever else is out there will soon join him.”

She heard a chuckle over the line, then the man came back with “Listen to me you little brat, you either come out now or we come in firing. Understand? You don’t have a chance in hell of surviving, so make it easy for all of us, including yourself.”

Alexis chuckled in turn, “I’ve already taken down one squad. How many more will your employer be sending?” This bravado was not faked, she was feeling stronger now than she ever had, but she knew the next few moments were going to be the most decisive. She was going to have to play this just right.

“As many as it takes honey,” the man said, “What makes you think you can take us down now that we know more about you?”

She grinned a little wider, “When you hear me roar, you’ll understand.”

With that she stood up, dropping the ear bud before using her heel to crush it into the carpet. She felt it snap as the shift occurred within her body, strengthening her limbs and sharpening her every sense as she could hear the people outside now, the clicks and snaps of their weapons being locked and loaded, their footsteps as they approached the house. She could even hear the man outside speaking to the others as he directed them to cover the exits.

It was time to play.

(to be continued)

Religion is a Habit


This is not an attack on religion no matter what it might seem like. I felt the need to get that out just so people might hold their bias for just a moment as they continue to read. Religion is not a bad thing when it’s practiced in a way that doesn’t harm or actively seek to tell people how to live their lives in a way that violates their personal beliefs or forces them to doubt who they are. Those that truly practice their religion are those that will tolerate, understand, and comprehend the differences between human beings and allow them to live as they wish, without judgment.

But the habit of religion is that far too often people will fall into the trap of believing whatever their religion tells them concerning life, other people, and the sins that are committed each and every day. Think about it for a moment, we sin multiple times a day according to the old scriptures, and many of us, even if we’re not aware, don’t seek the penance that might be demanded by the very religion that’s being clung to. Habit within religion is to keep telling oneself the old stories, to keep clinging to the ideals of that religion, and to go through the motions when it’s desired. Many people cling to religion out of habit and necessity rather than a true love for the religion and its ways.

There are many habits within religion that make very little sense some folks.

images (4)

The wealth of religious leaders and the money poured into religious institutions is just one habit of the billions of followers that is confusing, but it is also one of the most noticeable. You tend to see all sorts of religious leaders that have nice big homes, luxury-filled lifestyles, and churches that are grander than most homes of the parishioners that attend them, and you simply have to wonder how such a thing can come to be when the religions that they serve are based upon such simple precepts. Wealth is not a guiding principle of religion, is it?

Yet for all that, the habit to give over money to a religious cause seems to be one that people can never shake. The idea of giving so much and allowing religious figures to live in luxury, far removed from the people that look upon them with such adoration, is a habit that seems bound to ruin many people while it also continues to ruin the reputation of the religion that it supposedly serves.

A lot of people like to quote the Holy Bible, so here’s one they hopefully know.


Sure it might be taken out of context, but it does highlight the idea that religion is a habit, and one that many people have opted to fall into for centuries and even millennia now. The disturbing part is that religion has, in some way, always been a part of humanity, a habit that is formed from the need to rationalize the world around us and how things work the way they do.

Wait, that sounds like a lead-in to science too…..

Will the Ends Justify the Means?


Throughout his presidency thus far Trump has been known to be highly controversial and has said things and done things that have grated on peoples’ nerves and made them cry out for impeachment and a removal of a president that has been seen as an unbalanced embarrassment to the country. No matter who’s in the right and who’s in the wrong the man has proven that he’s less than acceptable many times when it come to the office holds, and yet there is a definite danger that comes with impeachment. If he is forced to step down, as many people want and are continuing to push for, Mike Pence is next in line.

Why would that be a bad thing you ask? Well to be honest Trump is a wild force that says and does things that people don’t fully expect, but so far he’s been harmless in his madness. People don’t take him as seriously as he wants them to as his actions and his words seem like those of a spoiled child attempting to get their way. Pence on the other hand seems like a predator just waiting to lunge, and a patient one at that. Such description might seem a bit harsh, but given his stance on how to operate and how much religion will seem to factor into it there seems to be a storm lurking on the horizon when it comes to the likelihood that he could take office.

Could Pence really be worse?


Whether he’s planned it this way or he’s so dogmatically clueless as to think that Trump is actually a great decision for America in the long-run, Pence is no doubt wondering at this very moment just whether he’s going to get his shot at the oval office or not. He might not be a Frances Underwood from House of Cards, but he’s not too far from the mark either. He’s one of those increasingly rare politicians that sticks to the script and is very determined in his goals when it comes to getting things done. That should be an overall good thing to be honest, but it breaks down pretty quickly when you consider that as straightforward as he’ll be, his presidency could be mired in just as much controversy, though in a very different way.

