Imagine being formless, but able to recognize that you have no substance. Imagine that you know that something is happening, that the very shifting of the fabric that makes up the strange forces that are pulling at you from every angle, but you can do nothing about it. That is how we all start out you know, but luckily, most of us have no cognitive function that allows us to remember those moments. It’s been said that some folks can remember their birth, and that some have flashes of their early days within the womb. I suppose this was kind of like that, especially since I couldn’t move, but there was the feeling of being able to look around, despite not having any form.

This doesn’t feel like the most primal form of existence if you can believe that, but it does feel like something that cuts to the core of existence, since I could see, but I couldn’t understand that it was everything happening all at once. Years, days, months, none of them existed since there was no concept of them to worry over. Form was meaningless, light was another stimuli, and as matter began to gather together, smashing into each other as it formed humongous clumps and continent-sized masses that continued to slam together and create new forms, new shapes that went sailing through the unknown blackness.

That wasn’t the first story though, if you can believe that. Nope, the story had already begun, no matter that many people would claim that nothing happened before the sudden expansion of the universe. But to that I have one simple question.

Where in the world did all that energy for a new universe come from?

(to be continued)

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