Some Protests Against Police Brutality Take a More Confrontational Approach  - The New York Times

Seattle, WA

Black Lives Matter and Antifa members discovered how ill-advised it was to ignore a ‘Beware of Dog’ sign earlier this month as several individuals were bitten after intruding on the property of Meyers Frederick in an outlying suburb of Seattle. The protestors were seen going around the neighborhood attempting to ‘convince’ long-time residents that they would soon be evicted as they were living on land that had once belonged to people of color and indigenous peoples. Unfortunately for those that attempted to intrude upon Frederick’s property they opted to climb the fence leading to his backyard to make their point, but were met by three of the five family dogs, all Rottweilers, and were set upon by the animals, who were attempting to defend their home, and their family.

“I don’t know why any person needs that many dogs,” said one protestor, “I’m thinking they’re probably running dog fights or something illegal in there and that’s their protection, which means they’re cowards if they’ve got to use dogs to fend people off. They’re lucky we’re all about saving animals too, otherwise, I don’t know, we would have done something.”

As it was seen by residents of the block, the BLM and Antifa mob scattered rather quickly when the first dog began to bark. Those caught in the backyard were arrested for trespassing, and to date, the dogs have been checked out and found to be perfectly healthy and completely justified in the defense of their home.

@jeezyjucie tweeted:

I’m with the dogs, you don’t come in someone’s backyard and start trouble.

@alladatandwhat tweeted:

So what if you used to live there??? You moved out, someone else came along who could afford it, and they moved in! Move on, be gone!

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