What does a Pacific Northwest English dialect sound like?

Let’s be honest, there are usually a lot of reasons to love your home, and a lot of people might agree, no matter where they live. It doesn’t matter if people think your home is a hell-hole or a paradise, to you it’s home, and there’s no place like it. Today I can’t be helpful but to live in the Pacific Northwest for a number of reasons that some people might not understand. Those that live here might agree at least that there are good things here to enjoy, while those that don’t like it can always pick up and head on down the road.

So here we go, since the PNW is home, and we love it.

10. There’s a great deal of culture here.

 People might not believe it all the time, but there is. The PNW is an area that thrives on culture and, despite any disagreement, enjoys a wide range of cultural appreciation.

9. The local cuisine is a rich and diverse blend of many different flavors.

            This kind of goes back to the culture, but it deserves being talked about in its own way, since the food that exists in the PNW comes from just about everywhere, and there’s a taste for every palette.

8. It’s a very diverse place in a geographical sense.

            Some people enjoy the desert, some enjoy the mountains, and others love the natural greenery that exists all around them. The PNW is a place that thrives on ‘to each their own’.

7. If you’re into hiking then this is one of the best places to do it.

            From waterfalls to beach trails to long, grueling nature hikes, the PNW is one of the best places in the world to go get lost in from time to time.

6. The natural wonders are impressive to behold.

            We might not have a Grand Canyon or the Tetons but we do have the Columbia Gorge as well as other notable landmarks that are every bit as impressive.

5. Coffee, because coffee is life after all for many of us.

            There are a few other places that might vie with the PNW for their sheer quantity and quality of the precious bean juice that so many of us desire, but here on the western edge of the states we happen to enjoy our morning pick-me up.

4. Our wildlife is simply amazing.

            Everyone throughout the country has their own wildlife that’s impressive, amazing, and majestic, but in the PNW we take pride in our wildlife and how it’s handled.

3. Our coastlines are simply beautiful.

            There’s a reason why so many pictures exist of the PNW when it comes to coastal life after all.

2. The sense of community is stronger than people think.

            It’s been a rough year to be certain, and people are cranky as they can be. But in harder times folks do tend to pull together.

  1. It’s home, plain and simple.

That’s about the size of it, and we’re proud to call this place home.

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