Antifa Aren’t Instigators?

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Image result for antifa hypocrisy memes

Can’t stay quiet. People want to condemn the Proud Boys for coming to Portland, fine, that’s your prerogative. But you want to exonerate Antifa by stating that they’re ‘only standing up to hate’, when they tend to spread just as much as they supposedly stop? You’re not objective, you’re not ‘woke’, and you certainly aren’t looking at both sides of the equation.


It’s Not the Gun

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Seriously, an inanimate object can’t be held responsible for the psycho’s that use them.

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Funny what we hear about and what we don’t, and this is just one of many stories from both sides of the issue.

Messages and Intent

Right away people might be up in arms about these songs, but the more you listen, the less you might judge, unless the words scare you back into your safe space.

Again, listen to the words, the intent, and the overall message. If you’re stuck in your safe space go ahead and stay there.

Pity The False Judges

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It’d be nice to have that much free time, wouldn’t it? True, a lot of us might actually accomplish something other than sticking our nose where it doesn’t belong, but hey, each person has their own path in life, some just choose to spend it haranguing others…..oh well.