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One of the least intelligent things to say, and there are a lot of them, is that generational wealth belongs to one race and one race alone. This makes it obvious that some folks don’t understand how generational wealth works, or that it’s the problem of those that are born into wealth since they didn’t have the choice which family they were born to. But the whole idea of creating a racial divide using generational wealth is beyond disturbing, it’s moronic.

White people have generational wealth, that’s true.

Black people have generational wealth, that’s also true. People of all colors and races can and do have generational wealth, that’s also just as true, but those that cry and moan about generational wealth and how it’s not always shared among those who have so little forget one thing: general wealth and to be generated first by the initial generation that earned those riches, that made sure their descendants might be well off, and worked and sacrificed so that their family would be taken care of. Who are you to these folks? Are you a long-lost relative? Are you someone that did something for them way back in the past? Why in the world would anyone be willing to give up what their family worked so hard to maintain just to please you?

It’s very true that some folks take generational wealth for granted and get away with quite a bit because they have money, but there’s a way to get ahead and create your own wealth.

Work for it. Learn how to earn the kind of money you want, instead of crying and moaning over what you don’t have. Generational wealth isn’t an issue, nor is it something that anyone should be bothering with since the creation of another’s wealth has little if anything to do with anyone other than those that are directly affected by those with generational wealth. Stop crying, start learning, and start earning, those are three steps that are necessary to build your own wealth.

You want to have more money than you know what to do with, and you want to pass it on to your kids? Then earn it, and stop pining over the life you don’t have so that you can earn the life you want.

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