Once More…..(part V)

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Sometimes she couldn’t help but feel that it would be better if she didn’t remember, if perhaps her soul would be divided into pieces so that it might help others become more self-aware, or perhaps a little more enlightened. She still feared such a thing happening however, as like so many beings she’d grown used to her anonymity and didn’t want to surrender it to anyone, or anything. But the knowledge she carried inside her of the worlds that had come before was simply too much sometimes.

The idea that she could tell someone what it had felt like to live back in the days that history books only ever teased at would be seen as lunacy. To relay to them the fallacies of those that penned the words would likely seen her called a liar, or even a fool. Cruel as these words were they were still just that, words. But she still didn’t want to be ostracized for her beliefs. That was why she stayed silent, and why she continued to plod along with the rest of humanity, hoping and praying that they would grow smarter with each new generation.

So far, her hopes hadn’t won out as fully as she’d hoped. But perhaps one day something would change. Until then, it was once more into the breach, as the bard had once said.

Once more….

The End

This Is Not the End (part IX)

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The first thought was that his head hurt. The second was that he was laying on something soft, cushy, and quite pleasing. But the third went stubbornly back to the ache in his skull that flared like a sunspot, unable to be fully ignored.

“He’s waking up. Sir, can you hear me?”

Sir? Why did that ring such a large bell? As he opened his eyes darkness met him, as did two figures leaning over his prone body. He tried to move, to find some way to get by them, but the pain in his head was too much as the two figures had no trouble holding onto him, easing him into a sitting position he noted as they maintained their firm but gentle hold.

“Where, where am I?” he asked, his voice groggy as he kept his eyes closed.

“You’re in the first sub-level sir,” one of the figures said, “We went to lockdown a few days ago and couldn’t figure out how to get the doors open. Sir, what happened up there?”

He tried to chuckle, failed, and only shook his head in response. His memory was suddenly coming back, making that flaring spot in his skull sear and burn all the worse.

Where to begin?

(to be continued)

YouTube=The NEW Reality TV

So yes, this is one of the ‘worst of feminism’ videos that’s kind of ridiculous but also kind of humorous at the same time since some of the ideas are kind of out there and less than realistic when it comes to what some women want and how they go about thinking of ways to get it. But if you want the honest to goodness truth, and some still do, YouTube is the new reality TV since no matter how ridiculous it might be some of the videos you find online are more real and more visceral than any show on TV could ever hope to be.

Why you ask? Well, as easy as it is to fool people, yes it’s happened to me too, YouTube is still raw enough that the footage you see could easily be real and in many cases it is. While some people go on YouTube to find movie trailers, movie clips, various other shows and broadcasts that have grown popular over the years, some folks like me just go on to laugh and see how those that are attempting to make serious and in-depth posts are just making themselves look like fools. Is that cynical and wrong? Maybe, but it’s kind of amusing to think that people making their way onto YouTube, be it accidental, purposeful, or because someone else felt that it was necessary, it becomes a very amusing moment at some moments and easy to disbelieve in others.

With every new video that comes along millions upon millions, I’m being conservative as far as numbers, log on and want to see their favorite shows and arguments over and over and will usually stop and take note of a few other channels as well out of pure amusement.

YouTube is at this point bigger than a lot of TV shows, so it might pay for the networks to pay attention.

Once More……(part IV)

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She was no longer naive to think that humanity would ever truly break out of the cycle that she’d seen it undergo throughout the many lives she’d had, nor was she foolish enough to think that being ‘woke’ in this current era was anything other than the self-aggrandizement that many people practiced when trying to think that they were wiser than the generations that had come before them. Every last person thought that they knew something about life that the previous generations had not. The expansion of knowledge wasn’t necessarily to the betterment of the human race, but it was amusing that they thought it was.

Being a part of this species was a bit vexing at times. She’d often wondered why she couldn’t come back as an animal or something a little more pure in its purpose, something that wouldn’t be bound by the moral and ethical implications that society placed upon her at all times. It felt like a bit of whining when she had such thoughts, but it was a bit of whimsy that she still couldn’t quite let go. After all, animals throughout the world didn’t want much, they just wanted to survive, but she supposed that they too had their own intricacies that she knew nothing about. The thought of coming back as a chicken and finding herself worrying about being penned up or left to run free where a fox might get her was rather disconcerting.

