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No matter what you do, don’t bring up the past with certain folks, since they don’t want to hear how the capitol riots equates to the riots that have been ongoing for the past four years. They don’t want to here it, they don’t want to equate it, and will gladly force their ‘facts’ down the throats of anyone that thinks that the riots were anything but peaceful. Despite the burning buildings, despite the property damage, and despite the many upon many people who were asked to leave their homes, were harassed on the streets for no better reason than because they had the wrong shade of skin, many folks will claim that it was justified without fail.

Terrorizing people was justified because of centuries of oppression, didn’t you know? Keeping the cycle going as the ‘oppressors’ who often weren’t born during the worst moments in history, is important to those who never felt that level of oppression. The past is no longer a lesson to learn from when placed in the hands of some groups and individuals, but a bludgeon to be wielded when they feel the need to make a point. It becomes a weapon, this victim-mentality that keeps people from realizing that to be happy, they must first feel the misery of those who suffered so long ago, no matter that this misery is not theirs, that it is not their burden. The past is a weapon in the hands of those that seek to use it for gain of some type, instead of as a lesson why humanity needs to find a way to stand together, without seeking to tear each other apart.

We aren’t our ancestors, and as many would state, this is a good thing, since our ancestors apparently fought incessantly, dividing one another alone lines of race, religion, and any other divisive practice that could be found. There is a reason why unity is rarely, if ever, seen in history, and a part of it is that we seek to divide each other far too often, as it is newsworthy, it is drama, and it gains the attention of so many. Peace is boring obviously, unity leaves people without anything to talk about. But one thing I have learned in all my years thus far, one immutable fact, is that unity is necessary, and incurs a great cost.

Unity is a great thing, and worth fighting for, but the past must remain the past, and not a weapon in the hands of those that would seek to use it to make victims of themselves.

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