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Portland, OR

            The dating game is rough on quite a few people to be fair, and one’s image of themselves is a troubling matter that many people wish could be solved in a simple and efficient manner. For Gladys Tiller though plastic surgery was the only way that she could gain the attention of the man she had decided would be the object of her affection. Despite being reasonably attractive, Gladys had this to say after going under the knife:

            “People get surgery all the time for those they want to be with, they just don’t admit it. If we were perfectly happy with our bodies the way they are then plastic surgery wouldn’t be a thing. But since it is, it’s there to be used, and we shouldn’t be worried about what could happen or what other people might say when it comes to having our bodies enhanced in ways that those we desire will find attractive. I mean, there are limits, but not many when it comes to what you’ll do to get the person you want to pay attention to you.”

            After tens of thousands of dollars of work, including a tummy tuck, a nose job, breast augmentation, a facelift, and an intense liposuction treatment that left Gladys feeling slightly weak for nearly a month, the Portland resident has attained a body that required no time at the gym and has been stated to be quite impressive by many. Unfortunately, when she finally worked up the nerve to speak to the man of her dreams, who happens to be a fitness trainer at a local gym, Gladys couldn’t help but feel crushed upon learning that he is in fact homosexual.

            “I feel like I did all this for nothing, “she lamented later. Apparently, many men have noticed the changes, but for Gladys, it was a one or nothing kind of deal, and she’s remained single since.

@BadCompany tweeted:

            You can change pretty much everything, but there’s no fixing your self-esteem, especially if you don’t have any.

@DiddyDie tweeted:

            So you look like Barbie and finally found out the truth about Ken, congrats….

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