But she was human, through and through, and so she was bound by many other intricate aspects of a species that had a world at their disposal but had yet to figure out to use in the most efficient manner. Plus, the human race kept building the population to disastrous levels that the world around them was struggling to keep up with. Every time she came back it seemed like there were millions upon millions more than there had been when she’d passed.

(to be continued)

This Is Not the End (part VIII)

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He tried the metal hand this time, and it turned without a single hint of difficulty, the door swinging open as he pulled, the gun still in hand just in case of any surprises. The corridor beyond was dark and forbidding, but with one look around them to see if the shots had brought anyone out of hiding, the two of them looked at one another and shrugged, moving forward as they found it easy to brave the uncertain darkness.

“Do you hear that?” she asked, turning her head to the side as she tried to listen intently.

He did the same as they continued to walk along, and indeed he did hear something, but he couldn’t quite make out what it was. There was a good deal of what sounded like murmuring, and clicking, and something else he couldn’t define.

“Sound’s like someone’s up ahead.”

She nodded, inching forward as she held one hand against his shoulder, no doubt for comfort but also to make sure she didn’t lose him in the darkness. That became something of an impossibility though as a sudden noise that sounded like metal slamming against metal sounded throughout the corridor, seeming to announce the sudden light that poured down from above. Both of them hunkered down on instinct, shutting their eyes against the sudden brilliance as in the next second he heard another sound, one that jogged a few memories as a voice rang out in the corridor.

“Get down! Drop the gun and down on your faces! Now!”

He didn’t even have time to drop the gun before someone was all over him, knocking him to the floor as he felt his temple connect with the hard surface. As he slipped into the dark he didn’t even have time to tell the soldier trussing him up just who he was.

(to be continued)

The Toxicity of Our Society

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It’s not JUST about toxic masculinity any more than it’s JUST about toxic femininity. If you want the truth it’s about both and how they continue to be used to affect one another in a bid for dominance that women feel men have been exerting for a long, LONG time. It is true men, we’ve been at the top of the societal food chain for quite a while and some of us have taken advantage of that as much as possible. The downfall of this is that our predecessors and perhaps even some of us have forgotten that in order to be equal in this world it doesn’t matter who has what equipment or who leads the way. It matters that we get there together and that we share the load as we go.

The current shift in feminism as it’s continued to rise and empower women isn’t an overly negative thing unless you happen to see it that way. Women need to be better represented in this world if equality is going to come about. They need to be given the chance to do things that men do, to share in the power and not just be made to enjoy it when men say so. If we can’t be equal then the shift that some men feel, that feminists are asking for than their due, is going to continue until one side or the other is knocked down to the bottom of the pecking order.

Don’t think you’re off the hook on this one ladies. If you want equality that’s all well and good. Walking side by side throughout society is highly preferable for both sides, but the moment you decide that you need to be superior to men, get ready for the same fight you’ve been waging for so many years. The only differences is that while women have fought long and hard for what they have now, asking for more than you earn is bound to create a conflict that you won’t win overnight, if you win at all. You’re determined, you’re powerful, and you deserve what you work for just as much as anyone.

But like everyone else in this world, male or female, don’t expect anyone just to GIVE it to you. Men, things are changing, accept it and roll with it. Ladies, have a seat at the table and let’s work on an equal society that we can agree upon.

Genetics vs. Lifestyle Choice

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Everyone has something that makes them special and that one quality, or more, that creates a unique person. But when it comes to body image there are those that are slim, those that are overweight, and those that are simply obese. The body positivity isn’t a bad thing in and of itself, but trying to push the idea that ‘healthy at any size’ is possible just, well, it isn’t.

I’m overweight and I know it and am trying to get back to a healthy weight largely because I know what it does to my joints, for my breathing, and for various other health concerns that might arise. But this is also why when people push the idea that being morbidly obese is just fine that it becomes an issue since we seem to be asking ourselves to embrace the idea that it’s okay to become so severely overweight that we end up shortening our life span and therefore suffering the chance of a host of ailments that could come our way.

Believe it or not the human body wasn’t designed to carry the kind of weight that some people are starting to think is normal. There are those that are curvy and overweight that are still in good health since they practice healthy eating habits and do manage to exercise during the day. But those that simply eat and do nothing and then tell you that they’re okay are deluding themselves and anyone else that supports their decision. Some folks gain weight thanks to various diseases or conditions, but the idea of eating healthy is still a lifestyle choice. If you want to eat junk food all day and then complain why you can’t lose weight then it’s time to really open your eyes and look at what you’re doing.

