When imagination gets boxed it dies a slow death.

Movies were judged by how entertaining they were at one time. That’s the truth, whether one cares to believe it or not. But the current era sees movies judged by various ideas such as diversity and inclusion. Unfortunately, these are seen as just as important as plot, dialogue, and overall story. What’s saddening about this is the fact that movies must bend their knee to masters that have no skin in the game. In other words, they’re pleasing people that sacrifice nothing to make sure they get what they want.

Representation Should be Natural, not Forced

If a movie takes place in Africa, or Europe, or China, then naturally it should depict the dominant population. A movie that takes place in America should be diverse, because the country is diverse. However, the plot and storyline should also take precedence.

A good example are the Black Panther movies. They’re about an African nation, no matter that it’s fictionalized. So people of color should be featured, correct? And yet series such as The Witcher and the ill-fated Rings of Power are dragged through the mud concerning diversity. They HAVE to feature people of color for the sake of the story, right? It’s amusing that no one makes a fuss about injecting people of other cultures into a Black Panther movie. The double standard is rather easy to see.

Movies Can No Longer Tell a Fictional Story Without Commenting on Reality

It’s understandable that directors will want to ‘say something’ with their movies. But fans tend to read too much into a movie. On the other hand, some directors feel the need to add their political and/or social commentary into a movie. Telling a story is a means of escaping the real world, not a desire to roll in the problems that are experienced in real life. The idea of ‘to each their own’ is still important. But there are times when one has to wonder if anyone is willing to simply tell a story.

Movies need to be movies. Reality is always there waiting.

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