It’s a simple question, but one that many misunderstand.

I won’t beat around the bush, some people think they can write just like some people think they can sing. The best part of telling anyone that they can’t do something is the fact that it could inspire them to get better and listen to people when they’re being given advice. But some folks don’t listen and forego any chance to get better. The plain and simple truth is that some folks can barely form a sentence but think that they can write a novel with one hand tied behind their back.

Is there such thing as a non-talented writer?

Without calling out names, YES. There are plenty of people out there that somehow make a good living at writing even if they can’t form a simple sentence without giving themselves a migraine. Would you like to know how and why this happens? Writing isn’t just about talent unfortunately, it’s about who you know and what kind of connections can be made in this business that manages to get some books on the shelves. Cynical as that might sound, it’s unfortunately quite true.

A non-talented writer isn’t necessarily someone that doesn’t know how to write. The reasoning for this is that writers come from all walks of life, and it’s not always so simple to tell who’s going to have the gift and who’s going to work at it until they’ve got the craft mastered. To tell the truth, pretty much anyone can write, but the ability to make others feel that passion and make it a tangible thing is a different thing altogether. Some people are born with this ability and squander it, others don’t have even an inkling of how to write, but have the desire and the passion to tell a story. It’s a quandary how this happens to be certain, but the talent to write is often a divided thing.

What divides good writers from bad writers?

You might want to think that it would be skill, passion, and the overall desire to tell the story. Well, it is those, but what the public tend to think about is whether or not their emotions are being stroked, or stoked, and the public will make all the difference since they’re the ones paying the bill to see these stories. A successful author, in the eyes of the many, is an individual that can claim a bestseller or two, or more, and an audience that is pleased and compensated with stories that don’t challenge their sensibilities. Some folks love the challenge, which is why those of us that write for the pleasure still exist. The story has to be told after all.

Are you a good writer?

That’s not for me to say, or for anyone else apart from the public. But if you decide to measure your success in dollar signs and fans earned, then it’s a sure bet that you’ve made your choice as to what kind of writer you’d like to be. One way or another, if the story gets told, then you’re a writer, enjoy it as you will.

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