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If you’ve ever seen a wolf in the wild, then you know that they’re beautiful, majestic, and definitely deadly in appearance. But that’s kind of hard to appreciate when they’re looking at you like a snack, or an intruder that might soon become their next meal. Greyeyes didn’t exactly mean to make things worse, but the fact that he came bursting into the situation with a raging grizzly bear on his ass didn’t make things any better. The showdown I was about to get into was interrupted without fail as the lumbering creature, more like a furry tank with teeth and claws, came bounding into the space, scattering the wolves.

The wolves wanted no part of this sudden maelstrom on paws, and they quickly took a powder after snapping at the bear a couple of times. In fact, the big bugger forgot about Greyeyes and didn’t appear to register that I was there at that time, but it was only a matter of time until the wolves ran, tucking their tails beneath their legs as they did, and the bear decided to focus on us. Well, he focused on me at least, since Greyeyes had found cover at that point.

I’d taken down a slew of wild animals at that point to keep my belly full and the skin on my ass intact, but this bear was like the four wolves morphed into one creature in terms of mass and temperament. Let me tell you, when a black bear stands up it’s not a welcome sight, but when a fully-grown grizzly stands up in front of you, the temptation to bend over and kiss your ass goodbye is hard to resist. Thankfully, I’m one stubborn son of a bitch, and I don’t get intimidated that easily. But then, as the few others I’ve known in my life had said, I was born batshit crazy too.

If you didn’t get the subtext, I decided to challenge the grizzly.

(to be continued)

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