Black Lives Matter Holds Rally Supporting Individuals Arrested in Chicago  Looting Monday – NBC Chicago

Portland, OR

            The reign of BLM, or Black Lives Matter, is hitting a few snags as of late, wouldn’t you say? Their own people being killed accidentally, the idea that black people are speaking out against them, and of course the continuing thought that they’re more of a terrorist group than a liberating force is building in a way that’s hard to deny, no matter how loudly some try. Black Lives Matter is a cause that has been taken up since before the murder of George Floyd or Breonna Tayler, or any of the other names that have been added to the list. But the amusing thing about BLM is that, black lives really only matter to them when it fits their narrative.

            Oh yes, I did say that, because if one looks around the country, around the continent, and if you’re ambitious enough, around the world, a lot of people are looking askance at BLM these days since they’ve decided to pick and choose where they want to fight their battles, and which causes they’ll champion and push to further their agenda. Now being fair, it’s easy to think that an organization that believes that they’re doing this much good can’t be everywhere at once, and has to pick their battles carefully. But to attack those are seeking to remain peaceful in these tense times and then claim that they belong to ‘hate groups’ to justify the vicious beatings they’ve received, is an effective smokescreen that a lot of people aren’t willing to look beyond at this time.

            Are you willing to go against the status quo and state that BLM is just as racist and as violent as any other group? If not, don’t feel too badly about it, since playing the victim and pulling the race card appear to be valuable skills in this day and age. Being decent to people is just so damned hard after all.

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