First, how one perceives this flag is up to them, the truth is that no one can force a perception on you if you’re not willing to buy into it. But it is important to remember that this: : Valley Forge, American Flag, Cotton, 3' x 5', 100% Made in  USA, Sewn Stripes, Embroirdered Stars, Heavy-Duty Brass Grommets : Outdoor  Flags : Garden & Outdoor

is intended to represent the personal freedoms of every United State citizen. EVERY, United States citizen, not just a select group, not just a certain clique, not anyone who has a specific skin color, religion, ethnic background, but EVERYONE. In fact, this symbol makes it possible for these:

The new rainbow pride flag is a design disaster—but a triumph for LGBTQ  inclusiveness — Quartz
Black Lives Matter Flag - BLM Flag | Visibly Black
antifa flag - The Frontier

to be flown in the first place without fear of being shot on sight or persecuted for speaking one’s beliefs. Obviously there are plenty of arguments against this, the idea that cops are hunting people of color, that there’s no such thing as equal opportunity, and the inane idea that this is a racist country run by white supremacists. Those that fought and held the first image high did so in order that these images below could be flown proudly. It’s true, there’s been persecution, racism, horrors that no person should have had to go through. But continuing that cycle by continuing to divide the nation rather than find a way to heal it and accept the various banners that people employ is not an answer. It’s the cry of spoiled children that haven’t figured out how to stop the cycle by seeking unity instead of division.

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