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When Things Come “Easy”

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Some things do come easy to some folks, and it creates a great deal of envy in life. It makes some people feel inadequate, as though they can’t do the same things because they have to actually ‘try’ for it. Well get ready for a wake-up call.

Things aren’t as easy as they seem all the time.

The fact of the matter is that if anything looks easy it’s because the person doing it is either A) naturally gifted and has learned to appreciate that talent, or B) They worked at it until whatever it is became second nature. It’s never easy, it’s not worth anything if it comes too easy, and it’s not valued if it comes easy.

So you think someone else has an easy life? You’re right, there are some people that have it easy since they’ve never had to work for that much in their life, and in a sense it means next to nothing since they haven’t earned anything they have.

But if a person is good at something, anything, and makes it look insanely easy, don’t bother approaching them with envy, look up to them instead and realize that they worked quite hard for that talent and the appreciation they have for it. Easy is only a matter of perception, it’s not the reality.

The Media Kind of Plays Itself

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Personally I know many people would argue with this since they have their favorite news sources and have a lot of faith in them. The problem is that no single news source has such a complete lack of bias that it’s assured that they’ll tell the honest to goodness truth and be able to deliver a fair and even newscast. Some try but many fail and in lieu of the absolute truth from more than one a single point of view a lot of them do tend to make their way to the various types of ‘news’ that has replaced journalism and is slowly but surely chipping away at the old school values that real journalism, unbiased journalism, was once so well known for.

The idea that any news you hear this day is real isn’t entirely false, some people truly attempt to give the news the way it is, not the way they would have it. But the need to play defense, to do damage control, and to simply act like the greatest show on TV (or try at least) in order to get the people to pay attention.

Know who else does that? Sitcoms, the circus, and politicians that are looking to get the people on their side. If you have a lick of sense in your head you’ll see past about fifty percent, or more, of the news that we’re given on a daily basis and make up your own mind.

Respect Me While I Disrespect You!

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Anyone ever try to demand your respect without giving any to begin with? Sure, there are situations in which respect is expected since it’s already been earned in a very big way, but in many other moments it’s possible that respect is a thing that must be earned and given in equal measures. The respect we give on a daily basis is that we treat other people like human beings without needing to kowtow to them when it comes to their every opinion and sensibility that we have no prior knowledge of.

It’s not too hard to back up and apologize with sincerity if we offend someone, but at times it seems difficult for those that have been offended to simply accept that apology and move on. That too is a form of respect, and one that seems to be sorely lacking in this world today. People aren’t mind-readers on average and won’t be able to tell exactly what preferences another person has when speaking to another. But what a thinking, rational person will do is gladly offer enough respect to be polite when meeting and/or speaking to another person.

There are some hard lessons that it would appear many people need to be reminded of in this world, and respect is one of them that seems to be lacking the most in some instances. Simply speaking to a person in a calm and rational tone, even if you disagree, is a sign of respect. If you can’t even do this then you’ve proven that you don’t deserve the same respect that you owe. For such a small, piddling thing, some folks still make it seem like a monumental effort that takes more than they’re capable of giving.

Respect others, and you might be surprised at how they respond in kind.

No Generation Is Perfect…

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From the Baby Boomers to Generation Z no single generation has ever been perfect since those that have come before them have always done something or acted in some way that has made their elders shake their heads in consternation. For many of us that were born before the early 80’s at this point it is Millennials that seem to vex us the most, as they have become the prime target for a lot of ire and irritation. But honestly and truly the lot of them aren’t as bad people might think.

There are some real prize-winners when it comes to a lack of brains obviously, as some of the more idiotic internet challenges have shown, but there are still a good number of Millennials that have taken the lessons handed down from the generations of before and applied them to help in their own way to keep the world running. Look at it this way, if Millennials were all avocado toast-eating, Starbucks-drinking, mindless automatons that shoved condoms up their noses and ate a steady diet of Tide pods then our world would already be in decline.

