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I haven’t seen Greyeyes in a little over a decade now, but the few months we spent learning together made a huge impact on my life. In those three months we bonded in a manner that made it clear that we were kindred spirits no matter how different we were. He taught me a few things I hadn’t known about tracking, hunting, and how to dissuade a dangerous animal from looking at me as a snack. I taught him a few things, but if he uses them at this time then I’d be surprised. He was a unique individual to be certain, but he was also someone that I might not have come to know in the world that was here before. That sounds wrong to my ears, but I’m certain it’s true. The world is the same place that it was back then, but society is a very different thing, and I choose to stay away from it.

Without following society’s rules, except when I have to, and without clinging to their beliefs and their religions, I’m free. There’s always belief, and always a desire to find something greater than oneself. In the case of the Great Spirit, and whatever other deities might exist, it’s fair to say that Greyeyes is correct. The Great Spirit is there, and its doing what can be done to keep our reality moving along. Anything else is a bunch of noise dreamt up by humanity.

The End

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