How to Recognize the Signs That Someone Is Lying

Portland, OR

One thing that some folks don’t want people to remember is that they lied on TV, and in the case of Katherine Jones that ship has unfortunately sailed. During the summer of 2020, when Portland, Oregon was seen as a war zone by many people, Katherine was one of those attempting to convince people that the protests were ‘peaceful’ and that the news media was making things out to be worse than they actually were.

The incident under dispute has to do with what happened during the interview as Katherine was seen to play with her hair almost obsessively, speak in sentence fragments, and attempt to keep the focus of the camera and the interviewer from focusing on the damage that had been done to the city by shifting continually to her right. Unfortunately for Katherine, her mother, Jane Jones, came into frame at that time with a sign reading “Death to Imperial Trumpers”. Jane was followed by a band of Antifa members in black bloc that were currently engaged in tossing garbage cans into the street, blocking up roadways, and harassing diners in outdoor eateries as they passed by.

To this date, Katherine has been engaged with a lawsuit against several news organizations that have picked up this story, as she is seeking damages for slander and libel. As of yet no judge has ruled in her favor and she has found herself drowning in attorney’s fees, and as a result has started a GoFundMe account in order to pay her bills. At this time the account has only raised a little over two hundred dollars, but Katherine is confident that ‘her people’ in her words, will come through for her.

@ohmylawd43 replied:

It’s a damn shame that those ‘people’ run out faster than a dine n’ dash when the check comes…

@jimmyjoddzodd replied:

You take the word Democrats and turn it into Dem actors, it’s about as truthful as they get…

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