Mike Pence is quite religious and relies on his religious beliefs. That’s great, that’s wonderful for him that he has something to believe in and something to hold to. But attempting to indoctrinate a country in which many faiths and religions have come together and state that his is the most important and this the policies that he feels go along with ‘traditional Christian values’ is what we’d be looking forward to.

Impeaching Trump would be akin to the feeling that you get when you scratch an itch, but allowing Pence into the White House seems like it would be the burning sensation that comes slowly but surely after the few moments of pleasure.

Would the ends justify the means then?

Defined by Differences


How are we defined as human beings? How do we look at each other? How do we gauge each other when it comes to how we determine our own worth in the eyes of so many? Our differences become the first thing we notice most times, be it our skin color, our facial features, our bodies, or just the way we talk. No matter the similarities we might share, our differences are what define us in the eyes of those we don’t know.


There are two things that tend to happen when a person meets someone different from them.

Care to hazard a guess at what they might be? One is pride, as in being proud to be different and knowing that one is unique in some way. The other is that a person will feel threatened, inadequate, and somehow intimidated by anyone different. The unfortunate part is that being afraid can lead to anger, to misunderstandings, and eventually to hatred. That’s a mighty leap of course from one emotion to the next, but it’s not a difficult trip for some people to make.

Differences between individuals are taken in many different ways depending upon what they are, though diversity in humanity is a reason why our species remains a continual interest to so many of us. Imagine if there was one race, one color, and one language throughout the entire world. Some folks have no trouble imagining this and yet they can’t seem to realize how boring and ultimately nihilistic this fantasy is.

If there was no diversity in humanity then little of what we are, what we do, and what we believe in would matter. The social order would be the only order, and therefore little more than a continual carbon copy that repeated itself over and over, perpetuating a system that was born to scorn, belittle, and possibly fear change of any type.

Diversity is what humanity thrives on.

Diversity helps humanity to grow as we accept and learn about new cultures, integrating them into the tapestry that is a shared existence. While some might call this appropriation the respect given to various cultures by observing them, learning from them, and then letting them continue as they will is a practice that allows many upon many people to gain a better understanding of the world around them and those in it while learning to accept the fact that diversity is after all the one unifying factor that allows us to be human and to revel in our differences rather than be defined by them in any negative light.

To thine own self be true, after all.


You are unique, yet you are a part of something. You are an individual, yet you are a part of something that is often seen as greater than the sum of its parts. Each and every human being in this world is different, no matter that we belong to the same race, the same ethnicity, or the same social group. We are different in many wonderful ways, and it is wise to celebrate this rather than rail against it.

If we can’t come to an agreement about our differences then our similarities will cease to matter.

Don’t Ask for Death, Don’t Wish it Upon Others


We say things in haste, we say them based on emotion, and at times we say things that we’d like to take back. Wishing death upon someone however is one of the worst fates that anyone could possibly desire, and it leaves a very lasting mark upon the soul. Death comes for all of us at one point after all, but wishing that the reaper would take its due with anyone before their time is a crime against one’s own species that might not suffer any punishment in the mortal world, but will be noticed and tallied by something we can’t see or even understand.

The scope of humanity is noticed by something, no matter what you’d like to call it.

Call it karma, call it God, call it simple fate that watches over our lives and permeates every last thing we do, say, and think, this force takes into account everything and bases much upon what we do and say among others. Death, that strange and awe-inspiring force that so many fear, is not discriminatory in who it takes, nor is it picky about the souls that are dimmed and stolen away when it’s their time.

But it doesn’t need any help when it comes to doing its job. Wishing for the death of another is a karmic thought that harms the perpetrator more than their intended target. It is the individual that wishes for the death of another, or desires it in some perverse way, that must live with this poisonous thought and therefore let it fester within their body and mind until it is finally released or is allowed to drive them to action, or drive them mad.

Don’t wish for death for anyone.

-it was late, hot, and I was feeling whimsical.

The Painted Actress (part V)



Rockaway Beach, OR

October 23rd, 2019

A couple of hours later they were on the speedboat that would be used to film the big escape scene which would culminate in the kiss that Jaymie was dreading. Dylan was already looking at her in an almost pervy manner, making kissy faces at her when he thought no one else was looking. It was odd, but after the Weinstein scandal he still believed he could get away with stuff like this. Even if that had been a couple years back it was still a big issue that kept most guys from acting like total douches.

