It’s nearly impossible to argue with morons who believe they’re right.

At this moment the best way to describe a sovereign citizen is to state that they are people who firmly believe that they have rights, but aren’t subject to the same laws as those who understand that the laws of the United States of America are what bind us within this country. This is something that we’re taught when we’re young, right? Most of us grow up realizing that no matter how much we like it or not, no matter if we think it’s fair, the legal system is what American citizens are bound by in a legal sense. In other words, one needs a driver’s license to drive, and one needs insurance to drive, driving and traveling are kind of the same thing, but from a legal standpoint, they’re not. This seems to be one of the biggest reasons, apart from issues that arise in court, that sovereign citizens don’t seem to get. It might be hard to understand how they fail to understand this, but if anyone has ever heard of brainwashing, and there’s no doubt that most people have, this is a prime example.

We get it, we’re all free, but not free from legal consequences for refusing to follow the laws that govern the country.

The funny thing is that sovereign citizens appear to be so dead set against US law that they’ll easily listen to those who think as they do, and in the process will end up getting arrested when they disobey the law. All one has to do is go on YouTube, where many creators are currently having a great time showing the ignorance and arrogance of these individuals, to see how truly moronic some of them try to sound. Quite typically these citizens will remain adamant that traffic violations are not a crime, that they are entitled to act as though they are not subject to the same laws, but that somehow, some way, they can benefit from the same rights that the rest of the nation enjoys freely.

It’s a funny thing, judges and lawyers tend to know what they’re talking about, whereas some sovereign citizens only read what they wanted to about the law.

The flawed ideas and belief systems that sovereign citizens cling to so desperately tend to be based upon legal precedents that are cherry-picked from various texts, from a seriously flawed understanding of various laws, policies, codes, and whatever legal bric a brac that they can find. Listening to many of them speak often reminds people of what it’s like to talk to a young child that has a limited understanding of the world around them. It’s not a desire to call these people imbeciles, but it’s tough to think of even the smartest among them as fully-functioning adults.

If you live in the USA, you follow the laws of the USA. They’re not perfect, but it’s better than anarchy.

At the end of the day, one can only hope that this is another trend that people are being drawn to, but it does appear that this has been going on for a while, so it might take a monumental effort to bring people back to the idea that the laws of this country do apply to pretty much everyone. Sure, there are laws that aren’t quite as effective and some people don’t fall under certain laws, but the thing about living in the USA is that we do have a wide array of freedoms that people take for granted. Sovereign citizens tend to want the benefit of said rights but aren’t willing to recognize why they need to accept the consequences when they do something wrong.

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