Our world has problems, that’s an indisputable fact, and it’s had problems for quite a while. But instead of finding solutions that can work for everyone, y’know, those things called ‘compromises’, a lot of people want to sit and argue with one another. But why? Does it enrich their lives somehow to simply disagree with each other without coming to an agreement of what needs to be done? There’s no one that’s innocent in this matter, since no matter how righteous or misguided a person is, they’re going to stand up for their beliefs, as they’re allowed to do. But in the interest of moving forward, instead of stagnating, why not figure something out that can work for everyone?

Transgender sports debate polarizes women's advocates

One great example is the current argument about transgender athletes. Is it too difficult to come to a compromise here? It might be tough to form a new league, but it’s easy to think that it could, at some level, appease everyone since transgender athletes would have their own league to compete in, those that identify as boys, girls, women, and men would have their own leagues, and people would be able to do as they please. It’s even reasonable to think that plenty of people would be willing to donate to open a new league that could very easily thrive. But the argument appears to be more important than the solution. People are more willing to air their grievances and bring up articles, studies, and various other opinions and bits of research rather than discuss the possible solution.

As of now, the argument appears to be the goal, not the solution.

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