Mainstream Media Meme Gallery - Politically Incorrect Humor

This is how it works when media is used to spread their message far and wide to the masses. What’s unfortunate is in the spirit of equality one must look at all news sources, even those they agree with, in order to make certain that they’re not allowing personal bias to lead them down the wrong road. Identifiable facts and evidence that can be deduced through hopefully unbiased sources, which are rare, is what should be looked at as the truth, but it’s a matter of personal choice. People do still have the right to determine what they believe is right, what is true, and what is contradictory to the message that is being spread by one news source or another that is actively speaking out against one individual, one party, or one idea.

Feelings are not normally a great way to determine who one will follow and why, but the gut feeling that some folks feel can be reliable when it comes to how we treat each other and how we believe. It is far too easy to demonize another human being when the crowd, the mob, is being influenced by a news service that is continually changing and controlling the narrative that people see and wish to follow. At some point rational and earnest discussion becomes less important as the need for reason and debate breaks down into name-calling and mud-slinging that has been the norm as of late.

Listen carefully to the narrative that you’re being fed by your news sources, all of them, and make your own decision on how to react to the world around you. The moment an individual allows the mob to tell them how to think is the moment that the narrative can change to whatever the mob wants, and the individual is then lost.

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