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I suppose I’d better tell you the story of how I came to be on this road. I’ll keep it short, since I get the feeling that a lot of folks are of the mind that a long-winded rant won’t be fully appreciated. The long and short of it is that I’ve collected gods and goddesses and faiths and cultures like sets of clothing over the years. I don’t appropriate anything if that’s what you’re thinking, and I don’t take them for granted, but I do study them, and I appreciate them since this world isn’t what it once was, which means that walking the many pathways of each battered and overgrown landscape has left me wondering how anyone could have gotten it so wrong. The bombs didn’t fall, global warming didn’t kill people off. People killed people off.

Our differences, our need to be right about each and every damned thing, and our inability to get along has been our downfall from the start. Well, things finally reached a boiling point, just without the nuclear fire that people were so afraid of for so long. Nope, the pandemic that hit about twenty years ago became a reason for people to tear at each other in a new way, and create a monster far more horrible than anything humanity had ever faced before.

People thought COVID-19 was bad when it traveled from one shore to the next, but COVID-C was a death sentence that the world never saw coming, You want to know what the C stands for, right? The worst part, before I tell you, is that this new pandemic wasn’t created on accident, or by happenstance: it was manmade, and it was released on purpose. The records of who first released the disease have been lost, primarily because the world fell quicker and harder than the coronavirus could have ever done. Mixing COVID-19 with cholera though, that whipped humanity’s ass in a way that no one was prepared for, and only thousands had a natural immunity to. Yes, there was and is now such a thing as natural immunity, but it’s exceedingly rare.

Ah, damn. I was going to talk about Greyeyes, right? Let’s get onto that subject.

(to be continued)

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