Differences between people are used to divide when they could bring people together.

This could be aggression, or support. It depends on perspective.

People want to live together, but somehow, they can’t figure out how. As each year passes people find ways to divide society. Folks somehow justify this by stating that they’re attempting to unify society, by weeding out the harmful elements.


If there’s anything that’s truly abhorrent to me, and to many others, it’s the idea that excluding others for arbitrary reasons is within the same vicinity as ‘okay’. But that’s my opinion, along with many others. Opinions are like assholes, bellybuttons, and many other analogies that people come up with. Everyone has them, and sometimes they can reek to high heaven. Yeah, it’s an old and tired analogy, but thankfully it’s still applicable today since people are still creatures of habit, as we’ve seen so often over the past several years.

People can’t live together indefinitely, that’s a proven fact that’s occurred more than once in human history. We’re too different, we don’t agree on several points of life that feel trivial, and too many folks are insistent that their way is the ONLY way to live. Seriously, people get older, they age, and yet they still manage to regress at times when it comes to the beliefs they hold onto for so long.

There are facts we need to remember

Let’s break it down, just so people get the information quick and without too much fanfare. I get it, the attention span of the average individual is fairly low.

  1. We’re not all the same, we’re different, and this is an immutable fact.
  2. Humanity did have a common ancestor, but as the species spread out, we differentiated according to our environment. In other words, folks like Nick Cannon are full of it when they state that one race of people are violent due to a lack of melanin. Sorry Nick, white folks were violent, but there other reasons, and the lack of melanin came from the lack of need for it as people moved to locations where the sun didn’t shine as often, y’know, like the far north.
  3. Slavery is not a white invention, since historical facts have arisen over the years that show how slaves have been a part of society since before recorded history. Like it or not, the human race as a whole is a violent species, not just white people, not just black people, and not just one race in general.
  4. It is possible to live with each other. It’s not easy, but it’s possible, if you practice tolerance and acceptance.
  5. You don’t run the world. Even the POTUS doesn’t run the world. You have control over yourself, that’s it.

Final Thoughts

This world will likely never reach a utopia stage. That’s a sad fact to think about, but it’s realistic. What we can do is at least attempt to get along with each other. In this manner life becomes livable. The only question now is when and if it will happen.

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