Machines need maintenance, not a paycheck.

LaCenter, Washington

A local McDonald’s was shut down today for a period of three hours, just long enough for the new, automated system to be brought online to serve the customers. Former employees were on hand to watch as the fast food restaurant opened to a line of waiting customers, and several of them were seen shaking their heads as they realized what they’d done.

Reportedly just a month earlier, the many employees of the restaurant banded together to demand that the owner of the establishment raise their base pay to $20, which is a little over $6 greater than the current minimum wage. When the owner attempted to compromise by raising the base pay to $16, the employees refused. When the employees confronted the manager and asked if he was prepared to lose his employees, it’s been said that several of the employees were brave enough to taunt the owner by asking him who he would replace them with. Unbeknownst to the employees, the owner, Alonso Angelo Jr., had already ordered an entire automated system worth a whopping $6.65million, not including the installation.

Sadly, this means that six other restaurants have been closed within a fifty-mile radius to absorb the cost, which indicates that if more McDonald’s were to go automated, more would close as a result. As for the employees, several of them have reportedly sought work at other fast food chains, and none of them were available for comment.

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