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Why ‘Compromise’ is Not a Dirty Word

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No one likes to give in to anyone else when it comes to getting what they want. It tends to feel as though you’ve given up, that you’ve betrayed a principle of some sort, and that you got the worse end of the deal. That’s a compromise, and it’s not a dirty word or anything as negative as what could possibly happen if one side wins out and the other side loses.

A compromise is, more or less, the agreement of each side of an argument that is reached after both sides make a concession regarding whatever issue is at hand. This is of course something that many people have had to learn throughout their lives since we don’t always get what we want and at times we have to learn how to give a little to get a little. One would think that those in our government would realize this and do the same.

You could make the argument that they do this on a fairly regular basis, but it’s hard to take note of this since the unless one bypasses the media to take note of what’s really going on all we seem to see is conflict, arguing, more conflict, more arguments, condemnation of one party by the other, and a whole lot of nonsense that goes on between those that were elected to lead us.

I’ve seen children compromise over a favored toy quicker than our government can compromise over anything.

Preferred (part I)

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June 23rd, 2019

Tom McCall Waterfront Park

Portland, OR

“What’d you say to me bitch?!”

The young female didn’t know who hit her first, but he’d seen it developing as he’d been walking by and had decided he couldn’t just sit by and do nothing. He’d seen this same young woman speaking vehemently against those that refused to use her preferred pronouns with a megaphone in hand and a band of supporters around her just a little while ago. Where her supporters had gone was hard to think on when he saw the first of her attackers slug her in the back of the head, sending her stumbling forward as another of them took that moment to plant his foot in her stomach, folding her over as the others then began to take their turns, beating her mercilessly as he finally reached the spot under the Hawthorne Bridge where they’d managed to lure her.

He bull-rushed the first man that turned, knocking him off his feet even as he moved on to the next person in line. It was an insane move that would have only worked in the movies, but he had the element of surprise for the moment as he slammed his fist into the face of the next man, kicking the next in the balls and then moving on to the last two as they’d backed off, seeking to gain just a bit of distance before surging forward.

The young woman was between them, but that only meant anything for a moment as one of the remaining men, dressed in all black, pushed her aside to come forward. He dealt with them both quickly after that, kicking another of them in the balls while ducking wild punch from the other and then landing a lucky uppercut to his chin that had him staggering back a few steps. From that point he went to stand in front of the young woman, looking around as he hoped that the men would just take a powder.

He was lucky as they did just this, but as he turned around to see if the young woman was okay he heard a whistle off in the distance as he bent down to check her out.

“Are you o-“

“Don’t touch me!” she yelled, sucking in enough wind for another shout as she opened her mouth wide, “Rape! Someone help me I’m being raped!”

He tried to back up from her as quickly as he possibly could, thinking she was disoriented and didn’t know him from her attackers, but the moment for that passed as two cops came rushing around the corner, each one of them seeing him bent over her for just a split second before one of them was on him, tackling him in the next second without fail as the other cop went towards the young woman. As the back of his head hit the concrete with a sickening crack he couldn’t help but think that he should have kept moving. But then, that just wasn’t the type of person he was.

(to be continued)

Don’t Be a Nutrition Nazi

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It seems odd to be railing against eating good, healthy food, so that’s what this little rant is about. Instead, it’s about people that go on crusades to make sure that people know which foods are going to give them CANCER, even if it’s not bound to happen unless we ingest the mass quantities would choke an elephant. It’s about those folks that love to give you advice on what to eat when you already eat halfway healthy because in their mind it’s not good enough, you either HAVE to eat healthy or you’re harming yourself and those around you.

Yeah, the Nutrition Nazis that are rarely ever talked about but are an issue when they decide to be one. Thankfully such folks aren’t really so bad that they’ve become an epidemic, but when someone shoves a bowl of raw peas in your face and begins to preach on the benefits of raw vegetables versus a quick and easy snack like a small bag of chips things seem to be at least a little out of control.

We get it, healthy foods are a lot better, and they’re not as hard to obtain. Unfortunately a lot of times they are a lot more expensive and are very seasonal depending on what you’re going for. Thankfully a lot of fresh veggies and fruits are available year round, but that doesn’t take away the idea that people preaching about a healthy lifestyle can get a bit stale with their rhetoric.

Thankfully, they’re among the easiest of people to ignore most times.

