Here’s one of the best ways to win an argument, and no, it’s not the Stone Cold version below. If you want to win an argument, avoid having one in the first place. Think about what you’re about to argue about, then think to yourself if it’s actually worth it. Of course, the option below is kind of fun to think about.

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Quite honestly, some women know how to win an argument, since women, we love you and all, but you do have an unfair advantage over guys, sometimes. Hey, we’re not complaining, I’m just pointing out the obvious since…..

….yeah, you get it. Do this and guys will…will…damn, where was I going with this?

One thing you should never do however is start shouting, since at that point you might win, but you’re winning dirty and in one of the most juvenile ways possible. So to be honest, just assume that any argument you’re about to get in might not be worth it unless you happen to know enough about what you’re talking about, otherwise you might just be lining yourself up for a headache.

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