It’s not hard to guess why, because when someone asks you what your spirituality is, and you simply tell them that you’re bound to no religion, no faith, but that you believe in something that binds us, and that it’s the Story, they think you’re being a smartass, or that your intellectual elevator doesn’t go all the way to the top. In other words, people that don’t understand the concept of the Story are those that believe that their own level of intelligence and spiritual knowledge is greater than someone that would give what they see as a vague, noncommittal answer.

You’re right, it is vague, and it is kind of noncommittal since the truth is that the Story is far more than many can possibly grasp, especially given that it’s the core, the nature of all stories, the belief systems, the values, the religious experiences, and everything and anything a person could think of, that goes into this big messy ball we call existence. There’s a story for everything and sadly, as human beings, we feel the need to affix words to everything since this is how we tend to understand things on a very common level given our limited comprehension of how stories are told without using the symbols and writing styles that differ from one group of human beings to another. Everything from the unseen to the grandiose has a story to it, and that is the faith I cling to in this nutty world where there are so many religions that one can easily forget that they all derived from one core that would essentially bind us all together if people weren’t so intent on staying divided.

You can definitely go ahead and think that my adherence to the Story is childish, immature, vague, and perhaps even foolish…that’s on you, not me since I know my purpose in this world, and no matter what anyone says, it’s what I take joy from and feel is right for my own life. The Story is my solace, my haven, and if you want to look at it that way, my spirituality. At this point, I don’t care what others say, or if they think I’m a few brews shy of a six-pack. I know I’m nuts, I don’t deny it, but I revel in it since some of the best stories come from the chaotic depths.

If you find yourself lacking any real understanding or comprehension, maybe it’s time to examine your own values for a bit.

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