On Your Own (part VIII)

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February 4th, 2020

Things hadn’t gone quite according to plan, but they’d been close enough. As of now there were seven people located upon the island she’d called home for several months now, and island that she had no intention of going back to, even if she had to drift on the waves for days to come. As she’d found already the ship was well-stocked with food and drink, and was a comfort that she believed she could get used to for as long as she desired, which would be just as long as it took to find a suitable spot to beach the craft and then move on.

She’d realized her way of thinking had altered slightly when she had ceased trying to peacefully subdue the people that came ashore looking for those that had been lost, but it hadn’t seemed to bother her. It didn’t bother Patch either, who had rumbled along beside her and even taken some interesting luring the people from their safety in numbers to try and catch her or at least see where she’d gone.

Amazingly it had only taken one night to subdue them all, as she had taken them by surprise, every last one of them, before either choking them out or beating them over the head with whatever was at hand and was heavy enough. With the captain of the boat she’d gone ahead and used his flashlight when he’d dropped it in fright upon seeing her step out of the shadows of a copse of trees. He’d almost squealed like a little girl and had even backed up a step when she’d darted forward to grab the flashlight he’d dropped.

Using vines and even the ropes she’d taken from the small dinghy she’d had to appropriate to actually reach the yacht eventually she had secured every last individual that had come ashore to a tree somewhere on the island, and it had been long and arduous work, but thanks to Patch and her own dogged determination it had gotten done. The man she’d really wanted hadn’t come ashore, and neither had one of the crew members. As they’d put it they hadn’t believed that anyone was on the island, but with a gun trained on them she believed that they’d been honest enough.

When she’d told them to jump ship the prick had actually been defiant though, telling her that he didn’t think she’d shoot him. The handgun that had been taken from the captain proved to be pretty loud in the enclosed cabin, but thankfully it had found its mark. The former object of her affection had gone sprawling to the floor with two less toes on his right foot. Thankfully the bullet had stuck in the floor and hadn’t gone any further.

The last crew member hadn’t had any trouble jumping ship then, and when she’d suggested to the cocky bastard that had left her that she could raise her aim a few feet he’d almost gone white with shock, but he had obeyed. Getting the boat in gear had taken a while, but she’d been confident enough that nobody would be making their way back anytime soon to hinder her efforts.

With a little doing she’d been able to get the anchor raised, start the boat, and then even wheel it around to head off in the direction she believed they’d come from initially. When she’d heard someone shouting she hadn’t even thought about it and had left the helm to go aft and see the man that had left her shouting at her, calling her every foul name in the book and more, and asking what they were supposed to do. She’d smiled as she shouted back, “Beats me! You’re on your own!”

Since that moment she’d been unable to stop smiling.

The End

Broken and Left (part VIII)

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March 5th, 2018

It wouldn’t matter if he waited until nightfall, as Vegas was a city that didn’t sleep much like New York. But unlike the Big Apple, America’s Playground didn’t keep a close eye on the clock at all times. For all the people in the casinos knew the sun could rise and fall a dozen times so long as they were kept buzzed enough to keep plunking their quarters and the deeds to their home yielded enough spending money to lace the tables for a while. He’d seen people burn through fortunes at the tables while walking the floors, and had always shaken his head to think how many suckers came to Vegas with the belief that they’d spend just a little and catch a show with a meal later. Most of them were lucky if they had enough for one of the shitty buffets down the street when they were done.

Going down Frank Sinatra Drive was the best way to get to the back, and with the outfit he’d changed into from his stash, which was updated as much as could be, he’d be indistinguishable from any of the staff. The key card he’d had made for him by one of his people on the inside was hopefully still good, but he know other ways in if it wasn’t. They’d see him coming if he walked through the casino, which was why he was going in the back, which they’d likely expect just as well. At least going in through the back wouldn’t set off any metal detectors that could derail him before he reached his destination.

If he was correct in his thinking the mugs that had left him for dead would think that the job was done and over with, while the one that had been in charge of them would likely be waiting for him. The Brit, which was what everyone called him on account of the fact that he was a British hitman, or ex-hitman as he liked to say, was the only guy between him and the boss that had been the only man that could have ordered his hit. Once he got through the Brit, assuming he was still standing, the boss would be next. Then it would be a full-on run towards freedom.

