I’ve been writing on and off since about the third grade, mostly stories that entertain me and keep me on the level so to speak. I didn’t get serious about my writing until around the age of 25, when my big sister was allowed to read one of my unfinished manuscripts. The ear-blistering lecture she gave me decided my course right then and there.

From then on I’ve been writing books, short stories, and various other pieces as I’ve found the time and inclination. One thing I can say about trying to make a living being a writer is that you shouldn’t go in expecting to get rich. Anticipate being poor for a while, as someone told me it takes around 20 years to get famous, which is entirely too accurate I think. Anyway, for the past decade and more I’ve been writing just to amuse myself and to make the attempt to get people to read what comes from my sanity-challenged mind.

To date I have over thirty books written and published on Amazon, and a host of short stories at my disposal. At this time I’m a freelance writer for TVOvermind and have plans to start my own business using this current site. Writing is a way of life and it helps to pay the bills as well as keep my thoughts from clambering around inside my skull as can happen from time to time.

To anyone that has aspirations of being a writer I always enjoy saying “just write damnit,” and I stick by that to this day. Don’t worry about the technical junk, just sit down and write.