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When Boys Try to Push Men Around

By now there are a lot of people that have seen this clip. The only problem is that many have seen the clip that the boy’s mother edited and posted, basically the grown man choking her son and throwing him to the ground. But watch the clip from front to end, it’s a little more telling than what initially went online. Not only is this kid aggressive, in the older man’s face, and continuously daring him to do something, but he becomes physical near the end and, after receiving his comeuppance, has the gall to lash out at those who saw the entire thing and are rightfully admonishing him over it. Anyone want to state the obvious?

Yes, this kid obviously has problems, and yes, his parents might very well be the type that allow this kind of behavior or somehow cause it. But is that the problem of those tha have to deal with him? Should he be allowed to throw rocks at cars, terrorize other kids on the playground, or treat adults in this manner? It’s a fervent hope that the answer most people give is a loud and resounding ‘no’.

But if we need to, let’s go play by play.

The kid would not move aside and kept getting in the older man’s face.

Not only is is aggressive behavior, but it is the utmost disrespect as the kid would not stop mean-mugging the adult and kept daring him to do something. The older man did nothing at first, merely asking the kid to move and going as far as telling him that if he didn’t then he would grab him and move him. What’s your natural reaction when someone stands in your path? Is it to bow down to them and wait until they decide to move, or is it to find another way around them and try to talk to them? The adult did what he could, even moving forward when the kid tried to push against him.

Once the adult had reached the side door and was about to enter the building, the kid began to get very physical.

Granted, the boy’s punches weren’t all that much and probably wouldn’t have bothered an elderly grandparent, but it’s the fact that the disrespect continued and that he dared to lay his hands on anyone. There had already been an attempt by one woman on the scene to try and pull him away, to avoid this nonsense, but the boy wasn’t having it. He wanted to fight, he wanted to get in the older man’s face, and as a result he wanted to cause a reaction.

Guess what happened next? The boy got his reaction.

There is usually no reason to put your hand on a kid, not at all. However in light of what happened preceding this moment the older man had shown incredible restraint. But when the kid wouldn’t stop hitting him and wouldn’t let up, the adult had had enough. He didn’t strike him, though he did grab him by the throat and force him to the ground. Is that wrong? Usually it would be with a resounding YES, but in this case it seems more than allowable given the overwhelming circumstances that led to the kid being thrown to the ground in a heap.

Then the kid did what most bullies do when they’re outclassed and find out that they’re not that tough. He cried like a little child and screamed abuse, and normally you might think that someone would come and condemn the older man and take the kid’s side.

Not this time.

The kid was admonished by no less than three or four women that told him to watch his mouth as he began to unveil a slew of foul language and accusations, and not a single tear was shed, except perhaps by the humbled and very angry child that had learned a very hard and painful lesson: the world doesn’t bow to bullies. As the kid went off in a huff he continued to spew profanities at anyone in the vicinity, even daring to get in the face of one of the women before turning tail and walking away.

This is not okay.

Yes the kid likely has a few problems, but this type of behavior is still not okay. Had the man been someone that didn’t care and had no intention of stopping he might not have been getting up so quickly. As it is the kid’s mom came back later on to find out what had happened and was quick to give an apology, BEFORE posting the video of the older man throwing her son to the ground. Thankfully the cops asked the older man if he wanted to press charges (Yes, the cops sided with the older man) to which he responded no. That may or may not have been the right move, as this kid obviously needs some type of therapy, but at the very least it is great to know that things like this will not stand.

No adult should ever strike a child, but keep in mind that no child should ever dare to disrespect an adult in this manner. Kids think they can do what they want because they’re kids? This kid just got a serious wakeup call.



ICE Detaining Families


There is no good excuse for this. No governmental policy, nor reason that has to do with illegal immigrants coming into the country can possibly explain away the idea of taking children from their parents, splitting families asunder, and causing an untold amount of grief, despair, and emotional trauma that will likely stay with a child for a long, long time. And that’s not even counting the parents that have to watch their children be taken from them even after claiming asylum. There’s been at least one document suicide after a father’s children were taken from him, but it’s doubtful that was the only one or that it will be the last. While entering the US illegally is seen as a crime it has also apparently become a good excuse to separate families and cause an untold amount of pain to all parties involved.