He almost felt bad that he wouldn’t be returning Sal’s truck like’d said, but he needed a mode of transport. He’d see if he could get as far as Reno and then see about switching up, but for now the truck had been sufficient to haul the load of supplies he’d taken with him from his storage unit. He’d just about cleaned the unit out, leaving only a few hangers and outfits that were going to be no good to him soon.

After he was done, if he was standing, he would have to run. He didn’t mind that part, only a fool stuck around once his luck had run out. But he believed in spreading the luck when it came around. As he pulled into the back parking lot of the Bellagio hotel, a place that was like a small city unto itself, he breathed deeply through his nostrils as he checked his personal inventory, making sure he had enough weaponry on him to take down a small army if need be. Everything was small enough to be concealed, and was easily accessible.

It was time to go spread the luck.

(to be continued)

Refusing to See the Negatives

“Everyone’s got a few shady spots in their past, but those spots should never be used to overshadow the bigger picture that is their life.”


Ever notice how some people will follow others even if they have a shady past that glares bright enough for everyone to see? Of course if you didn’t guess I’m taking this from a political standpoint and am about to mention why almost no one in DC is the innocent and decent person that the constituents think they are.

Donald Trump has a past and its been broadcast loud and clear across the country, that much is kind of obvious. His opponents have been crying long and loud how he’s racist, how he hates women, how he’s going to destroy the country and blah, blah, blah.

Let’s be fair and say that the same dirt has been shoveled towards Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton as well, and perhaps even Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. While not every one of them has shady dealings in their past they each have enough negatives pertaining to their time in office or before that mark them as less than ideal individuals to allow them to claim any moral high ground.

Yet talk to their followers and you’ll hear a bevy of excuses for each individual ranging from their level of intelligence to their devotion to the people to any number of reasons why they’re the best person suited for their job. You won’t hear the negatives since that’s for the other side to provide. You won’t hear them from the followers that often since they don’t want to accentuate the flaws in their chosen leaders. You won’t hear them because they don’t want to shed any doubt on their own beliefs that they made the right choice.

And both sides will gladly draw us a picture of those negatives as it pertains to their opponent, doing their absolute best to present the other side in as negative a light as possible. So what’s worse, not hearing the negatives at all, or hearing them in a horribly skewed fashion? It’s enough to make a nation face-palm itself into oblivion.

At this point each side simply acknowledging their faults would be great, but it would also be political suicide in the name of morality, and quite honestly there’s not a politician in the world that’s about to do such a thing.

And these are the people we elect to lead us.

Deadbeat Parents, Not Just Dads

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We hear about deadbeat dads a lot, don’t we? Yet when a mother abandons her kids we don’t seem to hear a single word about it. S’funny in a way, but utterly depressing too since the dads tend to be ran through hell and back, even if they deserve it, while mother are seemingly given one get out of jail free card after another until someone finally gets tired of it and says something.

Deadbeat mothers are every bit as much of a problem as deadbeat fathers, though we hear less about them due to the overwhelming need to position mothers as those that will take care of the children in the event of a separation between mother and father. Should the father make a great deal less than the mother and yet still be the primary caregiver it would seem common that he is still required to give up a great deal of his earnings to a woman to help raise their children. Yet if he works so many hours to pay his own way and to pay child support and hardly ever sees his kids, he’s a deadbeat dad.

But the mother that takes the money intended for her children and does whatever she pleases with it, drinking, smoking, partying, etc., is still the kind and devoted mother that absolutely needs that money for the raising of their kids. If you think this is beyond the pale and doesn’t happen, think again. Mothers can be deadbeats as well, but we don’t seem to hear about it all that often.

The goal of any parent should be to raise their children, to take care of them, and to see to their welfare first and foremost, no matter if they’re together or not. But the idea that a father can be a deadbeat and a mother is merely a poor victim of circumstance and bad choices is an idea that needs to stop, and quickly.

Equality, remember? It means taking everything that comes with the meaning of the word. If deadbeat dads are an issue, then the labels hiding deadbeat moms need to disappear like yesterday.

