It’s amusing to see people blocking out ideas, thoughts, and opinions they don’t enjoy hearing on Facebook, a ‘free speech’ area that’s suddenly become a ‘safe space’ for the disillusioned and those that are easily wounded, traumatized, and triggered by by words they don’t care for. At this point I’m almost ready to wear each moment I’ve been blocked as a badge of honor to prove that I’m still a free-thinking human being that doesn’t fall in with the rest of those that want to forge that attacking someone else’s free speech doesn’t make their own speech any more interesting, or important. Once I get done laughing I might just do that, haha.

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Even I wasn’t right, they couldn’t handle it, since they didn’t want to go another round.
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Yeah, you showed me that mommy and daddy told you that you were special and you’re finding out different.
When you find out Someone blocked you on Facebook - Goodfellas laughing it  up | Meme Generator
If you’ve got thick enough skin it reminds you that you earned it, sometimes by being right, and sometimes because you can take criticism.
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Seriously, if someone blocks you on Facebook send them a thank you, because they’ve proven one of two things, that you’re right, or that they just can’t handle a challenge. Hell, if it’s both, send them a like and a thank you. Stay free people.

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