I don't care about your prayers': Montreal cop suspended 15 days for  insulting Muslim man | CTV News

Hillsboro, OR

            As the call to defund police departments around the nation continues, many cities are having to deal with anti-police sentiment that has made life increasingly difficult for those on the force. The problem of course is that people continue to rage against the cops and push for more and more regulations that make it harder for police to do their jobs and limit what they can actually do. At what point will it occur that people are left to fend for themselves? Some would scoff at this and state that of course they don’t want the police gone entirely, but want the funds that go to the police allocated differently so as to fund other programs and organizations that would alleviate the workload of the police force. Really? Do they think anyone is buying this explanation? It’s fanciful and actually interesting to start with, but the day that a social worker chooses to deal with a crack addict that’s running naked through the neighborhood assaulting people and damaging property, then it might be feasible.

            Apart from that, people calling out every cop and stating that they’re all bad because of a few don’t get it. ‘A few bad apples’ is a horrible analogy at this point since it doesn’t work any longer. Of course the bad cops need to be punished, of course they need to fess up and face the consequences. But the cops that are trying to do their jobs and are being lumped in with those that are abusing their authority are taking the heat as well and are finding it difficult to report to work each day. When you call the cops and their response becomes “We’ll see what we can do” instead of “We’ll be right there”, it might be time to admit that things have gone too far.

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