Fighting: Movies vs. Reality

A lot of us like to watch fight scenes in movies don’t we? The choreography and the way they flip through the air, dodge punches, and then kick the living snot out of each other is simply great entertainment. But let’s make this clear, the moment you try to drop kick someone in the chin, the groin, or try to slam your fist into their face or other part of their body you’re going to realize the difference. This might seem like a giant ‘duh’ moment, but there are still a lot of people out there that think they can growl like Bruce Lee or Jean Claude Van Damme and apply the same attack techniques while kicking some major ass.

The reality is this though: you will get your ass beat into the ground if you try most of these moves.

You know why you never see this kind of thing in real life? Because those that actually know how to fight know the damage it will cause and know that if their opponent isn’t at their skill level that they could really hurt them. There’s a great deal of discipline that’s taught when it comes to fighting, and those that have learned how to hurt people don’t tend to go out of their way to do so. Those that have no idea what they’re doing will likely try and likely fail.

In the movies it’s great to see opponents teeing up on one another again and again, taking hits and kicks that seem to have little effect on them. In reality those hits and kicks would put a person down if they were delivered from someone that knew what they were doing. This doesn’t happen in many movies obviously since the directors want to go for dramatic effect. But if you want a good example go watch the UFC. These athletes are trained, they endure the kind of pain and conditioning that turns them into hardened warriors, and yet when they step in the ring if they get hit just once the right way they go down like a stone.

In the movies it’s easy to paint anyone as a hardened fighter that can take multiple blows and not be phased. In real life, bones break and bodies can only take so much punishment before they begin to shut down. So to any would-be warriors out there, think about the damage that could be inflicted with a lucky shot and then find another way to settle your differences.

The Average Freelance Writer

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For all of those out there who are freelance writers and all those that think it might be one of the easiest jobs in the world, let’s share a laugh. It might seem like the ironic kind of mirth because quite honestly those of that have been there and know the truth understand just how hard it really is to break into a line of work such as this. In fact some people would laugh if you even dare to call it work since you sit at your laptop or PC and bang on the keys all day to complete one article after another. It’s true, this is one of the easiest jobs you could have in a physical sense.

But if you think you’re going to get rich doing it overnight, grow up. The averages you see online as far as pay scale and what it takes to create content that people will want to see are based on estimates that are either outdated, since the business moves that quickly, or are unrealistic. There was a point and time when people would actually earn big money for certain articles since they were the type that generated a lot of buzz and were worth a lot more. But those days are all but done.

These days there’s so much content on the internet that you’re lucky if you’re getting paid more than $5 dollars per article, if that much. Then there’s the fact that any place you work for is going to be different. Some people will hire on contract, others will pay by the word, others will pay so much for so many words. The average freelancer is said to need to write at least 15 thousand words a month to get a decent wage. Personally I do that much in a couple days and feel that it’s not nearly enough for any writer.

I’ll be honest and state that I’m one of those that has lucked out in finding a writing job that I enjoy, that I can get behind, and that is entirely fair in what they pay. But if you come into this job thinking that you’re going to be moving upward at an accelerated rate then you might want to look elsewhere, or get used to the fact that you’re going to be spending a lot more time writing and less time doing all the fun stuff that many recruiters for freelancing will tell you about.

As a part-time gig and a way to earn a little extra cash, being a freelance writer is great. But if you mean to make a career out of this then you need to know what you’re getting into. The average freelance writer is struggling to pay their bills and doing their best to remain relevant in a literary field that’s constantly changing. If you can’t keep up, then this job isn’t for you.

If you can stay on the edge with the rest of us though, then welcome aboard.

It Might Be Time for A Reminder….

Sigh, does anyone remember this at this point? The people are here to keep the country running, and as a result we need people at the top, people we can TRUST, to run things and govern them, not to pursue special interests and argue incessantly among one another like children in a schoolyard. Has that lesson been forgotten?

Both sides seem content to stymie the other and never find a way to seek common ground unless there’s an advantage for their side. Sounds like grade school, doesn’t it? So long as their side gains a distinct advantage they’re happy, otherwise they’re going to play a giant game of tug of war with the nation and its interests in order to see just who can come out on top. In the meantime, the people that elected them are either tugging on the same end of the rope or are stuck in the middle wondering what in the hell they’re thinking.

It’s about the people, remember? So how do we go about fixing this and reminding those in power that they serve at the will of the people, not the other way around? There a bunch of theories on what needs to be done and a great many ideas of how to fix things, but right now it would seem that getting their attention is the key point that we need to work on.

Any ideas?