The kids are typically taken by the Office of Refugee Resettlement and are placed with relatives or those within the US that can act as legal guardians, but there is still little to no resolution after being taken from their families. It is a rather cruel and humorless joke when our government states that there are some ‘bad hombre’s’ that we need to look out for when they’re crossing the border, since many of those bad hombres don’t seem to be suffering nearly as badly as the families that are being punished for seeking out a better life.

While it’s true that there is a wrong way and a right way to go about entering the country, one has to remember that America is supposedly the land of opportunity and a more forgiving place that seeks to embrace the poor and disadvantaged in an effort to help them become prominent citizens that will contribute to this nation as they grow into adults. Tell me, how many children that have been taken from their mothers and fathers do you think will come to look upon the US as a truly kind and forgiving place after their time in a detention center?

It’s not a bleeding heart that’s needed to turn this debacle around, it’s a hard-nosed individual that sees potential in helping these people rather than caging them like animals.

The living conditions.


Does anything else need to be said? Most people don’t treat their dogs this way, yet our country is treating human beings like little more than criminals as they first separate them and then give them what amounts to just barely enough to make them comfortable. Prisoners receive more consideration than this and what’s more, these people have done nothing to deserve this treatment. Yes crossing the border illegally is seen as a crime, but when a murderer and rapist is given more rights than a person that’s done little more than seek a place to start over and create a new and prosperous life it’s safe to say our country has screwed up its priorities just a bit.

It’s not working out the way some think it should.


The numbers of people trying to illegally cross have not been deterred by this somehow, though it would seem that by some accounts, made by those that could not back them up with hard evidence, that it might have. People are still coming, and they’re still being detained, and they’re still being treated in a way that doesn’t foster any faith in the legal system of the United States. Our POTUS has even stated that not only is there a law that allows this to happen, but that it’s the fault of the Democrats for not getting their act together. But hey, the wall is coming along great, isn’t it?

Perhaps by taking those millions that are going towards a wall that might never be built and putting it towards treating these folks like human beings it might be possible to help them become naturalized citizens that can contribute to this country rather than bitter and angry individuals that will still seek to become naturalized and possible resent the US for a long, long time after. Forgiveness will be difficult if not impossible to earn in the short-term.

Can you say that we deserve it at this point?

Tunnel Vision Arguments


Many people suffer from tunnel vision and never know it, some do out of habit, and some prefer this view to the confusing morass of ethical issues and moral conundrums that we see and hear on a daily basis every time we open our eyes. But the downfall of keeping this habit and continually referring to it as “the only way” is that one can limit themselves to outside opinions that might mirror their own despite being presented differently. The more one closes themselves off to the opinions of others, the more likely it becomes that they will cease to accept that their way is not the only way to think. Okay that’s a bit melodramatic and it’s not the norm, but it is still a very common occurrence that can and does happen to many individuals. Seeing only the point or opinion that you believe is correct and refusing to see the veracity of anything else because you “know this is right” limits your scope in a way that is hard to fathom for any rational, free-thinking human being.

For some however it is a comfort to not bother with other opinions, as it might shake the foundations of what they know should any other argument make sense and thereby disrupt what they feel is right. It’s true that the world outside of one’s own opinion is a varied and sometimes confusing place. But it is also important to be able to take the views of others and hold them against your own to test whether or not you share the same beliefs with others while differing on your course, or if there is something to be learned from an opposite viewpoint. Refusing to see the world in favor of that one line of focus can be beneficial, and I’ll explain, but it can isolate an individual in a very negative way.

Tunnel vision can limit the understanding between people.

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There are times when tunnel vision is beneficial, such as those moments when you absolutely need to shut out the rest of the world in order to think, to focus, and to concentrate upon one thing or another. But other than this there are simply too many differing opinions and beliefs to be held within one focal point. One answer does not satisfy the masses, and one opinion might hold sway, but it is not the opinion that all will look to when they seek answers.