For as many truly moronic members of any generation that exist there are still plenty that strive to make the world a better place or at least keep it running. Baby Boomers and Gen Xer’s, y’all don’t have a lot of room to talk when it comes to doing stupid things in your youth. Even without the internet a lot of those within these generations were able to do some pretty insane acts that made no sense to anyone. As a member of the Xennials, the in-between generation that was announced fairly recently, I fully understand that we take on the characteristics of the two generations that bracket our own, but again, like anyone else, there are mentally and ethically-deficient individuals in every camp.

Don’t point the finger if you can’t see the fault in your own generation.

Facts vs. Feelings

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Opinions aren’t always horrible and in fact they’re a part of what keeps us unique as people and separates the sheep from the free-thinkers. That might sound kind of cruel but the truth is that too many people simply follow the mob when it comes to what they believe in and what they’re willing to accept as truth.

Ben Shapiro has been heard to state more than once that facts don’t care about your feelings, and this is the hard but very factual truth. A fact won’t give a damn one way or another how you feel, because often it is immutable and will not change simply because your opinion doesn’t see it as valuable. There are a great many things that could be debunked by facts, opinions that have spread like wildfire but are still held back, just barely, by the reality that facts reveal.

The biggest problem with opinion is that it works primarily off of emotion and personal bias that doesn’t always allow for reason and logic. Bot being a person that enjoys logic all the time, I still care enough about facts when it comes to dealing with others that I’ll gladly listen to the facts even if I don’t happen to care for them. Because guess what? Yep, that’s right.

Facts really do NOT care about your opinions.

We Are Not All Kind, But Being Fair Is Still Important

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To be the person that shows you how the world works, I will endure the hate, the barbs, and the disrespect.

To be accepted I will suffer the ignorance, the arrogance, and the insipid that attempt to stifle my voice. You will hear me, like it or not, and my voice will not be quelled.

One day you will respect me, no matter if I must drag you through hell and back to earn it.

It’s your choice to like me, hate me, love me, despise me, learn from me, or ignore me entirely. But you will not stop me, never that.

I am the hardcase that will seek to teach you, the wall you must climb to find your way forward, and the line in the sand that you’ll have to cross in order to move forward. To truly live you will need to find a way through me, or around me, but you will not simply walk over me.

There is love in my heart for many, but it is a tempered thing that will not break or bend at this point. It has been tried and tested and will not fold for anyone. You will abide by this love or you will not, it’s your choice. I am hard of heart, but I strive to be fair. I demand much, but I give more.

I am the one that seeks to teach, the one that seeks to empower, and the one that seeks to protect. My heart belongs to those that learn to respect it, and is an immovable object to those that seek to take advantage of it.

-to my family, friends, and anyone that happens to be interested in experiencing my weird and uncertain world.

The Comfort of A Lie

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The truth is bound to hurt a time or two when it’s finally revealed, but it’s a hurt that helps build, whereas a lie will allow you to fall and keep falling since there’s typically nothing there to break the descent. The unfortunate part is that in life we can’t always be certain of when it’s okay to lie and when the truth will be too earth-shattering to reveal to anyone. You’ve heard the saying that a little white lie never hurt anyone, right? Well, this is usually told by someone that doesn’t think of the ramifications that can occur from such lies and the falsehoods they can spread. But it’s also kind of evident that some lies can do more good than the truths that they hide.

It’s a confusing mess that we’re required to sort out as we go along, like an assembly line that doesn’t stop but insists that we do as best we can with the components we’re given. Some people are adamant about being told the truth as, to them, it is better than the soft and forgiving comfort of a lie that won’t seek to break their world apart just a little or in a monumental way. The truth is often brutal, unforgiving, and not at all comforting since it is the world we live in, a place that is known to be nurturing but also unbearably cruel at times. The lies we tell each other and ourselves however are no better really, but they spare a person’s sensibilities or excite them in ways that the truth might not.

