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Life might have been unbearably rough back in those days, but it didn’t produce those that needed a ‘safe’ space.


Crazy Ain’t It?

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And the way the sun seems to just stay in the center there, without seeming to have its own track to hover over the planets, that’s just nuts, don’t you think? Oh Flat Earthers, just remind yourselves that your fellow believers all over the globe are there for you…..whoops…..

Opinions, Opinions Everywhere…

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Yeah, that’s not really how it works now is it? You don’t like an opinion, don’t listen. But telling someone to stop voicing their opinion is like giving commands to a cat, it might work once every thousand times.

‘Nuff Said

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The best things in life are indeed free, so long as you’re willing to earn them by being the best you can be.