Some might argue that this is wrong, that their point of view is what is right due to these facts, or those studies, or the evidence that has been gathered throughout the years on whatever subject is being discussed. What has to be remembered however is that as much as one will attempt to force into their line of focus, and however much they will prove that what they say has roots in the unique vision that they entertain, there is so much more outside of that tunnel into which they’ve assembled their facts and data. There is an entire world beyond our perspective that has the right to agree and disagree with us based on their opinions and philosophies. There is no single point of view that can adequately contain every opinion and belief.

It’s important to step out of the tunnel now and again.



Some people don’t want to, other’s simply can’t bring themselves to, and then some don’t see any value in it for some reason. But the stark truth of it is that taking the time to see the world from a different perspective is quite important in the role of any human being. You don’t need to live the life of another in order to understand what they’re going through, but it pays to at least try and see things from their perspective in order to gain a better idea of what their life might be like. Before rushing to judgment on anyone in this world it is important to at least try to understand the point of view that another employs when looking at the world. Obviously some will be less receptive than others, but by limiting yourself to one point of view nothing changes, and the world will go on as it is and has been for quite some time. Taking the time to understand another’s perspective however, when such a thing is possible, is the key to stepping out of the tunnel and better comprehension of the world at large.

US Aid to Israel


There are a lot of arguments to consider when it comes to sending aid to Israel with each passing year. In truth Israel does receive a massive amount of aid from the US and does seem to depend on this country for a great many things. That can be unfortunate as it speaks to a dependency that can cripple a country by giving them everything instead of helping them to get back to a stable base from which they can operate. There is also the unfortunate fact that in some way America is facilitating the continued attacks on other countries such as Palestine and Syria that are being committed by Israel. There is always a reason why such attacks occur, but whether we as a nation want to believe them wholeheartedly or even step into the middle is a question that many people are starting to ask themselves.

One thing that many people are tired of at this point however is funding a country that has been at war with its neighbors in one way or another for over a century now. It’s been this long and no peace has been able to last for longer than a short period at best, and the US has continued to step into the middle of it, pouring funds into the bank account of those that are deemed worth helping. Should we stop? No, not really, as it is any country’s duty to help others when they possibly can. But perhaps if the US took a different stance and tried to help those in need rather than granting more armament to those that are willing to continue the fighting things could possibly change. In too many ways it would be like a teenager trying to tell two tired old folks to stop hitting one another, the effort is likely wasted as each country will accept the help so long as it can help them gain an advantage over each other.

Oh yeah, I’m waiting for debate on this one.

We seem to spend more in aiding other countries than we do on our own.


Again, helping other countries is great, it’s a humanitarian thing to do, and when the aid gets to those that actually need it then it becomes an act of kindness that is truly appreciated. But let’s think about this for a moment, and without overt judgment until after reading, our country gives billions to others overseas so that they can rebuild, survive, and flourish, while in our own country many cities seem to be left out in the cold, told to fend for themselves. A great analogy is that as good neighbors we’ll gladly spend as much as we can to make sure that our neighbor’s yard is well taken care of, fenced in, patrolled regularly, and made to grow just as it should. But ours? Ours becomes patchy, covered in weeds, barren in some places, and looks as though we spend pennies on the dollar to keep it going.

Don’t mistake this as an agreement to cut US aid to other countries in the slightest. But there are times when it’s necessary to take care of our own yard to insure that it can grow and flourish as well, and taking billions away from such an endeavor and placing it elsewhere doesn’t always help.

There’s more than one way to look at it.


Sigh. There will always be more than one way to look at any issue, and this is no different. Many are tired of seeing money that could be used to fix up our own country being given to those that are either not in any serious need of it, or are going to use it to keep funding a war that has gone on for far too long. In the US situations continue to occur when federal assistance could at least help or assuage the problem but are ignored and severely underfunded. In the meantime a good chunk of money that is used to help other nations is either squandered in some way or granted to those that help in very big ways but none that seem to ease the problems with our infrastructure.

It is very difficult to outright condemn a nation that helps with the security of our own, but the continued handout, and it is a handout, seems to indicate that other countries are far more important than taking care of those that call this nation home. Some would argue with this, and vehemently so, stating that is the job of our country to help others in need. But then why can’t we help ourselves when it’s needed?

The comments to come should be interesting.

