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Hell Came to Long Beach (part IV)

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She’d needed something stiffer than coffee no matter that it was early still, and apparently so had Angie, as she’d come over only moments after the phone call. The two women were currently seated in Tiffani’s kitchen, as her two daughters had made their way to school while Grady had headed off to oversee the lumber yard that had been in her family for years, which he was now a partial owner of.

“Some people really hold a grudge,” Angie stated, staring into her cup of coffee as the smooth scent of whiskey drifted up with a wisp of steam.

“It’s not funny,” Tiffani replied, taking a long swig from her own cup as the liquid burned initially but traced a slow and pleasing trail of warmth down her throat, all the way to her belly.

“It’s not meant to be,” Angie said defensively, “But it’s been over twenty years. Why would anyone come back after all that time and start trouble?”

“Do you really need a reminder?” Tiffani shot back as she set her cup down, “I set her shoes on fire for what she said about cheerleaders, so she torches a part of my yard? You put worms in her sneakers after gym class and you find a pair of shoes on your yard crawling with worms? It’s a good thing Becky and Katie don’t live here any longer. I’d hate to see what she might do to them.”

“You could call and ask them,” said a voice from the doorway. Both women jumped as Tiffani uttered a startled shriek, almost throwing her cup in fright as they both turned towards the front entrance. “Or better yet, you could just turn on the news.”

“What the hell are you doing in my house??!” Tiffani shouted, “Get out!”

Casey, who stood in the open doorway, chuckled as she said, “That’s an interesting choice of words Tiff. But before I leave, of my own volition, I wanted you to see something. Turn on the TV please.”

Tiffani just looked at her, dumbfounded and more than a little pissed off.

“Turn it on!” roared Casey, her voice hitting a bass note that had both women shrinking back. The fire in the other woman’s eyes was blazing fully now as she looked fully ready for violence, or at the very least ready for a verbal confrontation of epic proportions.

“Angie, turn it on please,” Tiffani almost squeaked.

“Oh no, no no no,” Cassie crooned, sounding absolutely deadly, “YOU do it Tiff. It’s your house after all, and she doesn’t work for you here.”

Tiffani glanced at Angie, but what she saw made her recoil once again.

(to be continued)

Hell Came to Long Beach (part III)

Long Beach, WA : July 2006 Sunset photo, picture, image (Washington) at

The next day Tiffani found herself staring at a strange sight on her front lawn. A pair of scorch marks that were located just a few feet from the gravel path had darkened the grass, looking eerily like footprints. Standing on her front porch, looking at the strange marks, she didn’t even hear her husband, Grady, come up behind her as he wrapped his arms around her, making Tiffani jump slightly as she nearly spilled her coffee.

“Woah,” Grady chuckled, “You okay? I didn’t mean to scare you.”

“Look at that,” Tiffani said, not responding to his question. As Grady looked to where she was pointing, Tiffani felt her cell phone vibrating in her pocket. Taking it from the snug, soft pocket of her sweatpants she saw that it was Angie calling, and pressed the SEND button to receive the call.

“Must be kids or something, pulling a prank,” Grady said with a shrug, “It’s a little early for Halloween still, but oh well.”

“Oh well?” Tiffani echoed. She was about to berate him for making light of the damage to her lawn when Angie started talking.

“Did you see anything weird in your front lawn this morning?”

“Well good morning to you too sunshine,” Tiffani quipped, trying to make light of the current situation in light of a memory that she could feel trying to resurface.

“I’m serious Tiff,” Angie said, “This morning when I came out to my front yard I saw two sneakers on my front lawn with worms all over them, big ones, wriggling all over them.”

“Were they your shoes?” Tiffani asked, not sure what else to say.

“No, but they, they remind me of the kind of shoes we used to wear back in high school. I, ah, I had a memory of back then. Have you?”

“No,” Tiffani replied, shaking her head, “Why?”

“Are you kidding me Tiff? Casey’s back in town and you can’t figure out why that would be important?”

Tiffani looked back to the burn marks, and suddenly the memory didn’t just drift to the surface, it slammed into her conscious memory hard enough to give her an actual jolt as her coffee mug and phone suddenly fell from fingers that had gone numb from shock.

