Waterfront Park-Portland, OR

Colin didn’t know if he was crying or shouting in rage, but it didn’t matter as another enemy fell to his sword, its snarling visage cut nearly in two as it dropped, dark blood spurting from the grievous wound. His shield had grown heavy after the first few steps, but he had yet to let it go. Despite the numbness in his arm, which had crept all the way up to his shoulder, he wasn’t about to let go of the protective device, but another solid hit might very well rip it from his grasp, or crush his entire side for all he knew. He’d been LARPing for nearly two years now, but never had he considered himself a tough individual.

To his left, Greyden roared in fury, the noise sounding like a dying cat as the fighter skewered a goblinoid creature half his size. The horrible squealing noise that came from the dying creature set Colin’s nerves on edge, but he continued to follow Amelia as the blood-spattered battle maiden led the way, wading through one group of enemies after another. He couldn’t help but think what had happened to the rest of the human beings that had shared this battlefield only a short while ago, but the red, steaming piles of innards that he’d seen during their brief trek made it pretty clear that quite a few people had been taken by surprise.

Colin wondered why no one that used the park and its pathways regularly had noticed this sudden shift, but he didn’t dare take his eyes from the battlefield to check and see if police officers were swarming the area, getting ready to unload a hail of bullets against the murderous creatures that had somehow just appeared. It would have been a welcome sight though.

“Let’s go!” Amelia shouted, waving them both forward.

“Hell yeah!” Greyden shouted, nodding at Colin. Up ahead, atop the keep, the dragon roared again, and as Colin looked in that direction he saw as the massive, black-scaled beast spread its wings.

“Oh shit,” he muttered

(to be concluded)

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