Diversity in America

I’m not sure how you feel about this clip but upon listening to it I felt a bit of bile rise in the back of my throat. He has a few good points when it comes to the worst parts of human nature and what it means to work against one another. But in truth, America was created as a diverse place that is meant to respect every last person and their differences while attempting to pull them all together in an effort to create a nation that celebrates all races, all cultures, and all genders in as equal a manner as is humanly possible. Plus, as he points out, America was founded on equality, on giving everyone their equal share, but rarely in its beginning stages did America practice what it preached.

People of color, of different religions, and of different gender than white males have been treated horribly in this country for many a year. Let’s not step into the racial arguments that have plagued our country for so long, however rightful they are in their estimations, but instead let’s admit that our country has a rather dark history in many points that such men as this seem to ignore in their attempt to state that we are all equal but can not benefit in different ways. Yes, it is a bit unfair when one individual earns an advantage simply for belonging to a certain group or culture, and yes, it does undermine the needs of equality for all when those that do work long, hard hours must give up part of their paycheck, or those same hours, to those that are hired on simply because it’s deemed necessary.

But this is America folks, and it’s the only country we’ve got. Respecting and celebrating diversity is what we do, and it’s what we’ve always said we were founded on. It’s time to finally live up to that standard and let go of the idea that we can’t work together to create a better nation.

We might not look the same, but fundamentally we’re all the same.


I can’t wait for the arguments on this one, but think it over really quick and realize the truth that beyond what we look like, what we can do, and how we act around others, we are all the same. We’re made of the same things, we want the same things in life, and each are willing to do what it takes to get them. Now all we need is the chance, the opportunity to show what we can do, and there’s no doubt that America will be a great place if we’re allowed to do it together. Far too many different forces tear us apart and what’s worse, we let them sometimes. We focus so much on our differences that it actually surprises us when we figure out that we have similarities that tie us together.

Being a diverse country doesn’t mean that we’re all going to get along 100% of the time, but it does mean that learning to live with one another and accept each other for what we can offer to the same country is important to its integrity and to its success.

This is what it looks like to make America great.


People helping people, people of ALL races helping each other. That’s what makes a nation great, by pulling together and understanding that we’re not going to be equal in all things, but that we can still build a country up together and make it a great place to live. That’s what so many people seem to be missing at this point, that our country is a diverse and enriching place that offers a chance to get to know so much about other cultures and the people that practice them. America is not a nation that was founded on the premise of one people, one ideal, and one type of belief. We were founded by our differences and how they were used to pull us together, not keep us apart.

It’s time to open our eyes once again folks and realize that while we’re all different in some way, we’re all still united in the fact that we love this country because it’s our home, and the only one we’ve got.



Is Gun Control Possible in America?


Does this look familiar? It should, because this is where America currently seems to be at when it comes to the issue of gun control and how it will or won’t work in America. The only question that I’m going to pose at the moment is: where you do fit in to this picture? Some of us might think that guns aren’t necessary and are far too destructive in the hands of anyone, while others think that guns are absolutely necessary and they’re our right (which they are technically) while others are just heaving a collective sigh and wishing this debate could find a suitable compromise. And if you’ll notice, we’re (yes, I am one of those individuals in the middle) constantly overlooked as we wait for those fueling this argument to come to some agreement that can work for both of them. Can gun control work? Have we even really tried it yet? Some people would say of course we have, but given the state of things lately that statement doesn’t seem to be entirely true.

So here we go onto a volatile topic that a lot of us can at least agree is something that deserves a lot more discussion.

Guns are not the evil that some people are so willing to fight against.


Guns do have a practical use. They don’t fire unless they’re being handled, and most of all, taking them away doesn’t insure that people will be safe. The argument of course is to take guns away from the wrong people, but there seems to be a big misconception about who the ‘wrong’ people and who the ‘right’ ones are. So a person owns an extensive collection of handguns and rifles and other firearms. That doesn’t make them the wrong kind of person any more than it makes a person that collects bottles of alcohol an alcoholic. Yes the propensity for misuse is there, but it’s not a guarantee that it will happen. On the other hand, sometimes those that are deemed as the ‘right’ people tend to be the ones that should never handle anything more dangerous than a cap gun. Judging people by the number and type of guns that they have is not an accurate way to go about settling this issue, so let’s move on.

