It’s becoming a foreign concept among some folks that I’ve had the displeasure to work with over the past few years, the idea of keeping one’s word, especially if it’s given without any meaning behind it to start with. The fact is that there have always been people that have been duplicitous and those that have done their best to cheat others in order to get what they want. Many such individuals have played others false when giving a word that they never meant to keep, and in nearly every facet of life it’s a problem that many upon many people deal with far too often.

Why is it important to keep your word?

That’s rather simple. Keeping your word is a way to gain a good reputation among people as an honest and respectable individual. It means that you respect yourself and those who you give your word to. It’s true that there are times when a person might give their word and be unable to keep it, but those that find themselves in such a situation will do everything they can to either remedy such a moment or will make it clear to those to whom the word was given that they will make amends of some sort.

Keeping your word isn’t always easy, which is why it shouldn’t be given lightly and without any real thought. If you say the words, then you should feel bound by them. If you can’t hold up to the words you speak, then find another way to say what you mean. A broken word is something you can’t take back, but one can repair the damage it might cause, sometimes. Keeping your word, even when it’s difficult, and even when it will mean bringing ruin upon your own head, in some form, is called integrity.

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