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“You don’t have any facts to back up your bullshit!”

“I’ve already used facts and evidence and you still don’t want to listen!”

“Because your facts are bullshit! They’re just garbage peddled by the hypocritical news sources you think are so great!”

“Oh, like CNN is such an expert site on what’s going on!”

“They don’t lie at least!”

He laughed uproariously, causing the cheeks of his friend to redden as the woman looked about ready to slap him. He saw it in that instant and turned his cheek, mocking her as he slapped it lightly on his own. Sitting between them, their mutual friend could only shake his head as he grabbed for his beer, wishing they would just let it go for once.

Disagreeing over politics was utterly pointless to him since no matter which side won, the government would be run by someone that half of the country wouldn’t approve of or want to follow. Even as his fingers were nearing his beer though his female friend, Kate, grabbed his arm and looked at him frantically.

“Tell him Nate,” she said, almost pleading, “Tell him that he’s wrong, that Biden won’t destroy our country!”

His only response that moment was to sigh and roll his eyes, shrugging her hand off as he reached for his beer again. It was the right response for him, but according to the widening of her eyes it wasn’t the response she wanted.

Oh well.

(to be continued)

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