People are adamant that allowing everyone to arm themselves is a good idea.


The general consensus with some folks is that being able to carry a gun will enable people to stop a crime, however big or small, by whipping out their gun and pointing it at the offender. You might think that this is an effective way to stop crime, and depending on the situation, the location, and the person pulling the gun it might be. But then again, what if someone’s having a bad day or holding a grudge against another person? What if that individual doesn’t have the kind of impulse control needed to carry a gun? Sure there might be a screening process and a psych eval that a person can go through to ascertain whether they’re able to carry a firearm or not, but does anyone think that’s going to stop a motivated individual from obtaining a permit to conceal carry? It might seem kind of paranoid to think that anyone might just go shooting up a place because they’re having anger issues, but after all that’s happened is that really such a fantastical idea any longer? There’s no doubt that in some areas being able to carry concealed has helped, but the point is that everyone having a gun and being able to conceal it or carry it in plain sight is more a step back towards the Old West than it is a leap into a secure future.

Keep in mind, if it’s paranoia that drives the thought of someone pulling a legally-licensed weapon and firing off for the hell of it, then it’s also a hint of paranoia to think that someone might come for your guns at the first sign of trouble.

Things have changed, and they’ll keep changing no doubt.


Gun control is needed, but the rights of citizens to bear arms still needs to be taken into account. The type of guns that are available to people is not the problem, it’s that the people buying and using them are not always being screened so as to insure that they won’t flip and go off the rails, thereby creating another massacre that will continue to fuel the arguments of those that would seek to disarm those that will fight so vehemently to keep their firearms. It’s a continual and very circular argument that seems to have no way of breaking out of the cycle other than for one side to cede defeat and give way. That’s not likely to happen if you’ve been paying attention.

There’s a way for gun control to work, and to appease everyone at the same time, but so far no one seems ready to listen or to even contemplate what it might be.

Starting Up Your Own Business

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You can go ahead and admit it, you’ve wondered at least once or twice in your life just what it would be like to be your own boss. Some of us have thought it would be nice, others that it would be a lot of work, and then there are those of us that don’t sweat the small stuff and want to test the waters without really thinking about the details. Well before you go diving in headfirst trying to find the gimmick that will work for you, it’s going to be necessary to figure out a few things that might help your business and aid in your success. For starters, what is your business? What can you offer people? What marketable skill or commodity do you have that would be valuable enough for people to start paying you for it?

Everyone can do something. You’ve probably heard this at few times in your life but never really listened. Now’s the time to think it through though and ask yourself “What can you offer to society?” That’s the first question you need to sort out, as it will make the difference as to whether your business will flourish or fail right out of the gate. Don’t be afraid of failure, it happens to everyone, but don’t be willing to just lay down and die either. Building a business isn’t a quick and surefire thing no matter what anyone tells you. It’s an investment in yourself and in what you can give to the people, and what you put in won’t always be reflected by what you put out.

Draw up a business plan.


Even if it’s just going to be you running and operating the business you’re going to need a decisive plan on how you’re going to proceed. Jot down all the particulars that you’re going to need to think about, what is going to be the model for your business, and so on and so forth. This is particularly important if you’re going to be seeking out investors for your business as they’re going to want to know that you’ve got a solid plan to fall back on. Those that are giving you money to get going don’t want to think that they’re throwing it away, and will want to know that you have a plan to honor their investment and continue to make money as time goes on. So sit down and brainstorm, and whatever you do don’t leave anything to chance.

There are pros and cons to every business idea. Weigh them carefully.


For instance, you get to be your own boss, but that means that you’re in charge of everything, and also accountable for everything. Bosses take on a lot more than people realize sometimes, as they might have a few more privileges than the workers but still have a lot more responsibility. Then there’s the matter of your business and how well-received it will be. Is there a solid market for it? How much competition is out there? Will you be able to compete or will your business be squashed the moment you set foot into the public eye? There are a great many things you have to take into consideration when it comes to starting a business, and you have to look at the possible negatives as well as the positives. Weighing them against one another can have a profound effect on your business model and how you decide to proceed.

