Have you ever seen a person get so mad that they keep repeating themselves?

If you watch YouTube or are a creator, or watch TikTok or Karen videos, then you’ve likely seen this happen more than once. The Broken Record Syndrome, as I’m calling it and a few others might know it, is very real. People get so upset or so threatened or so triggered that they end up repeating the same thing. Sometimes they’ll do this for a few seconds. Some do it for minutes at a time.

The idea of a broken record is that it gets stuck and can’t escape that one point where it skipped. This same idea appears to apply to people who are so angry that their thought process breaks down. They simply go back to the last thing they said in order to convince themselves that they’re saying something worthwhile.

Often this happens during a verbal fight or an altercation that might even feel staged. But the general rule of this syndrome is that the person speaking becomes stuck on a single line that they repeated over and over. It becomes repetitive after the second time, and irritating every time after this. Unfortunately, assaulting a person to see if it helps their internal needle get back on track isn’t allowed, but it’s certainly tempting at times.

Why do people do this? Well, the unfortunate fact is that this can’t be chalked up to a mental condition, unless one is ready to make a quip about such things. But people continually repeat themselves for the same reason they do the same things in their lives. They expect a result at some point.

It might be interesting to conduct a study of this with others in attendance. THere are plent yof people out there who wonder about the same thing, don’t you think?

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