So we make our snap decisions and judgments each and every day in accordance to what life demands and what we feel is right. The truth is not an easy thing to face, but the stinging purity of it is far easier to endure than the outright humiliation and shame that comes from being caught in a lie.

Once More…..(part II)

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So many lives had passed by in what seemed like a moment in the grand scheme of her existence, and she remembered them all. She had been every color she could imagine and had belonged to more races than she wanted to count. Had she told this to anyone though she knew what would have happened. The world of now was a great deal different than it had been when she’d first come to awareness.

Today, in this life, she was a young English woman of thirteen years and was well-renowned for her beauty as well as her talent at acting. She’d been born to a simple family that had little money but a great amount of respect for one another, as well as love. They did what they could, and had attempted to send her, their youngest child, to acting classes since she was nine years old. What they couldn’t pay for she took care of by influencing things here and there using skills and knowledge that she’d gained from her past lives.

It was a strange kind of burden to know so much but not be able to share it, but in truth it was even worse since she’d been born so many different times with this knowledge already at hand. Thankfully the developing human body didn’t allow for the expression of such knowledge at every stage, otherwise the precocious nature of children, which she’d found was still prevalent every time she made the trip through one life after another, was hard to repress. It was a chemical process in the brain, much like anything else, that was hard to shut down with any success, but thankfully a good friend that had been similarly woke as she was long ago had taught her the trick.

For everything she knew how to do however, she was just as much in the dark as anyone else when it came to the future.

(to be continued)

This Is Not the End (part VI)

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“Do you know how to pick a lock?” She looked around as she asked, as though expecting at any moment to see one of the other survivors coming towards them.

“Nope,” he replied, “But I have a few other tricks I know how to work. Do you have a credit card?”

“You seriously think that trick is going to work?” Her voice was incredulous as she turned to look at him, patting the pockets of her pants as she came shook her head, “I mean it doesn’t matter since I’m not sure where I left my clutch, but I don’t think those doors are going to be so easy to unlock.”

“You could be right,” he said with a sigh, looking at the odds and ends he’d assembled as he tried to think of how he could use them. A few steak knives, a coil of wire he’d found in one of the drawers, and various other odds and ends were at his disposal, but unfortunately he wasn’t MacGyver, and he wasn’t about to crack through the doors that led to who knew where with just a few kitchen items that he’d found in his search.

The doors were set in cement without a noticeable jamb, and there were no hinges to be seen, so popping them wasn’t an option. And simply battering it down since each one of them was metal, much as might have been expected.

“So what trick have you got up your sleeve?”

He had one idea, but it was going to require something they didn’t have at his point. They would need at least one more person, preferably one that wasn’t going to be shooting at them.

(to be continued)

The Social Construct Known as the “Safe Space”

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It really seems that some folks these days really love the idea that anything they don’t like is a ‘social construct’ meaning that society created it, society is responsible for it, and society should do something to either protect or condemn it depending on their beliefs. Some folks are open-minded and don’t mind discussing such ideals which is great, open discussion is a great part about being human since it’s a part of the communicative process that has been in place for longer than a lot of these ‘social constructs’ that have somehow been allow to take the place of what once was considered a part of nature as well as nurture instead of just one or the other.

The safe space, ah yes, that wonderful idea that there are places we can go in this world where the iniquities of said world can’t reach us. It’s a fantasy that some folks love to push upon those that don’t agree with their ideas and as a result can’t possibly understand the traumas that they’ve gone through in their lives. Do various people suffer trauma and hardship? Of course they do, that’s never been in dispute. But do they need a safe space?

It all depends on who you ask. But will that safe space save them from the world that will gladly intrude upon their lives every second? Nope, not a single bit.

The world doesn’t care about your safe space, it’s going to get in somehow. It’s important to understand the needs of others without a doubt, but safe spaces are kind of laughable.