You’re going to have to put in the work.

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This isn’t like working a regular job, if you want your business to succeed you’re going to have to put in the time, the effort, and the funds to get it going. Even if you manage to get investors on board they’re not going to do the work for you, that’s not why they’re there. Your business will require your time and your dedication if it’s to take off.

There’s a lot to it, but eventually it’s time to get your feet wet and get moving.


There are a lot of steps that still need to be taken care of, but essentially if you write out a checklist of all the things you need and don’t deviate all that much from it then you should have a chance to launch your idea and hit the ground running. Creating your own business is kind of scary proposition largely because there is no safety net here. You’re banking on your own idea, you’re not trying to bolster someone else up. This is your idea on the line and as a result it means you’re going to have to be more diligent and more attentive than ever before. It’s possible to create a business and watch it soar, but before you let those dreams get too far ahead of you it’ll be necessary to ground yourself by putting in the time and effort to make sure that those wings are sturdy enough to carry you.

Don’t be afraid to take a chance, but do what you can to make sure it’s worth the effort.

Child Trafficking

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It’s not the nicest of subjects to talk about, and it’s something that tends to elicit a great deal of controversy whenever it comes up, but child trafficking is very real and it is a serious problem in the world today. But talking about it is still something that needs to be done, and following that action is what needs to be taken. How do we do it though? The one thing that traffickers seem to thrive on is the fact that there are numerous ways that they can practice their trade without anyone catching them. There are those individuals that care deeply enough and will sacrifice everything so that not one child will have to suffer. But those that either cannot find a way to contribute or are bound by where they are or other factors can at least become educated in the fact, yes the FACT, that child trafficking is very real and that it needs to be stopped.

The exploitation of children is bad enough, but upon hearing what they go through and how they are abused is enough to turn one’s stomach. The knowledge of the horrors they face and the nightmares they have to endure is the starting point to caring enough to do something about it. Educating yourself in how many individuals really find themselves within this tangled web is a means by which you can find a way to raise your voice and support the efforts of those that are seeking to end this despicable practice. It is a subject that brings many emotions to the fore and for good reason. Those who would steal the innocence of a child are those that, no matter what, are guilty of one of the most diabolical sins in this world.

In case you missed it, CHILD TRAFFICKING IS REAL.

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There are many out there that don’t want to hear or see the ugly truth of humanity and what people do to each other. But the fact remains that are anywhere between 20 and 30 million slaves in the world today and many upon many of them are children. How could this happen? When you live on a planet that currently holds over 7 billion people, 20 to 30 million seems like a very small number. This is a lot of people that go missing and that are exploited, abused, and in some cases tortured, but yet they remain missing and in a population this big aren’t likely to be found without a monumental effort. Considering that many kids that go missing and end up being placed into this position because they come from unstable home lives, the matter isn’t bound to get better if they have no one to miss them. Even those that have people looking are slim on hope unfortunately.

It’s hard to argue with facts, but some do anyway.


Humanity often doesn’t like looking in the mirror and seeing its own faults. The problem of child trafficking is a HUGE flaw that some people still see fit to ignore, while others staunchly deny as they’ve never seen it. You never “see” gravity but you see its effects on the world. Many never see a hurricane forming from miles off but they certainly feel it when it hits. The act of denying the ugly and horrible things that humans do to each other and the attempt to cover it up is just as despicable as the act itself. Trying to wipe it away by claiming that it doesn’t affect your society or any other that you know is quite asinine and absolutely reprehensible.

The life of a child, any child, is meant to be one of wonder and joy, not misery and despair.

This is a huge business. Yeah, you read it correctly.


Feel like vomiting now? Child trafficking pulls in around $32 billion a year, approximately, with one kid being worth around $90 on average. That should give you a better idea of just how many kids are really affected by this issue and why it’s so important that it stops. Slightly less than half of that profit is made from industrialized countries, so America, our country IS implicit in this. As one of the leading nations of the world it’s not just a responsibility, it’s a debt that’s owed to these children to end this business as soon as possible.

Unfortunately the likelihood that it will happen is slim, as the general outrage that is felt seems to eclipse the efforts that are being undertaken by those that are willing to stand up and say “No more.”