They were only a short distance from the Twin Rocks, perhaps two to three hundred yards, but the scene was supposed to see them cruise by the rocks at moderate speed as the bad guys chasing them would be real enough for the first several seconds and would then be given a wonderfully messy CGI death. Even using the rocks for a backdrop had come with a great deal of red tape and ‘friendly’ warnings about what would happen if they were damaged in any way, so it was with extreme caution that their director was overseeing this part of the project.

That was why everything had to be as exact as possible, and so far as she’d seen the preparations had been made without anyone being the wiser. The players were all set, the right pieces had been moved off the board, and it was time to rock.

“We only get one turn at this,” the director said into his megaphone, his voice blasting across the waves that lapped at the sides of the charter boat he’d hired for the duration of this scene, “So Dylan, Jaymie, please, kiss and make up just this one more time and we’ll call it a wrap, yeah?”

Jaymie rolled her eyes as she turned around to regard the rocks, turning back with a smile on her face and a thumbs up sign as the director smiled and waved. There was only a short distance of fifty to sixty feet between their boats, but it was more than enough for her plan to go off.

“Ready to see what you’ve been missing?” Dylan said, lounging in the passenger seat of the jet boat they were currently in. The craft was going to be remote-operated to make it look like Dylan was driving, but of course the remote that was supposed to be operating this craft had been supplanted already. It was just too bad that she was the only one that knew this.

“Judging by the length of your last relationship I’m not missing much,” she said in return, smiling sweetly as Dylan’s face pulled into a scowl. It was so much sweeter to joust with him when she managed to hit a nerve. In fact part of her hope that what happened next left him traumatized for some time to come.

“And, action!”

(to be continued)

Hear Me Roar (part V)



Yuma, Arizona

November 3rd, 2020

Alexis listened very carefully, stilling her heartbeat as much as she could while the intruder in her home went from the foyer to the living room, his feet, she was assuming he was male, scuffing lightly upon the tile floor before shushing on the plush carpet her mother had wanted so badly. She could hear him checking behind furniture, checking around corners, and then moving into the wide open kitchen, his steps once more becoming louder to her ears as he checked once again behind some areas and around corners.

Her home was larger than most around this area but it was still not large enough. If she attempted to dash downstairs and into the garage she’d make far too much noise and would be detected without any difficulty. But if she were to take out this single individual…

It was a thought she didn’t care for since she’d already killed a man just recently, but those that were after her had orders to terminate with extreme prejudice as she’d heard one man say upon discovering her brother hiding in his room. Her family hadn’t even been safe, so there was no way they were going to let her go unharmed. They were on a seek and destroy mission as far as she was concerned.

She heard the beep of a radio as the man downstairs spoke. Listening intently she craned her neck just far enough to hear what was being said.

“Bottom level’s clear, anything going on outside?”

She couldn’t hear the reply, meaning that it could have been transmitted via an earpiece or perhaps the speaker was simply talking too quietly, but as the man downstairs answered she felt her blood calm and her heartbeat even out as a plan came to mind. It was simple, it was brutal, but it was what she had at the moment.

“Roger that,” the man said, “Checking the second level now.”

Alexis picked up her bag and moved around the corner, effectively hiding herself away from the staircase as she crouched down, listening as the man ascended the stairs slowly, cautiously, no doubt holding a gun and ready to use it on anything that came his way. She waited as he made his way to the balcony, then made his way down the hall, to where she waited to the left, just out of his sight around the corner. She remained crouched, hoping that he wouldn’t come barreling around the corner ready to fire. Luck was with her however as he came walking forward into the next hall without looking down, or even looking her direction.

She felt her fingernails harden again as her teeth grew pointed within her mouth. There was no finesse to what she was about to do, but to tell the truth she didn’t feel it was necessary. Even as she was reaching up and between his legs with her right she was reaching up and around to his throat with her left. Both hands came away with great hunks of flesh as she dug her nails in and ripped, but her right was by far laden with the most disgusting handful. It was silent, that was the point.

Tossing the bloody gobs of flesh to the floor she wiped her hands on the dead man’s shirt as much as she could, leaving great red smears all over his body as his blood began to seep into the hallway carpet, his body bucking once, then twice as his precious fluids began to pool beneath him.

She didn’t care, she was already stepping over him on her way to the stairs. It was time to go.

(to be continued)