Here's Everything You Should Know About The Problematic And Racist Statues  Being Torn Down Across The Country

Denver, CO

            If a statue offends you, don’t look at it. If you have to pass by it to go to work, or from one place to another, don’t bother looking at it. Unless you absolutely feel the need to acknowledge that it’s there, it can’t hurt you. People don’t have a need to tear down statues, they have a desire to play a macabre game of ‘follow the leader’. One person speaks out, and keeps speaking out, making certain to speak the right buzz words to aggravate those that they know they can reach, and a movement is born. Like a bad case of diarrhea though, some movements are less desired than others as they tend to leave a mess behind and an ill feeling that can’t be wished away, but has to gradually leave on its own.

            People didn’t care about these “offensive” statues this vehemently years ago. So what changed? What happened to make hundreds of people suddenly feel threatened by an inanimate object that isn’t doing them any harm and has suffered more indignities than many of these so-called ‘woke’ individuals have in their entire lives? Someone played the flute or the fiddle just right and they stepped in line like a band of lemmings or mice, or rats to make it more accurate. At one time they were content to go about their way and ignore these silent sentinels of a past that many of us likely don’t agree with, but know better than to forget lest we repeat it. But hey, being offended is so much fun isn’t it? Ripping down a statue because it stands for racism is a great way to exercise, even if it’s not exercising your right to freedom of expression since, y’know, it’s technically vandalism.

            What’s that? Why are we crying that you tear them down? Oh no, tear them down, go ahead. We’ll be around when history comes around to remind you just why those statues were important.

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