Waterfront Park-Portland OR

Colin and Greyden spat out bits of mud and leaves as they stood to their feet. The armor they wore, their shields, and their weapons, felt far heavier than they’d been only a few minutes ago. Glancing ahead they could see their friend Amelia as she shouted back at them.

“Move your asses! We need to get to that keep!” She pointed at the structure they’d already seen, and their eyes widened anew. The powerful roar that emanated from the creature that soared over the keep, only to land on it a moment later, perched atop the highest spire, as it roared once again, its powerful voice rolling out upon the battlefield. as those nearest to the beast cowered and shied away, while others continued fighting.

“D-d-dragon…” Colin breathed.

“Are you gonna stare or hit something?!” Amelia yelled at them, hefting her blade as she cut down a goblin-like creature that had rushed her.

“What do you want us to do??” Greyden asked weakly

“We need to survive the LARP!”

Colin and Gryeden shared a look as Amelia went running off, charging into battle once again. Shrugging, they followed, hefting their weapons as they made their way into the fray.

(to be continued)

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