There are more than a few arguments happening today that could be ended quickly if either side simply admitted fault or, even better, came to an agreeable compromise. Sadly, that last solution appears to be anathema to many individuals who so badly want to be right that even admitting as much is too painful and might cause them to lose whatever societal credit they believe they have.

Moving the Goalposts

There have been compromises made to be certain, some that are voluntary, others that are passed without the consent of those that realize too late that the compromise being made is not in the best interest of both parties, but instead favors those that believe they have the moral high ground when in truth, the ‘victory’ has been stolen using shady circumstances that will continue or begin the argument anew.

Moving the goalposts is a common trait of those that seek to retain power, no matter which side is currently holding said power. As of now, that goalpost is spinning out of control even as it’s teetering on a cliff leading straight into an abyss that likely won’t be to anyone’s liking.

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