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Throughout the world diversity is a very prevalent theme no matter where one finds themselves.  People of different races congregate throughout nearly every society, and are represented in many different ways. The biggest issue that has yet to be dealt with concerns the personal beliefs of individuals when it comes to race. Are you racist? Do you even know whether you are or not? This article is to help you determine just how open you are to other races, and if you might need help to adjust your thought processes.

1) How do you tell if you are a racist?

                One of the easiest ways is to take note of your reactions when around people of a different race than yourself. If you stiffen around them, think different thoughts based upon their color, religion, or ethnicity, then chances are that you do possess a racist streak.  If you play into believing the stereotypes about a certain race then yes, you do have racist tendencies.  If you judge another based on their race, then yes, you are a racist.  For those who are raised among cultures where racism is an ingrained part of their life this is not so much a choice as it is a habit, but it is still a state of mind that needs to change.

2) What do you lose by being racist?

                Different races are not a detractor to one race in particular.  Each race has something to offer the next in matters of commerce, relationships, and simple human decency.  By allowing racist attitudes to prevail an individual could possibly lose out on solid, lasting friendships, business deals that could elevate their life to new levels, and even relationships that might be long-lasting and quite happy.  The world in general loses out on the benefits that can be gained when people of different races work together rather than remain parted by racist attitudes.

3) The benefits of accepting all races.

                Through acceptance of all races humanity can accomplish almost anything.  The many different economies throughout the world could flourish, human relations between countries would be vastly improved, and civilization might become a much more harmonious concept.  Were humanity to ever come together as one, without prejudice, there is no telling how evolved the human race might one day become.  Without the need to divide based on race, equality would likely be a very attainable goal among human beings.

4) How do you change a racist attitude?

                It becomes possible for an individual to gauge their own reaction to peoples of different color, culture, and even religion when they are aware of how they act.  At that point it becomes necessary for the individual to think upon said reactions and actively change their ways. This is not a process that can be done in a single day, as it requires time and effort. But by taking note of one’s own words and actions an individual can eventually change their ways.

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