A reality check isn’t enough any longer, a lot of people need a healthy slap of realism to the face.

When reality knocks it’s not a microaggression, it’s a chance to welcome reality back into the mix. Way too often in the past several years many people have found it tough to say something without suffering for it. Racist, misogynist, ableist, and many other -ists and -isms have emerged from the muck of humanity to bother those who simply want to go on about their day.

The BLM has risen to convince people that they’re victims. The Proud Boys fight against the BLM. People fight over equal rights that they already possess. Life was a mess before, now it’s a soupy morass that sucks at the collective boots of humanity. Seriously, it does feel as though people have forgotten what it takes to treat each other like human beings.

It’s not a universal feeling, thankfully. There are still plenty of people who are willing to live and let live. Women have their issues, physically, mentally, emotionally, and so do men. But at some point, many people started allowing those with an axe to grind to shove a finger in their face and tell them that they’re the problem. The truth of this is that people CAN be a problem. But life is filled with problems, and it doesn’t require human beings to make things worse.

Personal accountability, responsibility, and accepting the world as it is and can be, not as one demands it to be, is important. There’s so much to unpack when it comes to humanity that it would take several volumes to explain it all. There are also many ways to start this process of self-realization.

Own up to your bullshit. Life isn’t fair, and that isn’t going to change. What you can do is realize that every little perceived microaggression is not a stab at you as a person. Instead, it’s the people around us attempting to reason with the world in a way that they understand.

In other words: grow up and go on about your day. You get to do what you want unless you disable yourself, emotionally and mentally.

Grow up, live your life and take responsibility for it.

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