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The Reality

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It’s not always fun, it’s not always nice, and it certainly doesn’t care if you succeed or fail. But this is the world we have, get used to it.


Religion Is Not About Hate

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Plenty of religious individuals know how to practice their chosen religion without hating people, but some seem to think that it makes them better than others. Should you feel the need to hate in the name of your religion, you might have a bigger problem…..

It’s Pretty Telling

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Sounds like a lot of humanity, doesn’t it? There are those that stand outside of this and scoff since it seems too simple, too minimalist, but hey, what’s wrong with it? If you can’t laugh at humanity and be a part of it at the same time then you belong to the wrong species. SPECIES, not RACE, just for those that were gearing up to argue the point.

Sometimes It’s Necessary to Get Real

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If people can take off their victim blinders for a moment they might see that no one really cares enough to oppress them in the first place. You want people to care about you? Make it worth their time and effort, stop creating conflict when others are trying to create peace.

Don’t Blame the World, or Anyone In It

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YOU are responsible for your success, happiness, and well-being. Don’t look to the past to try and claim something that’s not yours and never will be. If you’re failing in this world it’s because you haven’t done something, not because someone decades or centuries ago took something away from your ancestors. You want a better life? Work for it, earn it, and enjoy it. Don’t cry over events that had nothing to do with you or anyone living today.

Sometimes You Embrace the Chaos

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Order brings balance until it tips the scales too far, or stagnates. Introduce a bit of chaos into life and things begin to clear up a bit. We’re not agents of chaos or order, we’re the actors that play upon the stage that’s been set.


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It’s such a simple tenet of society, of civilization. The system doesn’t work if those within it aren’t willing. Yet if people pull together and accomplish something great, the system works just fine. Just because it’s hard doesn’t mean it’s not worth the effort.