Fairy Tale

It's all just a story, right?

Every myth has a small grain of truth to it. Even the stories that are handed down throughout generations started somewhere. What Nolan and Tina don't realize however is that the story of Wonderland is far more real than anyone ever imagined. When the minions of a demented fairy queen kidnap Tina and leave Nolan stranded in a strange land, the young boy soon discovers that the stories his parents once told him are more than fantasy. As legends come to life the real world to which they're attached begins to crumble. There are many ways to save the fairy tale realms, but only a few that have been left unsecured, and it's up to Nolan and his uncertain allies to find them.

About the Book

The world of the fairy tale is under attack by Queen Maab, and Wonderland’s future is currently uncertain. The various realms that exist within the imagination of humanity are swiftly being overrun by the dark forces that Maab has at her disposal, and the result is that fairy tales, myths, and legends are being erased from human comprehension. One by one, the saviors and mythical objects that are capable of stopping this madness have been snuffed out, lost, or destroyed. The sages of Wonderland have discovered a lost heir to the power that once saved their world, a power that can defeat Maab and send her into exile. Unfortunately, that heir is beyond their grasp.

When their calm and peaceful existence is shattered by a sudden intrusion into their world, Tina and her younger brother Nolan are thrust into a tale that is not of their making, but hinges on their every action. Taken to the fairy tale realm by Maab, Tina and Nolan have to find a way to gain their bearings and come to grips with the idea that they are in a very real, and very dangerous struggle for the survival of more than one world.

Genre: Fantasy
eBook Price: 3.99
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