“Oh, my God,” she breathed.

(to be continued)

Hell Came to Long Beach (part II)

Long Beach, WA : July 2006 Sunset photo, picture, image (Washington) at

“Casey?” Tiffani ventured, daring to crack a half-grin at the very tall, and very elegant woman now seated at the long, L-shaped bar. The daylight spilling in from the windows that lined the bar and dining area, meant to give people a perfect view of the beach and boardwalk beyond, highlighted the features of the woman that now sat before her. From what she remembered of Casey, and there was much, unfortunately, she’d always been a big woman, even in high school, but she hadn’t been particularly pretty, as her nose had been too bulbous, her face had been too round and pitted by acne, and her curly mop of hair had been unruly all the time. Oh, and she’d been a very heavy young woman.

This woman had none of those qualities, but it was definitely her.

“Casey Runuh?” Angie said, her eyes widening a little further. In response, the woman at the bar smiled a bit as she leaned forward, her large but well-proportioned frame making her appear almost like a giantess from one of the many fantasy stories that were seen to circulate in the media these days.

“I’m glad to see that you two recognize me,” she said in a silky purr that was nothing like the woman they remembered, “Because I remember you two as well.”

Silence fell hard between the three women as the sounds from the kitchen behind the wall at Tiffani’s back could be heard as clanking and clanging and the rattling of dishes took precedence at the moment.

“That was a long time ago Casey,” Angie said, her voice somewhat subdued, “and we were being stupid teenagers.”

“There’s no doubt of that,” Casey said with a nod, “But there’s no doubt about what happened afterwards either. You do remember, don’t you? The judge found you two not guilty, and my father was convicted of rape.That’s not something you tend to forget.”

“Casey-” Tiffani began, but the other woman raised a single hand to stop her from speaking, and the fire that burned in her gaze was enough to keep Tiffani from continuing.

“Seeing as I just moved home after burying my mother and making certain my siblings are well taken care of, despite the fact that we’re all adults now, I figured I would give you the courtesy of showing up to remind you that you still have a debt to pay. I mean to collect this time, and as hokey as it might sounds, hell has come to Long Beach ladies. You’ll find out what that means in the days to come, I guarantee.”

With that said Casey stood up, pushing the stool out with one hand as she offered them both a steely glare as her grin faded like the last wisp of sunlight before a winter storm. Neither Tiffani or Angie could say anything as Casey appeared to glide from the bar, not even offering them a glance before she was out the door and headed towards the elevator, or so they would guess.

(to be continued)

Hell Came to Long Beach (part I)

Long Beach, WA : July 2006 Sunset photo, picture, image (Washington) at

“I woke up with a bad feeling today, but I don’t know why.”

She almost ignored her friend at that moment, as her mind was on too many things at that moment to really pay attention to such a vague statement. But something about the way she said it caused Tiffani to turn about and look at her friend. The first thing she noted was that Angie was wringing her hands, which was never a good sign, as it meant she was nervous.

Angie didn’t get nervous.

For as long as they’d known each other, Tiffani had known Angie to be a rock-solid personality that could weather just about anything. When her husband had fallen from a second-story balcony and nearly broken his neck she’d been worried and concerned, but she’d still pulled it together. When a mugger had attempted to extort cash from the bar nearly a year ago, Angie hadn’t even flinched when she’d tossed a cup of lime juice in the man’s face before knocking him over the head with the club that was kept behind the main bar. So seeing her anxious enough to wring her hands had Tiffani on alert suddenly. All at once the inventory numbers she’d been poring over flew from her mind as she spoke.

“What’s up?”

Angie, her red, curly hair bound up in a bun and her glasses pushed up on top of her head, shook her head as she replied, “I dunno. It’s just a feeling I guess, but it’s a strong one. Like something bad is going to happen, y’know? It’s almost like, like the feeling you get before a big storm hits.”

