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Vancouver, WA

One might have thought that 2016 to 2020 would be the last that anyone might have heard of ‘peaceful’ protests initiated by those who believed themselves to be downtrodden and demoralized by a simple election, but only a few days ago a single mother in Vancouver, WA found it necessary to remind a group of protestors that black bloc has gone out of style and that no one has any time for such antics any longer. Mother of one, Tanequa Harrison, was at home with her 3-year old son, Colin, when she noticed flickering lights accompanied by shouts of ‘Down with Trump’ and many other similar cries ringing throughout the streets.

“I thought all that noise was put behind us a couple of years ago,” Tanequa stated, laughing, “I thought those folks looting and smashing buildings and plugging up the streets years ago were bad enough. A bunch of morons causin’ a bunch of noise for no good reason. I mean really, they’re not teaching anyone anything, other than how to be patient with the rising ignorance that’s such a problem in our society these days.”

When protestors noticed Tanequa standing on front stoop, several of them began to catcall her in an effort to make her realize that her home was an example of white privilege. When two of them tried to force her back inside, Tanequa refused, and gave them a piece of her mind, as well as her right shoe. The two protestors threatened to call the police, but were beaten to the punch when it was revealed that two police officers had been following the protestors to ensure that no one was hurt. Upon seeing the disturbance, the protesters were arrested and charged accordingly.

“They tried to push me back into my home talking about ‘white privilege’ and stuff. I did exactly what my own mother would have done, I tried to knock some sense into them with my shoe. They didn’t know how to react at first, but then they said they’d call the cops. Lucky for me the cops were already around.”

At this time, Tanequa has not been charged, but the two protesters, who have been identified as Antifa members, have been charged with assault.

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