Sometimes Hypocrisy is Funny

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Being fair, I do hope that everyone, including celebrities, stays safe at this point and time. But stop pandering to people. If you want to say “We’re all in this together” then by all means prove it by helping the less fortunate that don’t have millions in the bank to depend on and a luxury home to be bored in.


Live, Don’t Fear

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Of course the coronavirus is scary, it’s spread in a way that is disconcerting to anyone that’s seen the numbers and come to realize who carries the highest risk of being harmed by this disease. But living in fear of a virus, buying in bulk as though the end of the world is on its way, and refusing to live our lives as we see fit, while practicing good hygiene, which should be common sense, is not living. Allowing ourselves to simply shut down as a nation, as a species, is not living. The disease is real, it is frightening to those who know that they are at risk, and those that care about them. But fear, an emotion that is far too easy to provoke, will be the end of us long before any disease has the chance to get that far.

Stand up, live your life, and stop panicking.

Unfortunate Convenience

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So many people have been caught up talking about bullying online that many forget that there is a way to guard against it or possibly avoid it. Teach your children to walk away, to fight back, to refuse to be victims. They’ll take their lumps occasionally against bullies that won’t stop, but they’ll make it clear that they won’t back down, that they won’t be intimidated, and that they will not be the convenient victim. Walking away usually doesn’t work, and trying to psychoanalyze the bully can backfire in a big way, but standing up is usually a sign to the bully that your kid is no longer an easy target. The choice is kind of simple, despite the fact that a lot of parents will promote non-violence as a means of ‘stopping the cycle’.

Like it or not folks, bullying is bound to stick around as we do not live in utopia where everyone plays nice. Choosing to arm your child with the knowledge of how to fight back when necessary, without becoming the bully, is better than putting their misery on social media for everyone to see, where the bullying only grows exponentially no matter how much ‘support’ they might receive.

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Worse still is the fabricated victimhood that convinces people that some individuals are worthless while their ‘victims’ are paragons of virtue, and are to be held up as treasured heroes for justice when in truth the matters that they brought to the attention of a nation could have easily been solved in a quiet and very personal manner that would not open them to further bullying that they might have easily avoided had they decided to stand for the actual justice they desire.

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Normally, many people don’t care enough to really bully others, but the moment a person wants to play the victim without any proof of what’s been done to them, they’ve effectively opened the door to scrutiny, which, unless their claim is backed up by solid facts and evidence that condemns their ‘bully’ is bound to lead them straight into more ridicule and actual bullying that they were attempting to fight against. In other words, playing the victim card is hypocrisy of the sort that far too many people have attempted throughout history, particularly in recent years.

Don’t be a victim, stand up for yourself, it might not always work, but it’s better than crying foul to a world that doesn’t really care.

Get the Dartboard Ready…

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It’s a pretty good description really of how thing are shaping up when it comes to the next election since all over social media the idea is that Democrats tend to think that “Trump’s bad, he’s racist, he’s sexist, he’s this, he’s that, he’s anything we need to make up on the spot”. Obviously the guy isn’t much of a prize but when one steps back past the ego cloud that’s been flying thick and heavy throughout D.C. it’s easier to see that continual name-calling, insults, and just plain rude behavior that takes place on both sides is kind of childish. Now there’s a call to “vote blue, no matter who”, that’s kind of scary really since it means just vote for a Democrat no matter what their policy is.

Many might fool themselves into thinking that they’re going with the lesser evil since not a single Democrat on the stage at this point has kept their full composure throughout an entire debate, but in truth, voting blue isn’t the problem, it’s the idea of voting for just anyone so long as they’re not Trump that becomes the issue. If a cow were to run as a Democrat it’s likely that the blue wave would support them at this point, as the dartboard method for picking out the Democratic candidate to run against Trump is at this time the only method that some might prefer as to the actual voting that’s to take place.

Vote, but vote for more than just to unseat Trump. Vote because it matters one way or the other.

Don’t Force the Loss

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Plenty of you out there know who you are when it comes to telling others “I can’t be friends with someone that supports this idea, or this candidate, or this, or that, or those ideas over there.” You’ve drawn your line in the sand, you’ve made your own personal ruling, and you’ve made it clear that if someone isn’t with you and agrees with your ideologies or is at least willing to say that they’re your friend and support everything you do and believe, that you can’t be friends with them.

It’s time for a reality check: real friends aren’t conditional.

They’ll be there because they believe you’re worth it. They don’t have to agree with your ideology, your religion, or even your lifestyle. If they’re your friend it’s because they see something in you that’s worth knowing, something that’s worth their time and effort. It might seem difficult to hang with someone that doesn’t believe as you do, but if the commonality between you is the fact that you enjoy spending time with each other, then religion, politics, and anything else shouldn’t matter.

Your friends are those that will have your back through everything. But if you value only those friends that agree with you, then it’s likely you have very few real friends that will tell you the truth of what they think. Instead you’ll have sycophants that are in the relationship to get what they can, not share what they have.

Don’t make your friends choose between your political ideologies and your friendship. Real friends will be there for you no matter if you agree or disagree. Cowards are the ones that follow like sheep, while friends are the ones who will openly argue with you whether you like it or not. They’re the ones that will seek to save you from yourself no matter if you want them there or not. Real friends will be there, plain and simple, no matter if the times are good or bad.

Seeing Who’s Listening…

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Just so we’re clear before I continue:

Racist: a person who shows or feels discrimination or prejudice against people of other races, or who believes that a particular race is superior to another.

Wow, no mention of ‘power’ or ‘authority’ in the definition….weird

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Image result for anyone can be racist memes
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It’s amusing how the logic breaks down when the side doing most of the accusing has the finger pointed back at them….