Tiffani nodded, as being on the coast they did get their fair share of storms and then some. But it still didn’t feel like enough to warrant this kind of reaction. She was about to ask again just what Angie meant when the sound of a bar stool being pulled back across the tile floor alerted both of them to the presence of a customer. Angie, normally friendly and quite welcoming, looked at the individual with widened eyes as her jaw dropped. Turning about, Tiffani felt her own eyes widen at who she saw.

(to be continued)

It’s Closer Than You Think

Portland Riots - Imgflip
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the mayor of portland and governor of oregon don't want a federal law  enforcement to stop the riots how long before they'll want the federal  govt. to pay for the damages caused

It might sound like fear-mongering, but here’s the truth of it. Portland isn’t lost….yet. But if you think you’re small town or suburb can take the damage that the Rose City is taking on a daily basis, if you think your small-town sheriff’s department will hold back groups of rioters, then you haven’t been to Portland lately, or you’re part of the group that has. If the big cities burn down, all that’s left are the smaller towns. Think about that.

It’s A Movement Alright….But Apparently An Involuntary One

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It started off positive after all….
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See, when you want the power and then get it and still claim not to have it you might forget why you wanted it in the first place and….where was I going with this?
Photo Of Martial Artist Shared With Claims To Discredit US Protests
Face it, there are no “BLM Allies”, there are just victims they haven’t gotten to yet…
Showed up to a BLM protest with employment applications - quickmeme
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There are problems in this world, that much is obvious, but talking, getting along, and trying to understand that not everyone is out to get you and LIVING YOUR OWN LIFE while EARNING it is the best way to be empowered. Otherwise, you’re just whining and spewing verbal diarrhea in every direction to those that are tired of being dumped on for something they didn’t do. Grow up and move on, it’s time to start living and stop lying.


23 College Liberal Memes That Are As Hilarious As They Are Infuriating
25+ Best Stupid Liberals Memes | the Memes, Stupid Liberal Memes ...
If only there was such a thing as a collective Gibbs Slap…
Portland Riots - Imgflip
The ‘peaceful’ part must be optional
the mayor of portland and governor of oregon don't want a federal ...
You know it’s coming….

There’s little to no debate with the bottom-feeding rioters since they’ve gone full sheeple at this point, sad to say. There are some that would prefer to talk and actually remain peaceful, but unfortunately non-violence isn’t trending right now according to those that are all for lashing out blindly and in all directions, even at their own people from time to time.

What & Why (part V)

Being chased: A manifestation of feeling under pressure | FindATopDoc

The sound of footsteps brought Kyle back to himself as he felt his anger rising slightly, but as he heard them moving pas his hiding spot again he backed away slowly, searching in the dark for the latch that would allow him entry into the next room.

“He has to have gone somewhere,” he heard someone say. The voice was a little too muffled to make out who it was, but Kyle had no doubt that someone might remember that he’d altered the warehouse at some point. It hadn’t been as big of a secret as he’d tried to keep it, as his kids knew about the passages, as did his brother and sister. Whether they were thinking of it at the moment however was debatable, since it felt as though they should have figured out the trick by now. He needed to get out of here, and quickly.

Feeling around for the latch again he felt something click as his hand brushed against it.

“Wait! Did you hear that?”

Kyle froze, slowly taking his fingers from the latch as the footsteps pounded away, towards the noise he was hoping and away from the hatch that he’d reached this space through. The space beyond was where he needed to be since it offered a way out of the warehouse through the floorboards, but it was likely to be a risk to to make his way into the room beyond at this point. As he listened closely, placing one ear close to the wall, he heard nothing. Thinking it was a risk, he still pushed the latch again, wincing as he heard the slight click as he peered into the room.

There was no one there. But that wasn’t going to last too long as he could already here footsteps headed this way. Kyle was quick to pull up a craftily-hidden ring in the floor, making his way behind the office’s singular desk as he didn’t worry about closing the hatch. As a last-second decision he opened the rooms only window before dashing to the hatch once again, almost diving into the space below as he pulled the hatch shut after him as quietly as he could. Hopefully the pounding footsteps would drown it out. Even if they did find it however he was already moving, making his way along the corridor after stepping off the fixed ladder that led from the office to this space.

He had a car dealership to reach.

(to be continued)