It’s not unhealthy to be a bigger person so long as you maintain a balanced diet and exercise regularly. But if you revel in being heavy and eating garbage then so be it, but don’t call it healthy.

Once More…..(part III)

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The conversations she had with her friend were secretive talks, well away from the ears of adults. They had both agreed that their parents could not and would not understand the intelligence they possessed, or believe the accounts they could tell them from the past. Time moved on with each transition, and as she grew she found others like herself, though a few had been either driven to some type of mania or hadn’t been like her in the first place and had played upon her otherwise kind nature.

It was very hard to hate humanity for their darker and more destructive ways since she had seen so much concerning her own race that it was easy to be conflicted most of the time. Having been born for the first time so long ago, as far as she knew, her earliest memories were of utter hatred and scorn that had been heaped upon her and her family. They’d done nothing to deserve it, but still they’d been seen as lesser beings for some reason, worth nothing more than the price that their master had paid for them.

That life had not ended well. She hadn’t been tortured or even beaten, but she had been privy to the injustices that all people could do, not just a single race. If those that had written the history books of America back then had known half of what she’d known the texts might look very different. Yet despite this she’d never once decided to pen what she had seen or what she had lived through, as each and every time the thought had come she had worried over what people would think and how they would react to the truths she knew and the debunking of the history they believed.

Such an action was often considered an aggression of some sort by those that wanted to hold onto their ideal of what history had really been like. When that happened, facts became irrelevant since the ones holding the pen were usually those knew how to apply it in a way that would favor who they wanted. The narrative never seemed to change, but the opinions and views certainly did.

(to be continued)

This Is Not the End (part VII)

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“Well, that’s unfortunate,” she said as they backed away quickly from the locker room, disappointment on his face and concern on hers. The warning shots that the other man had been willing to expend to keep them out of his space had been just as loud as before, but also just as poorly aimed. Instead of coming anywhere close two of them the shots had gone far off to the left, striking the wall behind them and chipping away tiles and drywall alike.

“Yep,” was all he said as he finally decided to do something that he’d been hoping to avoid. Walking briskly back down the corridor they’d taken to reach the locker room he took the pistol from where it lay nestled against the base of his spine, sliding the chamber back to insure that there was in fact a round in the pipe before he made his way towards one of the two doors that had eluded his attempts to open it until now.

“Stay back,” he warned, thumbing the safety off as he walked to within a few strides of the door, aiming the pistol at the lock as he fired of two rounds in quick succession. The ping and whining sound of the ricochet didn’t register in his thoughts as he saw that the lock hadn’t taken the brunt of the shot all that well and was now hanging by its various components from its place on the door.

A pop and sudden hiss of sparking wires kept him back as the sudden and unexpected noise of a lock disengaging informed him, with some surprise, that the act had worked.

“Well how about that?” he murmured. “I guess stuff can work like it does in the movies.”

(to be continued)

How To Tell When a Person Has No Valid Argument

“If there is no valid point to be made then silence becomes a virtue.”


Arguing with some people is a kind of pointless endeavor and it’s easy to explain why. Helping those that argue to fully understand why they truly have no valid argument is infinitely more difficult however since the moment that something is stuck in the heads of those that refuse to think freely and remain open they will refuse to budge. Being stoic and standing your ground is great when it comes to a point of view and a valid argument. But there are moments when a person digs in their heels so to speak when it becomes little more than a case of clinging stubbornly by the last thread of an invalid argument.

The moment an argument begins it is important to know that it is valuable to be open-minded and ready to back up your point of view. That single moment when you discover that you have nothing else to fall back on is when a person must realize that they’ve lost the argument and, perhaps, are either not as prepared as they should have been, are shaky in their facts, or are not as strong in their beliefs as they first thought. Each one of these is hard to truly prepare for since a lot of people don’t walk around with a head full of facts just ready to fire off if they’re challenged by someone with a differing viewpoint. Second, the facts that many believe are somewhat shaky anyway depending on the point of view that their detractor might entertain, and third, if your belief system can be shaken by a different point of view then it wasn’t that strong to begin with.

If you’re going to step into an argument, try not to fall back on various points as your go-to when you feel yourself failing, that’s an obvious tell. The moment you have to focus on anything but the main point, you’ve lost the argument. Boom.