It’s amazing to realize that when we look up at the night sky that many people think of emptiness, of absolute nothing. To be fair, such a though is kind of nihilistic in nature as well. Maybe that’s not the right word, because plenty of people do look to the heavens in order to seek guidance, understanding, and perhaps even a glimpse of the final reward that they believe is there, waiting for them when the lights go out for the final time.

I don’t want to spoil that thought, even if I’ve been there and know that this universe, this reality, isn’t empty, but it’s not built the way that others think. I’m not an atheist, I do believe that there’s a higher power at work. But as far as guiding us goes, that force is kind of like an absentee parent that comes around every so often to shake things up and remind us that life has meaning. The only trick is that we don’t get any definitive answer from a higher source, unlike many religions would tell you. What we get are mixed messages that have to be deciphered and are often taken to extremes that a lot of people get annoyed with and don’t want to think about.

A story that’s been told can be received in many ways. But one of the things I’ve learned in my long, long existence in this world is this: people will believe what they want. Even if a person follows someone else and subscribes completely to their idea, they still do so because they want to believe in something. Telling people that the story of this world began with nothing doesn’t force them to invest a lot. In fact, it kind of has the opposite effect, since many who think that they have a good handle on how the world works are bound to think that they know better. Hell, ask any organized religion and you’ll get a sermon on how the world was created by this deity, or that deity. People say they want to hear the truth, but in reality, they want to hear a validation of their beliefs.

They don’t want the truth, they want THEIR truth.

(to be continued)

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